Scott Disick Minimalist Money Monster

It's an uncommon man who literally fucks his way into money. Ski bum Scott Disick worked his dick into a Kardashian and came out on the other end with several million in the bank. Opportunistic men used to have to bathe old ladies in the tub for this level uptick in prospects. You could do a pros and cons worksheet to determine if this is more

Scott Disick Humble Stalking

This isn't a good message to send to your bastard kids. Remember when mommy and daddy used to fuck in the ocean? We just sat the down and told them daddy died fighting ISIS to keep America safe from Muslims. Scott Disick sent this seven year old photo in a birthday message to Kourtney Kardashian because sniffing her old clothes and hiring private detectives to follow her no longer cut it. This thing certain men more

Carlton Calls Out Disick

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-star andDancing with the Stars champion, Alfonso Ribeiro, called out Scott Disick, for not being a star. This came in response to Disick asking for half a millionto be onDWTS. The last episode ofThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired in 1996. It's been twenty years since Ribeiro was regularly on television. Is he a star? The definition has been evolving since 'guest starring' on the more

Kardashians Paying Scott Disick $20 Million to STFU

In the category of biggest winning loser, not many cancompete with Scott Disick. This lounge-about drunk has done nothing with his life but fuck and vacation his way into some serious cash. It's a great gig if you can get it. Disick earned upwards of fifteen million playing the role of hard drinking but lovable scoundrel baby daddy to Kourtney Kardashian for several years on their aborted family fetus highlight more

Scott Disick Banging 18-Year Old Lindsay Vrckovnik

There are any number of ways to get over a breakup. But nothing's proven more effective than fucking the living tar out of a Canadian model just out of high school. There's getting back on the wagon and then there's pounding your cock into every orifice of that wagon because she thinks you're a real somebody and you promised to make her famous. Scott Disick has led a charmed life. A snowboarding bum who got more

Scott Disick Melancholy

Scott Disick did a club appearance in Calgary and looked kind of bummed that he was receiving fifty thousand dollarsto stand around and get wasted and probably bang those twowhores. You have one job. Show up, smile, get drunk, have an anxiety ridden hangover and cancel a flight while crying after having decided to move to Alberta and raise alpacas while you're scratching at the blisterson your dick. Rarely would more

Kourtney Kardashian Dumps Disick

Sometimes you need to make numerousbabies with an unemployed alcoholic before you can size up his boyfriend viability.Kourtney Kardashian had to knowthere was something wrong with Scott Disick the first time she realized he wasn't black and his dick wasn't painfully pressing up against her small intestine during intercourse. She could've asked her sisters. Now the eldest Kardashian midget whorehas told herlong more

Scott Disick Is Fucked Up

Scott Disick was seen getting black out drunk in Vegas. It's unclear if Disick is making a spectacle of himself just for the cameras, or if the cameras 24x7 are causing him to drink. He's found himself in a precarious situation where gargantuan amounts of self loathing would be justified, yet his status is envied by shit for brains teenagers inhabiting McMansions across the fields of grain. To make matters worse he more

Scott Disick Pissed About Pregnancy

Kourtney Kardashian pretended to reveal to her unemployed boyfriend that she's pregnant with their third out of wedlock child. Disick shuttered at the notion. Possibly because Kourtney asked him to shut the door so they could be in private with a camera crew. Or maybe he just did some basic math splits on what he gets after he dumps her body in the quarry. Disick ranted to a degree a sober person would more

Scott Disick Was Poisoned! But Not Well Enough

Scott Disick was admitted to a hospitallast month for being a pussy who can't hold his liquor. Disick was out getting hammered when he told his paid extra friends he thought he was roofied. Its unclear if the hospital was Disick's idea or some producer who thought the spectacle would be slightly more interesting than watching him cry and cut his legs with a spork. He was tested for drugs but it turns out someone more

Kourtney Kardashian Showed Us How Douche Babies Are Made

Ever the romantic of her family, and also the sister that didn't become famous by getting drilled by Ray J on camera or drive her husband to ruin his NBA career because he just loved crack too much, Kourtney Kardashian recently shared a photo of her and Scott Disick in their younger days. The quietest of the Kardashian sisters described this classy and romantic image of her and Scott with the message "crazy in love," more

People Who Shouldn't Be Famous Don't Look Happy About Being Famous

Scott Disick is famous because he's the boyfriend of one of the sisters of a girl who fucked a nobody on camera, and because he knocked her up a couple times, he has secured some good face time on their bullshit reality show. If he wasn't with Kourtney Kardashian, he'd just be another guy who dresses like a rich dick because he actually thinks that he's the real life Patrick Bateman. When people like these two more

Scott Disick Covers Khloe Kardashian in Singles

Looks like Khloe won her bet with Scott Disick that she could lose the weight of a Mack Truck cab in six months. Surprisingly, it doesn't even show. She was mostly carrying it in her shoulders. Buried there in singles, for one shining moment, Khloe got to know what it feels like to really be wanted by Lamar Odom. You might be asking yourself how Scott Disick can afford to throw around large quantities of cash more

Scott Disick Drunk and Disorderly at Fashion Show

We're starting to piece together the evening that Kendall and Kylie Jenner got wasted at a bar. Naturally, it began with their chaperone and unemployed former snowboarder Scott Disick getting loaded at a fashion show and making an ass out of himself. At one point, one model even broke pose to flip him off. He later tried to pull the fashion designer off the runway, which would have at least been a funny drunken more

Scott Disick Wipes His Ass With Ben Franklin's Face

Scott Disick decided to tell all of us common people to go fuck ourselves by posting pictures of $100 toilet paper on Instagram. That's not toilet paper that costs $100, it's a roll of hundreds he's going to use as toilet paper. He also held a stack of hundreds to his ear and wrote: "Hello peasants". There were also pics of his expensive watches and bags of cash. Maybe it's a joke or maybe it's just the boredom of more