oksana might be lying about mel gibson, part 2

Mel Gibsons ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has been saying that her dentist can attest to the fact that she had broken teeth and bruises on her face, the result of a violent fight with Mel. This is apparently news to the dentist. TMZ says... Dr. Shelden saw no evidence... read more

tyler has sexy readers

Page views die on Friday afternoons, so the new plan was for the sexiest girl readers to take pictures for a contest. But then this 20-year-old French student named Mareline sent pictures, and suddenly everyone agreed that a contest was an offensive waste of time. Even... read more

oksana might be lying about mel gibson

Just when it seemed there was no possible salvation for Mel Gibsons reputation, things suddenly changed yesterday and now there's a growing number of stories suggesting his ex has been manipulating evidence or even outright lying. Like this expert who told PopEater she... read more

jenna dewan looks really good in bikinis

Jenna Dewan and her husband Channing Tatum spent another day on the beach in Italy yesterday, and while Jenna spent most of the day bending over and showing off her hot ass, Channing focused mainly on being a big-titted fatty. As you can see here, he really nailed it. ... read more

pink fell off the stage and went to the hospital

Pink does this high wire act, part of her Gozer the Gozarian thing, in her concerts now, but yesterday everything went to hell and she ended up in a hospital in Nuremberg, Germany, after she fell out of a harness and slammed into a steel barricade. Luckily her hands... read more

of course there's a mel gibson shirt

Jack Osbourne sported his new Mel Gibson shirt last night at a bar in Hollywood, and just for the record, if you're someone who wears "funny" t-shirts, I fucking hate you. Unless it's a Garfield "I hate Mondays" shirt, which is obviously timeless. read more

tyler has sexy readers

UPDATE - I don't know why I continue to be such a vacillating, no-decision making spaz with this contest but I keep changing things around and all it does is screw it up. Hopefully I'll magically get smart overnight and figure it out by next week. Even Fiona and her... read more

jude law is clingy, sienna miller is in a bikini

Jude Law and Sienna Miller went to the beach in Ponzo, Italy today, and it was quite the window into their relationship. Sienna is the one who spent the day smoking, drinking, looking cold and jumping off shit into the water, while Jude is the one who wanted to spend ...... read more

katy perrys "teenage dream" promo is suggestive

Katy Perry has a new promo picture for "Teenage Dream", which is still over a month away, and instead of posing for an all new shoot she took the unusual step of releasing a personal picture from the time she and I went to the beach. I never really liked this one because... read more

Lindsay Lohan has entered drug rehab

Just before her sentencing two weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan told the judge that she had changed and was taking responsibility for the 8000 laws she's broken. Then the judge gave her 90 days in jail and Lindsay revealed that she was just joking and not gonna take... read more

thursday headlines

MEL GIBSON - might have hit his 6-month-old daughter Lucia, causing bruises, during a fight with his ex Oksana. So really it sounds more like Oksanas fault than Mels. Stop using babies as a shield you crazy bitch. (hp) SUICIDE GIRLS - won't be allowed at this years... read more

mel gibson hates oksana, misses the lakers

The fourth Mel Gibson audio clip has just been released on radar, and it begins with him screaming that he had to sell his Laker box seats because of Oksana and basically saying that he's broke. Which is amazing because in 2006 his net worth was estimated at $850 million... read more