MTV Does Reality Spring Break TV With Southern Twist

When the audience you attract averages the IQ levels most often associated with man’s best friend they too will return to devour vomit. The Jersey Shore show is back, sort of.  read more

MTV Reality Show About Millennials Minus Modern Convenience

Millennials have become quite the spectacle thanks to MTV and ill-will wished upon them from the proceeding generation.  read more

MTV Show In Trouble For Dragging Jaws

Point me to the rule book of what animals we care about and which ones we don't. Especially if the outrage is for a shark that would have eaten you if given the chance. read more

Another Young MTV Reality Show Member Dead

The life expectancy of an MTV reality show cast member settles in right around your sub-Saharan nation with ebola water enemas. You're lucky to get off with a moderate heroin habit and a series of non-violent felony arrests. read more

MTV's White Guy's Video Will Be Missed

Everything is politics now. Media, social, entertainment. It's all politics. It's how scores of particularly younger people have chosen to identify themselves when religion or sports or Bud vs. Miller are no longer valid means to self-identify. read more

MTV Outs Whitey (VIDEO)

MTV broadcast a special on White People and white privilege because the title sold itself and they're trying to get people to stop noticing how many of their reality shows cast members are dying. Also because racism will never be solved in this nation until it's chunked... read more

MTV Plunders the Shit Can (VIDEO)

MTV quite brazenly turns a buck on the backs of fucked up kids. That seems particularly crass considering we live in a time when neighbors shame march around homes where parents have the gall discipline their kids with spankings. In their latest quest to milk ad dollars... read more

Miley Cyrus Isn't Even The Hottest Woman In A Subway Tunnel (VIDEO)

The MTV Music Video Awards will air on August 25, and according to this new promo, Maxim's hottest woman, Miley Cyrus, is probably going to show up and perform her huge hit, "We Can't Stop." Or maybe she's just going to stand around and twerk while all of the other... read more

What The Crap, MTV?

America teenagers are really stupid (See: the success of Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber) and MTV is run by people who are very good at taking advantage of that stupidity. So despite the fact that no intelligent adult has watched the MTV Movie Awards in at least 10 years,... read more

did mtv go too far?

It's possible this fancy gentleman was offended by a young lady wearing a hat indoors, and in this clip he's saying, "Madam please remove your hat" in accordance with Jim Nortons Hat Removal Service, but more likely is WHATTHEFUCKWASTHAT! MTV is getting tons of very... read more