Amber Heard Broke-Ass

September 29, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

When your buddy who sells magazine subscriptions after waking up midday in a stony haze informs you he’s broke, you don’t need to ask any followups. Amber Heard’s earned somewhere around the ten million plus mark in her film and modeling career. When she says she’s broke and homeless merely assume she’s that sixteen year old girl bitching about not getting a beemer for her birthday.

In her initial divorce ask from Johnny Depp, Heard filed a petition documenting her financials which included a monthly nut of $50,000. That’ll chip away at your after-tax income. Heard won seven million from Depp in the final settlement, all of which she claimed she was donating to charity but most of which she’s probably yet to recover from Depp’s wily attorneys. Friends of HeardĀ are telling OK! magazine that the actress literally has no home to return to after she’s back in the U.S. from filming Justice League. A realĀ Mike Tyson situation, if Tyson were a tall hot blonde who fucks both men and women and has never gone without a spectacular vegan meal or designer clothes in her adult life.

The bogus sob stories were supposed to cease with the disposition of the divorce case. It’s hard to completely shut off the spigot. Pray for Amber.

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