its Lindsay Lohan in rehab

Lindsay Lohan is in rehab until January 3rd, but here she is, "returning to her new outpatient house away from the main Betty Ford Clinic." I don't really know what that means, but I don't know why she's wearing a frilly skirt and work boots either. Yeah Lindsay, you're... read more

Adam Sandler gave his friends new Maseratis

People either like Adam Sandler movies or they don't, but about the worst thing you ever hear abut him personally is that he's too loyal to his old friends. Meaning he keeps casting people like David Spade and Rob Schneider when no one else ever would. So it pays to be... read more

Tuesday afternoon headlines

CONAN O'BRIEN - brought in 4.2 million viewers last night for the premiere of his TBS show, easily defeating Leno (3.5 million) and Letterman (3.4 million). And he showed how they plan to keep using old characters like the Masturbating Bear while getting around NBC's... read more

Rachel Weisz is single

Rachel Weisz and director Darren Aronofsky have dated since 2001, got engaged in 2005 and had a son in 2006, but now comes word that they've broken up, possibly because women are all evil and don't care about the pain they cause to the men who love them. E! says...... read more

they fired Megan Fox for this?

Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley filmed some scenes for Transformers: Dark of the Moon yesterday, and if this is the girl that's supposed to make us forget about Megan Fox, it's not working. At all. It's like someone took a young Uma Thruman and then punched... read more

Miley Cyrus showed off her 'just breathe' tattoo again

Last December, just a few days after turning 17, Miley Cyrus got a tat under her teen breast that says, "whites only". No not really. It says, "just breathe". It's reportedly a tribute to a friend with cystic fibrosis and who must stare at her tits a lot. Point being,... read more

Pink might be pregnant

Pink and Carey Hart were out running errands in Malibu this morning, and Flynet says, "It looks like Pink may be pregnant and is sporting a baby bump!" It's good to see these two, who have had some rocky patches in their... wait, Pink is a woman? Biologically? That's not... read more

Monday afternoon headlines

CONAN O'BRIEN - will host the premiere of his new TBS show tonight, and he says one thing to look for on the new show is him forgiving Andy Richter: "Because you know it was him that f—ed up. I was doing fine before he came back." I also heard that Richter was the... read more

finally. a Kim Kardashian mastercard.

Credit and debit cards have become a staple of everyday life, but I've always wanted one that I could also jack off to. Well now somebody has made my dream a reality! The New York Post says... Kim Kardashian (will) be at a party tomorrow to promote the launch of a... read more

Amanda Seyfried knows how to dress

Amanda Seyfried plays a stripper in a new movie which either has the terrible name I'm.mortal or the terrible name Now (just combine them Hollywood. you know you want to), and what they lack in movie naming skills they make up for in slutty outfit choosing. I haven't... read more

Vanessa Minnillo is in a bikini

Vanessa Minnillo, who is still ungoddambelievable looking, and jackoff idiot Nick Lachey share the same birthday (November 9th) and so to celebrate they're down in Mexico this week. This is the kind of thing I would do if she was my girlfriend, and if I was allowed in... read more

Brad and Angelina and thier kids are adorable

Angelina Jolie is still in Budapest making her debut as a director, but today she took a break and she and Brad Pitt and their army of kids went to a park with all kinds of things to climb and even a zip line for Shiloh. And it was adorable. It was so saccharine it hurts... read more