Priyanka Chopra Feminist Who Likes Boys For Meghan Markle

Priyanka Chopra is one of those celebrities who I see in the headlines but don't actually click on. Mostly because I have no idea who she is. A bangable actress who advocates for convenient causes? Rare breed. Chopra found an opportunity to piss her claim all over another... read more

Prince Harry Rises To His Chick's Defense

Prince Harry became the five-thousandth famous person in history to deliver a pointless speech to the media about leaving his family and girlfriend alone. In particular, Harry seems rather miffed by sexist, racist, and overly personal Internet article comments about... read more

Prince Harry Shtupping an American of Color

The British royal watching world is a flutter because that's their static state. Lots of fucking fluttering. More so now that Prince Harry is dating an American, who also happens to be half-black, and also happens to be divorced. read more