alicia silverstone has still got it

There’s no cruelty free makeup stores in Indio, California apparently, because Alicia Silverstone went bare at Coachela this weekend. Oh and barefoot too. There would be some of those lines above her head indicating she stinks too, but pictures only capture what’s there... read more

kim kardashian is going to die

Holy Crap! Is Mexico a mile from the fucking sun because Kim Kardashian fell asleep on the beach there and this was the result. She said on Twitter:PLEASE HELP ME! I am so sunburned! I fell asleep with huge glasses on yesterday! This tan line is not ok!!! I know this... read more

its 2007 all over again

In hindsight it was foolish to think that Paris Hilton had outgrown running around town with no underwear on, especially in outfits and circumstances where she might expose that diseased womb of hers. It’s not just unpleasant to see and think about, it’s a public health... read more

lady gaga has the right idea

We should count our blessings that Lady GaGa isn’t deformed in some way, and instead is just “very unattractive”. If this is the kind of thing she does to distract you from her nose, if she had a hump on her back or something she’d go to clubs bare ass naked with a... read more

britneys stalker got arrested

A woman (specifically this one) was arrested yesterday in Calabasas for trespassing and disorderly conduct after she was caught looking into the windows at Britney Spears's house while wearing camouflage and holding a camera. (She) was stopped by security guards and then... read more

lets class this mutha fukka up

I think everyone can agree that tea is a pretty faggity drink, so where does this dude get off trying to act all tough. He went out of his way to choose the name Ice-T. What gang was he in, the Kool Aid Kids? Someone named “Ice-T” would only be tough in a comic you get... read more

hot girl-on-girl axxxtion!

Damn, check this out. These bitches are ready to party. You take the one on the left. I know she's short, but dude I’m tellin you, she’s 18. I can just tell. I’ll take the MILF on the right, who was the subject of roughly 75 percent of my teen sexual fantasies.(image... read more

bring on the sex tape

I thought the lady from that couple on “League of Gentleman” was actually a dude in disguise, but apparently not because yesterday they went for a walk through Hollywood with their son, Jerry O’Connell. His dad is even more handsome now than he was on the show. So... read more

jennifer love chewit sure showed me

I used to be skeptical that Jennifer Love Hewitt really lost 18 pounds like she claimed on the cover of Us magazine, but then they compared two older candid pictures taken from the front to one professional picture from the side. That shut me up good. I thought she had a... read more

mels new woman was in maxim

It’s still hard to figure out if Mel Gibsons new Rooskie girlfriend is hot, but getting naked and oiled up was very much a step in the right direction. She’s in that very rare gray area. It seems like 50 percent of Russian girls are so impossibly hot, we should grind up... read more

matthew mcconaughey was smooth

Matthew McConaughey says in this month’s Elle magazine that when he was a young man getting to know the pleasure of life, the vagina was still a confusing pit of mystery, a riddle that not even softcore porn could unlock. "From checking out Playboy I always thought —... read more

kendra was a good choice

Levis had everything in place for yesterdays Power Slide competition in Santa Monica:- Kendra Wilkinson sliding on something? Check- Kendra in a push-up bra and slutty shirt? Done.- A midget, preferably Wee-Man? You know it. Someone should play Sabre Dance whenever she's... read more