Marc Anthony cheeeted on Hennifaa Yopez


The most surprising part about Fridays announcement that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were getting a divorce after 7 years was that anyone was able to put up with Jennifer Lopez for 7 years. Everyone hates that bitch, and they're completely right in doing so.

So how did Marc Anthony do it? Well having sex with random flight attendants probably helped sooth his nerves.

In the new Us Weekly, a source says that Anthony, 42, hooked up with a flight attendant he met aboard a private plane in 2009. "Marc and Jennifer almost split up over it," the source tellsUs of the couple, parents to 3-year-old twins Emme and Max. Seconds another insider: "Jennifer was going to leave him then, but Marc begged her to stay. They went to marriage counseling and she decided to give it another shot. He was someone she truly loved."

My favorite part of this is that I doubt Marc Anthony could afford a private plane, so JLo paid for it, and then he used it to get laid. Good for him. She's a horrible bitch. He could have drugged her, laid her in bed and then banged some strippers right next to her for all I care, and then just say he has no idea why she woke up with glitter and cum in her hair.

(image source = getty and bauer griffin)

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