Are we interrupting you, Tyra

I assume that Trya Banks isn't about to blow this guy (based on the size of her ass she was almost certainly unwrapping some sort of candy or candies) but she looked all around first, and he looked completely unsatisfied when it was over, and that's what I imagine sex... read more

site news

Guh. Sorry for the lack of posts today. I've been in airports all day because it's a holiday weekend and thought I'd have more time but the wifi on my plane didn't work and airport wifi is actually worse than no wifi at all. At least with no wifi I wouldn't sit there... read more

Cameron Diaz is a lovely woman

Cameron Diaz was in Madrid on the Spanish TV show 'El Hormiguero' last night to promote 'Bad Teacher', and she seems to think the best way to do that and get around the language barrier was to make dumb faces for 10 minutes. Now the people in Spain can say, "I'd like a... read more

'Transformers 3' is down 40 percent from '2'

No doubt fueled by it's juvenile cheap shots at Megan Fox (like Shia telling his parents he "moved on to something better" or one of the robots saying his last girlfriend was "mean"), ‘Transformers 3' had the biggest opening day of 2011 and is doing incredibly well by... read more

Miley Cyrus is being appropriate on twitter again

In keeping with the erotic awakening of Miley Cyrus, she now goes everywhere without a bra and then posts pictures of it. This is because, if you havent heard the big news, several hundred articles have declared that Miley is sexy now. Please adjust your masturbating... read more

Kelly Brook doesn't need makeup

Kelly Brook went shopping around her home in Kent yesterday, and here's a helpful tip for all you ladies out there: you dont need to spend a lot of time on hair and makeup when you have giant boobs and wrap your hot ass in a super tight dress. To be honest, if you're... read more

Jonathan Rhys Meyers tried to kill himself

'The Tudors' star Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who is generally considered to be a nice guy but has a long history of alcohol abuse, reportedly tried to kill himself by overdosing on pills in his home in London two nights ago. The Sun says... Jonathan Rhys Meyers was taken to... read more

Lindsay Lohan stumbled out of a bar this morning

The first time Lindsay Lohan left rehab, she immediately went to a bar. The second time Lindsay Lohan left rehab, she immediately went to a bar. The last time Lindsay Lohan was in rehab, she didn't even wait to leave before going to a bar. So, keeping in mind that just... read more

Jessica Simpson is easily perplexed

Splash News says that Jessica Simpson was having dinner in Santa Monica on Tuesday night, and when she was done she left in an Escalade limousine. Which would be fine if that limousine was for her. Eventually her fiance followed her to a red light and she got into the... read more

Melissa Satta is here to help

Today was really boring, unless you felt like obsessing over Lindsay Lohan but I'll save that for when she gets arrested again, which I assume will happen within three months. But luckily Italian actress and model Melissa Satta (who was on the page once before) is here... read more

Michael Jackson gave Aaron Carter coke at 15

Michael Jackson was always deeply concerned about children of course, and by that I mean he was concerned they might tell after he raped them. Like this little snitch Aaron Carter is now doing. What a little tattle-tale. Aaron tells OK! how MJ gave him drugs and alcohol... read more

Lindsay Lohan will be released today

On April 22nd, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating her probation after stealing a necklace from a jewelry store (yet not given any additional punishment whatsoever for the actual crime of stealing the necklace). But of course she never went to... read more