Way to go Kanye

By brendon August 19, 2009 @ 4:19 PM


Considering how rich he is I always thought Kanye could do better than Amber Rose.  She’s not that good looking and her haircut makes her look like she’s from the future, and she has that big ass which I find disgusting but I guess black guys love.  The point to all this is that she looked surprisingly good yesterday on the beach in Miami. And by that I mean, “tits”.

(all the topless pics over here. or jumpa jumpa here. hq jump here. source = mavrix online)


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  1. leftnutofjesus 08/19/2009 16:22

    the chernobyl look has my cock and britches battling.

  2. Death to Finkle! 08/19/2009 16:24

    Talk about NIGZ…

  3. leftnutofjesus 08/19/2009 16:24

    pic 8, the best ass pic i’ve seen awhile…..

    his hand is so fucking black, I thought a chunk of her side was void and black. Like a chemo zombie tranny.

  4. SCUM 08/19/2009 16:24

    In the interest of being PC every other post must feature a negro or a race traitor, this one has both.+/- 50

  5. leftnutofjesus 08/19/2009 16:26

    he always has that look on his face like, “I can’t believe you just bitchslapped me for sucking your dick.”

    ALWAYS. i know it’s cuz he almost killed himself driving his lexus back in the day. just knowing that means i should blow his fucking brains out before taking my own life.

  6. Big Smelly Dirt Cock 08/19/2009 16:26

    She’s a model? For what, cancer hats and fudge? Would still bang her by the way.

  7. Death to Finkle! 08/19/2009 16:29

    BSDC: Snappin’ frames, and takin’ names. But without all that “takin’ names” crap.

  8. leftnutofjesus 08/19/2009 16:30

    this is the result of what would happen if you let me go down to Children’s Hospital and bolt some super tits and ass on a 12 year old chemo-patient.

    Preferably a boy if I was Kanye. Cuz he always needs a dick to measure his with.

  9. harleydavidson 08/19/2009 16:33

    remember that movie alien nation? is kanye dating one of those aliens?

  10. Observer 08/19/2009 16:41

    As far as “Black” girls go…..

    ….she looks marketable…

  11. Observer 08/19/2009 16:44

    This may show my ignorance of contemporary culture…..

    …but is “she” really human?

    …or one of those Jap robots?

  12. Observer 08/19/2009 16:45

    I hope the “hq jump” wasn’t short-hand for high-quality……

    ….because that has GOT to be false advertising…..

    Did anyone look at the face….after checking the tits?

  13. ohmwrecker 08/19/2009 16:48

    Sometimes ugly fucks real good.

  14. Observer 08/19/2009 16:51

    Tell me about Ohmwrecker……

    …I hear I’m the best lay in New England….

  15. Observer 08/19/2009 16:52

    Tell me about…. * it *

  16. ohmwrecker 08/19/2009 16:52

    Here’s a nice pic of this chick’s poosay.


  17. Rokan 08/19/2009 16:53

    New up, butt bangers!

    Fucking Brend8n leaves us with Ass-face Renee Zellwegger all day, then won;t let us have some time with the good stuff.

  18. TheOverrated 08/19/2009 16:54



  19. Observer 08/19/2009 16:55


    …she likes it rough….

  20. redog 08/19/2009 16:56

    Stupid coal burner.That BlueGum will screw anything under the sun, give this dingbat a mess of STD’s then go find another white girl to taint.
    Looks like Christina Aguilera to me.

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