Heidi Pratt Makes America Barf Again

July 5, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


Just earlier this morning we looked at the reason for the season – Kim Kardashian devastating lakeside communities with her manatee ass wakeboarding tsunami – but now we’re checking out the dark underbelly of July 4th. Heidi and Spencer Pratt decked out in every America-inspired item available at the Target Dollar Spot. I’m pretty sure the picture above is what all Russians have taped to their dartboards.

These two are real grade-A pieces of shit, and now they appear to be indoctrinating their son Gunner (BARF) into the shitty club of shittiness. First off, when looking at Spencer and Heidi these days – it’s hard to tell who is who. They’re assimilating into the same form and it’s creepy. Second, after a billion painful plastic surgery procedures, Heidi couldn’t splurge for some Botox? Or, laser hair removal? Again, I can’t really tell who is who. What I can tell is that Betsy Ross is looking down from a cloud wishing that instead of designing the American flag, she designed body bags.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Getty Images / MEGA / Backgrid USA / Splash News

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