Sarah Hyland Pretends To Know A Famous Person In Bikini Video

November 30, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


We can make fun of pretty much any celebrity on here unchecked, but God forbid tweaking anorexic taco Sarah Hyland comes into the mix. Suddenly this is Hello Giggles and we can’t call a spade a spade. So sure, Hyland has the sex appeal of a malnourished high school boy, so you boy fuckers reading this have found your gal. Takes all kinds.

Hyland has graduated from her super um hot assless workout and is now shaking her butt in a polka dot bikini. But her ass isn’t the story today. The story is that on her Instagram Story, Hyland @s the woman behind the brand of her bikini – Emily Ratajkowski – in a bid to get some sort of interaction. She mentions the brand,┬áInamorataswim, which is sort of normal, as well as Emily herself, which is abnormal.

“They’re probably just friends.” You say, in a desperate attempt to not uncover the truth about your idol. But no. While Hyland follows Ratajkowski on Instagram, Ratajkowski does not follow Hyland. To clarify for those not versed in the nuance of┬áInsta communication – this is desperate. This is sad. This is a teen boy with an iron deficiency. How do you live with yourselves.


Photo Credit: Instagram

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