maybe bale isnt so bad after all

It would be easy to imagine that everyone in Hollywood hates Christian Bale now since that tape made him sound like a lunatic. But it would also be easy to imagine a half giraffe, half pig called a "giraffapig". My retarded point being, it’s easy to imagine stuff, but... read more

christine hendricks ftw

These are pictures of Christine Hendricks at the "Mad Men Live Musical Revue" at NATPE. I don’t know what that means, so at first this little write-up thing was a long rambling mess. So I deleted it. Basically it went like this: blah blah blah blah tits.[gallery... read more

site news

aaaand we're back.[gallery columns="6"] read more

site news

So, yeah the sites screwed up right now, and has been since last night. But I'm working on it now. And by that I mean, I really hope someone else is working on it now. I can barely even read. I couldn't fix a website any more than I could build a fire breathingpanda bear.... read more

salma hayek is just givin it out

Salma Hayek, who had a little girl about a year ago, tells USA Today that she stepped in and breast-fed a newborn baby during a trip to Sierra Leone because its mother wasn’t able to. Quick, someone loan me their baby and a camera. I can’t tell you why. "The baby was... read more

kim kardashian is lazy

Kim Kardashian was at Coco De Ville last night, and I really don’t think it’s too much to ask that she whore it up a little when she goes out. Being slutty is her only job for Christ’s sake. I’m not asking her to explain the Schrödinger equation, just show some tits. I’ll... read more

mickey rourke knows whats hot

Mickey Rourke is enjoying a career resurgence like few before ever have, and this week while in Paris to promote "The Wrestler", he also made time to participate in the Faggity Outfit Wearing Championships. Go Mickey Go!(picture source - fame pictures)[gallery id="10142"]... read more

joanna pacitti might be cheating

American Idol doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation in the world when it comes to fairness and being as open as they claim, so it would be a bad idea if a personal friend of the producers and a music industry vet made it to the finals. Oh hey guess what...Star... read more

asian people have "goofy" faces

A few days ago, Miley Cyrus got in trouble because that picture above leaked out, and in it she and her friends are seemingly make fun of Asian peoples eyes. But not to worry, because that silver tongued devil has posted an apology on her website, and this should take... read more

this isnt helping

Jennifer Aniston is a lunatic. Her obsession with Brad Pitt is well documented, even though they broke up 4 GD years ago. But surely she’s stopped talking about it by now, right? I'm joking of course. Of course she hasn’t stopped talking about, as you can see in this... read more

kristen stewart really likes weed

It's not clear where this picture came from (full size here), but Twilight star Kristen Stewart has only been on this page once before, and that time was because she loved weed too. She gets points for consistency if nothing else. read more

kelly clarkson denies shes gay

I find it impossible to believe that anyone asked, but Kelly Clarkson would like you to know she’s not gay. Us magazine says..."I get that all the time. People are like, 'Are you secretly a lesbian? Because I'd really love it.'"Lesbians tell it to me all the time," she... read more