ohai katy perry upskirt picture

Katy Perry gave a quick outdoor concert in New York yesterday as part of a promotion for Volkswagen, and because she was wearing a super short skirt susceptible to pictures like this, she had the good sense to wear underwear. And by that I mean screw you Katy Perry,... read more

demi lovato looks good in a bikini

Demi Lovato is down in Mexico today, and yes she's 17 and yes these pictures show part of her ass. At first it might seem similar to the Miley stuff but there's a huge difference between a girls vagina and her ass. And if you didn't already understand that, I feel really... read more

"...that's some idiot being an idiot."

As you've no doubt heard, disfigured pedophilePerez Hiltonposted an uncensored up-skirt picture of Miley Cyruson Sunday, and although he quickly took it down and never reposted it, he claims it was perfectly okay for him to post it the first time. He also claims that he... read more

jlh loves the way she looks. wait never mind.

The article from People is a perfect microcosm of Jennifer Love Hewitt. It's a looping combination of retardation and denial that only she could manage. Please trust me when I tell you that both these quotes are from the very same 300 word interview. We start here... In... read more

megan fox is engaged again

While in Hawaii two weeks ago, Megan Fox reportedly got engaged to Brian Austin Green (for the second time), but really all this story will do is give the dorks and fatties and keyboard nerds another reason to make fun of her. Us magazine says... Green popped the... read more

chris klein got a DUI (holy shit update)

Radar is reporting that Chris Klein was arrested early this morning, around 3:30am, on suspicion of drunk driving after being stopped on the Hollywood Freeway in Los Angeles. And that's all that's known at this point. Because it's Chris Klein. I doubt the internets top... read more

tuesday headlines

CAMERON DIAZ - is in a bikini in Hawaii. Is she as fug and pale and flat chested as she seems? Let's find out together my friend! (the sun) AL GORE - filed for divorce recently, and now Star says he's been having a two year affair with the ex-wife of Larry David. When... read more

Frankenstein Hilton says hes not stupid

(note - the pictures of Joy Riddle from my facebook aren't relevant in any way but i feel really bad about two posts in a row on this creep, so she's here to make this post tolerable.) Disfigured blogger Perez Hilton has made a video about the Miley Cyrus incident (see... read more

Frankenstein Hilton might be in real trouble

Disfigured blogger Perez Hilton posted an uncensored upskirt picture of teenager Miley Cyrus late Sunday night on his Twitter page, and it turns out that's illegal. You can't distribute pictures of a childs vagina, not even on the internet. And now, happily, he could be... read more

hahaha, you suck lindsay

Lindsay Lohan has been on twitter lately, coyly campaigning for a part on HBO's vampire show "True Blood", and you may find this hard to believe, but the professionally run, critical and popular success is not in any hurry to add Lindsay Fucking Lohan to the cast.... read more

jennifer aniston is going topless. again.

Jennifer Aniston has been topless in a movie before, but it was edited so you never actually saw anything (note - hooray for the internet). Now she's reportedly doing another topless scene, this time in a movie with the unthinkably underused Colin Farrell. The Sun... read more

everybody loves charlie sheen, part 3

It was a few hours after midnight on February 5th when Charlie Sheen got a call from OnStar because a Mercedes that belonged to him had driven off the road and settled at the bottom of the canyon near Sherman Oaks. This was news to Sheen because he was asleep at the time... read more