Kim Kardashian Dissecting Kanye

February 17, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

You can’t turn out a good man. A confused man, far easier. The Kardashians choose male partners of notoriety and means, not of masculine character. Inherently, any man who signs up to be run by a bubble-butted midget is a gender fail. Kanye’s meltdown has been long coming and inevitable. Kim Kardashian was a ill conceived choice better left to be watched getting fucked on tape.

Kanye West’s latest Yeezy collection release at New York Fashion Week was a flop. The shit all looks the same as before, overpriced booties and hoodies for rich prep school girls and intersex Germans. Consider the commercial fail to be related to Kanye’s current psychiatric convalescence. 

An insider source to the Kardashian family, so Kris Jenner, made sure to spin the Yeezy bust as a positive for her kin:

“Kim was basically forced to do the entire show herself. She knew that if she did not step in and do something, that it was going to bomb completely! And after realizing that she could, she now wants to launch her own label.”

Good news for women with massive implants looking for sheer tops. Though the Kardashians previously produced a line for Sears that failed. Some women may secretly desire to be prostitutes, fewer want to dress like one for work.

The line of men neutered and destroyed by this family continues to grow. Previously broken men, drawn to the kind of domineering women who will gladly snap you fully. Coldly speaking, it’s impressive. Like an Animal Planet special on predators and prey. Congratulations, Kanye, you’re the gimpy zebra.

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