Amy Schumer Red Hot Bikini Pics

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For 25 years we’ve been doing dumb shit together.

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Well well well well well. Factoring in the positive comments from our latest Ashley Graham post, it would appear that after widdling away your taste and dignity by covering WWTDD superstars such as Tess Holiday and Inbred Trash Face, you’ve finally joined the woke world. Big is beautiful. Scratch that. The bigger, the better. Now if you’ll just acknowledge that anorexic imploding E.T. bodies are hot t00, you’ll be the most woke of them all. I’ve actually been covertly spreading wokeness this whole time. I’m Lena Dunham. And my pussy’s out right now.

Now that you’re lactating over Ashley Graham’s diaper ass, it’s a perfect time to check out someone who’s even uglier – Amy Schumer. The sultry vixen posted a bunch of Instagram pics of herself waddling around a bunch of rocks with some really fun looking bitches, and her hot frame is more than visible thanks to a sexy barely-there bikini. Just trying to keep up with you guys. Schumer had fun with the fact that she’s fat, insinuating in another post that she might be pregnant by touching her stomach (where is it tho?) and commenting that she’s “cooking up something.” She then squashed the rumors by stating in another post that she’s not, in fact, pregnant. The yucks just don’t stop with this one. Speaking of yuck…


@leesaevansstyle and i are cookin somethin Up

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I always have a bump alert!

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