It was staged! Or maybe not!

The LA Times makes some alarmingly stupid points to "prove" that Eminem was in on the joke last night when Bruno dropped into his lap at the MTV Movie Awards. Namely... 1. "It can't be a coincidence that the two forces met and cameras were poised to catch it perfectly on... read more

Seriously. What the hell?

It's hard to even make sense of how boring and pointless the MTV Movie Awards have become. It used to be a good show. It was funny, clever, it looked cool and hot girls showed up dressed real slutty. Now … Ashley Tisdale? The Transexual in a seven-minute gum commercial?... read more

Eminem looks happy - update

Unless he magically learned how to act overnight, it would seem Eminem was not in on this joke. But it shouldn't be a problem. If there's one thing I know about the rap community, it's that they love a good joke. They love to laugh, those guys. Especially if the joke is... read more

Bruno and Eminem at MTV Movie

If Eminem wasn't in on this joke, the next time we see Sacha Cohen he'll probably have lost a lot of weight. Running for your life is pretty good exercise, I bet. read more

Kate rocks her bikini bod

Stuff like that headline, or, oh, better yet, "This woman has 8 kids?!?!" is the kind of thing that would be here if this was Entertainment Tonight or People, or if it was the beginning of our journey to the land of make believe. I'm sure tons of women would love to... read more

Bruno at MTV - update

Bruno is already funnier than Andy Samberg and he's not even really doing anything. It's about 30 minutes in right now, and all of Sambergs jokes have sucked, but to be fair, he only had like 6 months to come up with anything. He's not a miracle worker. Note - they just... read more

Vanessa Hudgens at MTV Movie

I guess I owe Andy Sambeg an apology. Bruno dropped his nuts in Eminens face and then Andy came on. Andys approach to improv appears to be this: Don't. Don't say anything. Just act like the moment that will be the stuff of award show legend for the next 20 years didn't... read more

Megan Fox at MTV Movie

The 2009 MTV Movie Awards started 5 minutes ago, and not even Megan Fox can make me look forward to this crap. Andy Samberg is not funny, and if anyone thinks otherwise you're an idiot and you're wrong. I tivo'd a show about German panzers in North Africa in WWII... read more

This seems suspicious

Teri Hathcer is in Miami today, and so far this is the only good picture I can find to prove that (full size here), and it might not count as proof either because that looks too good to be Teri Hathcer. She looks less C3PO-y than normal in this. Maybe the water brought... read more

Afternoon Headlines

ANGELINA JOLIE - was taken to the hospital this morning after she bumped her head and started bleeding while performing a stunt for her new movie, "Salt". But then she went back to work because everything is fine. That was a good story wasn't it? (source = DAVID... read more

Eve would f**k Chris Brown up

An inexplicable number of celebrities have defended Chris Brown since the night he punched Rihanna in the face a hundred times. Kanye said we should give him a break. Terrence Howard said he's a good guy. Diddy loaned him his mansion in Miami just days after the... read more

"Thisa mai grumpy face."

Britney strutted around Santa Barbara yesterday on the set of her new video, untroubled by thoughts of a bra or lung cancer, although in these pictures it looked more like a hillbilly version of "My Super Sweet 16". "Happy Birthday pumpkin, we gotcha that tractor, the... read more