tiger has saved his marriage

Tiger Woods has somehow saved 200 million dollars his marriage to Elin Nordegren, despite sleeping around with at least 14 different women during their 6 year marriage. Seemingly convinced of his contrition, Elin has called off the divorce. Radar says... Elin had made up... read more

miranda kerr is a good model

Miranda Kerr is in St Barths to shoot for Victorias Secret this week, and it's easy to see why she's such a high paid model. She doesn't have huge breasts like girls are supposed to, but instead of getting implants or suicide, she bends over a lot with her ass out. It's... read more

screw you hippie

The new and improved Heidi Montag told the Sun UK last week that even though she loves her new DDD breasts after getting bigger implants, she won't rest on her previous accomplishments. She has new goals, and those include moving up to H, because her name is ‘Heidi'. Get... read more

this cost NBC $25,000 per second

While most of the bits about Conan spending millions on new characters in his final days as 'Tonight Show' host were just a joke, one thing that was very real was the tab he was running up by playing famous songs as the intro music for guests. Those songs really do have... read more

karina smirnoff is having fun

'Dancing With The Stars' um, dancing ... uh star Karina Smirnoff was on the Turks and Caicos islands this weekend with her boyfriend, Brad Penny, who is a pitcher for the St Louis Cardinals. That must be why he brought his ball and glove, and made her throw some on the... read more

the innocent looking ones are always sneaky

Elin Nordegren hasn't made any public statements since her husband Tiger Woods crashed his car into a tree Thanksgiving weekend, so we may never know exactly what happened that night. We may never know exactly how she discovered he was having an affair and what she did... read more

monday morning headlines

THE HURT LOCKER - was (rightfully) named the best picture of the year by the Producers Guild of America this weekend, giving it some momentum heading toward the Academy Awards. Unfortunately it's only made $12M so far. They should have called it "The Hurt Romantic... read more

angelina is tearing her family apart (not literally)

Early last week, InTouch magazine claimed Angelina Jolie cheated on Brad Pitt with her dialect coach for the movie 'Salt' (which he adamantly denied). A few days later, Us magazine said they were on the verge of a break-up because she hates New Orleans, home of the NFC... read more

i better not get noah wylie

Speaking of Haiti and the telethon, the list of Hollywood stars who will be manning the phones is now out (highlights below, full list under the cut). What a sexy telethon this is gonna be. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Alec Baldwin, Gerard Butler, Sacha Baron Cohen,... read more

leonardo gave $1M to haiti

Leonardo DiCaprio (picture not found) will be on hand to help raise money for tonight's Hope for Haiti Now telethon, and even though it won't begin until 8pm on the east coast, it's working already. They just made another million. MTV says... Leonardo DiCaprio has... read more

angelina hates new orleans

Brad Pitt was at the Saints game last Sunday to preemptively celebrate their victory over the Vikings in 2 days, and he brought Maddox to hang out with Spike Lee and Reggie Bush. Angelina didn't make the game because she was busy. Busy screaming about how much she hates... read more

last nights tonight show cost $4.8M

With just two shows left on his run as host of 'the Tonight Show', Conan O'Brien is introducing a few new characters to join beloved favorites like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, PimpBot 5000, and the Masturbating Bear. This new character is a racehorse who rebroadcasts... read more