Sacha Baron Cohen Disrespects Unemployed White Drunk Soccer Fans

The New York Post has published an article criticizing Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie, The Brothers Grimsby, for being racist and insensitive toward impoverished white people.The article talks about Cohen's privileged upbringing and his mocking of the soccer hooligan, welfare abusing working class Brits, known as "oiks." Oikophobia' is a workable term for this distasteful tendency of elites to scorn the salt of more

Goddamn, Sacha Baron Cohen Is Annoying And Shit Around The Web

Borat was funny. Then it went straight to turdsville. You're Mr. Bean with nut sack jokes. Time for papa to get a brand new bag. How did he land Isla fisher, seriously? (Dlisted) Kate England is very flexy. It helps in her business. (Last Men On Earth) Olivia Rose is topless and hot as fuck for Jonathan Leder. (Egotastic All-Stars) The Kardashian clan eats hummus in memory of whore patriarch Robert Kardashian. (TMZ) more

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher are good at Halloween

Sorry to disappear for the past few days, but, long story short; this was not a good weekend to go to New York. Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher were in Beverly Hills however, at a fancy Beverly Hills Halloween party. And according to the picture agency, "The happy couple are wearing sock monkey costumes and Sacha seems to be hiding a banana in his!" To be clear, the exclamation point in regards to his penis more

Sacha Baron Cohen murdered Elisabetta Canalis on a yacht in Cannes today

What started out as an erotic afternoon of ass rubbing between Sacha Baron Cohen and Elisabetta Canalis ended in tragedy today after Cohen showed his penis to Canalis. The Italian supermodel began to laugh and seemed to think it was small, despite his reassurances that his penis is actually quite enormous. Tensions escalated when she attempted to take a picture of his penis, causing a fight to break out, which led more

Sacha Baron Cohen fell off his camel

Sacha Baron Cohen was in Cannes today to promote ‘The Dictator', and doing it in character like he always does, when he fell off a camel. He was 40 years old, and is survived by his wife, Isla Fisher, and their daughters Olive, 5, and Elula, 2. No not really. He's fine. In fact he was able to catch himself before he actually fell. The headline was sort of a lie. This would be a good post to show your kids to more

The Dictator dumped Kim Jong Ils ashes on Ryan Seacrest

Last week it was rumored that Sacha Baron Cohen wanted to walk the Oscar red carpet in character to promote his new movie ‘The Dictator', and apparently that rumor was true, because that's what he did. And then he dumped ashes all over Ryan Seacrest. "Part of me thought he would be up to something," Ryan said. Perhaps the part that was eye level with a gold urn that had Kim Jong Il's face painted on more

Sacha Baron Cohen is or is not banned from the Oscars

Sacha Baron Cohen is invited to the Academy Awards on Sunday because he's one of the stars of ‘Hugo', which is nominated for Best Picture. And apparently that's terrifying to some people because of his habit of showing up places in character to promote his new movies. New movies like the one where he plays a murderous Arab dictator, for example. the Academy is making it clear that Cohen is not welcome to use the more

Headlines, with the benevolent Sacha Baron Cohen

TRACY MORGAN - has now apologized for his remarks about gay people that he made in concert on June 3rd. That he's apologizing now, after the story broke, and not when he said this stuff 7 days ago can only mean that he really wanted to get the apology just right. (the ap) JACK WHITE - and his wife are throwing a party to celebrate their 6th anniversary, AND to announce their divorce. It just made better more

afternoon headlines

SKINS - is the new MTV drama, with a cast ranging from 15-19, where everyone gets drunk and has sex, and now some nerds are asking the government to open an investigation to determine if it's child pornography. I don't think it is, but I haven't fucked a 15 year old since I was like 24, so maybe the laws have changed since then. (deadline) AMERICAN IDOL - on Thursday night was down 9 percent from Wednesday night, more

isla and borat got married

What a shitty day this is. The once awesome but now tyrannical American government continued their 20 year trend and seized more power overnight, now I find out that perfect marriage material Isla Fisher got married to Borat, putting a cap on their 6 year engagement. MSN says... Isla Fisher has married her long-term fiancé, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, in a romantic sunset ceremony in Paris, Woman's Day can reveal. more

Morning headlines

BRUNO - as expected won the box office this weekend, pulling in $30.4m in it's debut. That's way less than the 50m some Hollywood insiders were suggesting on Friday, but keep in mind, no one in Hollywood has any idea what the fuck they're talking about. (variety) MICHAEL JACKSON - as far back as 1993 Jackson was having doctors issue prescriptions in other people names to score pain killers for him. In a related story, more

Isla can't take a hint

Between the red hair, awesome rack and super hot accent, I can't tell you how happy it would make me to have sex with Isla Fisher. Which is why these pictures are so uncomfortable. I can't remember the details, but I know she used to be in a relationship with Bruno. I think they even had a baby. And yesterday she followed him all the way to Paris for the premiere of his movie. But, I mean Jesus woman open your more

Bruno is being sued. Again.

Sacha Baron Cohen is being sued once again, this time by a woman named Richelle Olson who claims she was severely injured during an altercation with Cohen at a bingo hall during the filming of "Bruno". She says she now needs a wheelchair or cane to move around as a result. MSNBC says... According to the lawsuit, Baron Cohen started using vulgarities while calling the second bingo game in front of a mostly more

Want. Do Not Want.

I don't need to tell anyone here that the new issue of Marie Claire comes out tomorrow, but you may be surprised by the pictures of supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio together with Brunos tightly wrapped gold nutsack. I know I was surprised. Very surprised. Startled, you might say. The Sun UK says... BRUNO'S kugelsack has been working so hard his film's success is in the bag. Earlier this week his Austrian manhood more

Bruno vs Eminem, part 4

Still no definitive answer as to whether Eminem knew Sacha Barron Cohen was going to 69 him on TV last night, but E! now has what is probably the most likely scenario… (Eminem) was aware that Brüno would be falling on him—but not while wearing a butt-baring thong. And though Eminem stormed out of the Gibson Amphitheatre, the hip-hop star didn't leave; he hung out in his trailer until the show was nearly done. Life more