Letterman Intern Gets Cold Feet

Mallory Musallam and her oversized sunglassesissued an apology for suing the Late Show because she was not paid to be an intern, unlike the other interns who got corner offices and foot massages from Paul Schaffer. Musallam says she was assured that several other plaintiffs would be named in the case. It turns out she was the only one who bit. She says this was due to her frustration of being unemployed and not having...read more

A.J. Clemente Debuts His Mole (VIDEO)

A.J. Clemente, the news anchor from North Dakota who was fired because he was terrible at his job, was on Letterman last night and Jesus, check out his mole. He tongued it a couple times and it looked like a gecko trying to drink dew from its eye. It was fascinating. AJ. I couldn't take my eyes off that thing so I'm not sure what you said, but you'll probably have your own show on E! all because you said F*@k...read more

Selena Kind Of Dissed Justin On Letterman Last Night

SelenaGomez was on Letterman last night. The conversation inevitably turned to her relationship with JustinBieber. That's where she released the Latinheat she's been hiding all this time. "No I'm single," said Gomez. "I'm so good." As the crowd applauded the 20-year-old "Spring Breakers" star, the host continued with a recount of the last timeBieberwas on his show. "He said something, and I said something, and I made...read more

the controversy of Jennifer Lawrences ass rages on

Jennifer Lawrence was a guest on 'the Late Show with David Letterman' Tuesday, and while discussing the unflattering pictures the paparazzi sometimes take, Letterman held up a picture of her in a bikini while vacationing in Hawaii (the headline pic is a screencap from the show). Jokingly, Lawrence said: "It's not my butt and I will not take responsibility for it. It's a 90-year-old butt that's been photoshopped onto...read more

Lea Michele knows what she's doing

'Glee' star Lea Michele wore this terrific dress on her way to Letterman yesterday in New York, and if this were a cartoon there would be a line of dashes from my eyes to her tits like when Homer Simpson sees pie or bacon and then I'd start floating with hearts in my eyes. So obviously I'm glad it doesn't really work like that. (image source = inf)read more

Conan and Letterman made fun of Leno some more

It's been 20 years since Jay Leno weaseled his way into hosting the Tonight Show, taking the job from David Letterman, and 2 years since he did the exact same thing to Conan O'Brien, which is why Letterman was absolutely delighted to have Conan on his show last night for the first time in 13 years. "I've known Jay a long long time," Letterman said. "We go back to the mid 70s, back in Los Angeles at the Comedy...read more

Eva Longoria flashed David Letterman

Eva Longoria was on David Letterman last night to promote her new cookbook (wait, what), and since she's not afraid to dress sexy she dressed sexy. And by that I mean she wore some very short shorts and a super tight jacket and that was it. An outfit like that doesn't really lend itself to movement, you need to sit motionless, perfectly still as if a T-Rex was looking for you, which Longoria didn't do, and so Dave got...read more

leno has lower ratings than conan did

When NBC fired Conan O'Brien, they said his numbers sucked and Letterman was beating him and they were losing money. So they replaced him with Jay Leno. The bad news is that Leno gets even lower numbers than Conan did. The badder news is that Lenos comeback numbers have dropped and now he doesn't beat Letterman either. So if NBC's plan was to piss away 200 million dollars on a complete clusterfuck, mission...read more

david letterman is candid

David Letterman made a very rare appearance today on a talk show other than his own when he went on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' this morning. As you might guess, he was typically self effacing and candid, even mentioning the affairs he had with several women who worked on his show. The Huffington Post says... "How's everything at home?" Philbin asked, to which Letterman replied, deadpan, "I don't know if people know...read more

chris rock is understanding

Chris Rock was on Letterman last night, and because it's still such a touchy subject, Rock was kind enough to wait 24 seconds before mentioning Lettermans affairs. The Huff Post says... David Letterman was suffering from a hoarse voice on his show Wednesday night, and his guest, Chris Rock, didn't make things any easier on him. "Dave, what the hell happened to your voice? Things going bad at home?" Rock asked. "You're...read more

letterman and kimmel > leno

The great Jimmy Kimmel was a guest on Letterman last night, and he and Dave of course talked about the thing they have most in common; hatred of Jay Leno. Sadly Leno's ratings have been better than expected but not as good as they used to be. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise. He's perfect for late night, because he doesn't do anything that would force people to think. It's mindless nothing, like how people use a...read more

everyone hates jay leno

NBC fired Conan O'Brien as host of the Tonight Show because he couldn't beat David Letterman, something Jay Leno had done for years. So NBC made a tough choice, and even though they would lose hundreds of millions of dollars, they decided to bring Leno back so he could be number 1 in late night again! And the plan worked! For 6 days! For the first time since Jay Leon returned to 11:30, The Tonight Show trailed Late...read more

tuesday morning headlines

LINDSAY LOHAN - is 23, and Roberto Cavalli is 69. Good luck trying to figure out which one to feel sorry for. (wenn) JAY LENO - is planning a week of shows in New York City, to beat Letterman "on his home turf". Leno will be great there. I bet he'll have some real zingers about how the Knicks aren't very good at basketball. This guy doesn't care whose toes he steps on. (pop eater) DARYL HANNAH - is naked in her new...read more

"what we're seeing now is vintage jay."

David Letterman was noticeably hoarse last night on his show, probably from cackling like a mad man as NBC and Jay Leno continue to screw up beyond all comprehension and get eviscerated by every branch of the media. Dave spent an entire 6 minute break giving a beating to NBC and Lenos plea on Monday that people not blame Conan for this mess (video of that under the cut). And last night, as he led guest Chelsea...read more

how did this happen

Mariah Carey looked like hell just last week on the beach in Malibu (here), yet last night on her way to do Letterman, she looked sort of terrific. I guess it's just the push-up bra. Or maybe it's because she looks so happy. Either way she's smiling and looks fantastic. Having the paparazzi dress up like giant cookies really paid off. (source = fame)read more