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By brendon February 15, 2010 @ 5:52 PM

EXCLUSIVE: Charlotte Church & Family Relaxing Poolside In Dubai

THE BRITTANY MURPHY FOUNDATION – has been shut down. The charity started by her ex-husband never filed for charity status, meaning he could spend the money however he wanted. Calling this a charity is the most deceptive name since “glory hole”. (wonderwall)

TIGER WOODS – allegedly got his porn star girlfriend pregnant. Twice. Once she had an abortion, and the other time she had a miscarriage after the baby fell out of her cavernous, porn-star sized vagina. (times of london)

ROBERT PATTINSON – tells Details magazine, “I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vaginas.” Hopefully this mean he’s gay. In fact if every guy better looking than me would go gay, that would be terrific. (popeater)

AMANDA BYNES – has gone black. On twitter she wrote that she prefers chocolate to vanilla, possibly alluding to Kid Cudi. Although she’s never admitted to dating him. Is she worried about being black balled? If so that would be ironic. (huffington post)

CHARLOTTE CHURCH – better not try to fly Southwest. (source of her this weekend in Dubai = flynet)

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  1. avatar
    SomeoneluvsU 02/15/2010 17:55

    I would do Amanda Bynes (if she asked me nicely)

  2. avatar
    pepper 02/15/2010 17:56

    That is one meaty pussy.

  3. avatar
    Zombie 02/15/2010 17:59

    You looking at yourself in the mirror again Pepper?

  4. avatar
    Rokan 02/15/2010 18:08

    I’d do her.

  5. avatar
    slyder2120 02/15/2010 18:09

    I would pay go money to watch Amanda to take on Mandingo. Bitch would never be the same.

  6. avatar
    Rokan 02/15/2010 18:12


    Can you please pass the Funyuns?

  7. avatar
    ohmwrecker 02/15/2010 18:14

    Amanda Bynes isn’t fat. What black dude is going to date her?

  8. avatar
    milleran 02/15/2010 18:16

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  9. avatar
    Watt 02/15/2010 18:18

    I like skinny white girls.

    Too bad they are 12

  10. avatar
    oy 02/15/2010 18:19

    ROBERT PATTINSON is ghei! unbelievable! btw, how’s the spammer getting the link in w/o any problems?!

  11. avatar
    SCUM 02/15/2010 18:28

    Doug Fieger is dead.

  12. avatar
    Rokan 02/15/2010 18:28

    I hate vaginas too.

    I hate it that more of them are not riding my face like a bicycle seat.

  13. avatar
    Watt 02/15/2010 18:32

    I don’t know. DBs Weekend

  14. avatar
    SomeoneluvsU 02/15/2010 18:33

    Huffington post: “Love is like a puzzle. When ur in love, all the pieces fit but when ur heart gets broken, it takes a while to get everything back together,” she continued. “it’s a good thing i never said his name so i can pretend like it never happened! lol i will just block him out of my memory! :)”

    Poor Amanda, that bad, bad black man broke her widdle heart… Come sit on my lap and let let me kiss it and make it all better.

  15. avatar
    Watt 02/15/2010 18:33

    Jesus fucking Christ HTML hypertext works?

    I’m never clicking a link from her ever again.

  16. avatar
    ohmwrecker 02/15/2010 18:35

    Scum, I doubt anyone here but you or I know who Doug Fieger is.

  17. avatar
    Rokan 02/15/2010 18:37


    Isn’t he the guy that defended Dr. Kevorkian?

  18. avatar
    ohmwrecker 02/15/2010 18:39

    Good girls don’t commit suicide, Rokan.

  19. avatar
    SCUM 02/15/2010 18:41

    Good Girls Don’t.

  20. avatar
    SCUM 02/15/2010 18:41

    Damn Ohm.

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