Marc Anthony Pays A Lot Of Fucking Child Support

98-pound Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony may have to pay a shit ton more child support to Dayanara Torres, his lady just before Jennifer Lopez.Anthony had to disclose his net worth in a court case in which Torres claims she isn't getting enough money to feed her baby esqueletos. Anthony submitted documents that show that he is inexplicably worth over $20 million and earns about $1.25 million a month. This more

Marc Anthony must really miss Jennifer Lopez

There's no cure for a broken heart, but if there was it would probably say something about banging a busty model. Like Marc Anthony is with Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima, who is 24, one month after officially filing for divorce from Jennifer Lopez, who is 42. Of course Shannon could never replace Lopez. Not unless she gains 50 pounds, starts wearing wigs, and throws a vase at the maid. (image source of anthony more

Marc Anthony says he didnt cheat on Henifaa Yopez

From the moment that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced that they were ending their 7 year marriage, there have been rumors that it was because Anthony was cheating. Most notably with Jada Pinkett, which reportedly ended her marriage to Will Smith. This all seems reasonable because Jennifer Lopez is a mean bitch and everyone hates her, but he tells ABC News the real reason for the divorce was way more

Ahh. Yes. Yes of course.

As you no doubt heard, the new issue of In Touch came out yesterday and claimed that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett were separating after 13 years of marriage. Will and Jada quickly issued the worlds least convincing denial, but if they had known what the article actually said (via Gossip Cop), they probably wouldn't have even bothered. The magazine alleges that Jada "destroyed" Anthony's marriage to Jennifer Lopez ( more

Marc Anthony cheeeted on Hennifaa Yopez

The most surprising part about Fridays announcement that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were getting a divorce after 7 years was that anyone was able to put up with Jennifer Lopez for 7 years. Everyone hates that bitch, and they're completely right in doing so. So how did Marc Anthony do it? Well having sex with random flight attendants probably helped sooth his nerves. In the new Us Weekly, a source says more

Henifaa Yopez is seengle

The big celebrity news over the weekend was that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced on Friday that they were ending their 7 year marriage and getting a divorce. And if you nodded your head and thought, "yes, I agree, that is a very important story", well then I fucking hate you. "We have decided to end our marriage," they tell PEOPLE in a joint statement. "This was a very difficult decision. We have come to more


Everyone has slept with Anna Nicole Smith - Two more men have come forward and claimed that they are the real father of Anna Nicole Smiths baby and another claims he was asked to get Anna Nicole pregnant. Another man in a Coffee Bean in Vegas said the idea of Anna Nicole’s tubby drunk ass getting laid was repulsive, and so I just want to finish this paragraph as fast as I can. JLo is a deadbeat - Avjet Corp. filed more


I barely know who Jesse McCartney is because I'm not 13 or a girl or a 13 year old girl, but he made an appearance at an Atlanta radio station yesterday and during the course of the interview it came out that he's dating Katie Cassidy (this chick). Cassidy is the girl who beat out Jessica Simpson for a role in the upcoming big screen version of "Dallas", which Jennifer Lopez was cast in but recently walked away from, more