cameron diaz is a natural beauty

A lot of people think that Cameron Diaz is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, if not the world. A lot of people have been horribly misinformed.[gallery id="9982"] read more

oh good, it gets worse

A number of questions are beginning to surface concerning Natasha Richardson and the care she received in the hours leading to her death. Hey look, an easy to read timeline that explains what I mean but took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out and do:12:30pm... read more

lindsay lohan is a big star

Back in January, Lindsay Lohan did some modeling for the spring line from Fornarina (here). So today is the second day that I’ve ever heard of Fornarina. This time it’s because her new ad has arrived, and as you might expect, its a feast for the senses. They started at... read more

megan fox is not single

I got an email from someone I’ll just call, “Lying No Good Liar Who Better Stop Lying”, and he says Megan Fox and Brian Austin Greene are very definitely not broken up, and he knows this because he sees them together all the time. I work at a Gamestop and Brian Austin... read more

morning headlines

PRESIDENT OBAMA – the President has formally apologized for a joke he made on “the Tonight Show” last night (video), when he compared his bowling to “the Special Olympics or something.” Although in his apology he said, “at least you guys play sports instead of faggin off... read more

hilary duff is smart

Hilary Duff went to a casting meeting in West Hollywood yesterday, and she made the savvy decision to wear shorts that she took off a doll. This was smart because acting is easy, and you need to stand out. Half the country could do what most actors do. You show up,... read more

the nerds will be jealous

The internet nerds who love analyzing pictures of famous girls to identify their lady parts will go into nerd rage when they see that sexy reader Ana sexed up an email to me with a pic of Juliette Lewis singing with her band at the SXSW festival in Austin this week.... read more

roller girl is still fantastic

If anyone has a rational explanation for why Paltrow and the Sad Cartoon Turtle get movie roles anytime they want, yet the last thing Heather Graham was in was my erotic fantasies, I’d love to hear it. This is her last week in Hawaii. She's awesome. She’s not the greatest... read more

afternoon headlines

VIN DIESEL - his PR firm dropped him as a client after he disappeared then claimed he was sick rather than doing a day of press to promote “Fast and Furious”. So, good. His excuse was so dumb it borders on condescending. He might as well have started to do a phony English... read more

ri and chris have a sex tape. maybe.

Star magazine says today that Rihanna is privately worried that a sex tape she made with Chris Brown - who was recently in the news after he, “shoved Rihannas head against the passenger window … she turned and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand. He then... read more

theyre all whores

If you don’t know, the chick about to be mounted on that yacht is 30-year-old Gretchen Rossi of the show “Real Housewives of Orange County”. Her super rich 54-year-old fiancée didn’t go on the yacht trip with her, presumably because he died of leukemia a few months ago.... read more

morning headlines

KATE BOSWORTH – after dating for three years, Kate reportedly dumped her boyfriend (this dork) over the weekend. And I wore some snug fit jeans and a sleeveless mesh t-shirt to the clubs this weekend. Coincidence, or did mommy see something she liked? (source = star)... read more