michael lohan needs your help

Michael Lohan has done what any father would do when he thinks his daughter is in trouble, namely written a blog about it to question his ex wife and call his daughter’s girlfriend a dyke. Problem Solved!While I was enthused that Ali was with Lindsay, rather than... read more

shes killing jessica alba!

First the Vietnam War, then 9/11, now this. Thankfully Jessica Alba made it out of this nail salon alive, but who knows what sexy star the Viet Cong will try to take out next. YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS YOU BASTARDS!(picture source = pacific coast)[gallery... read more

ali lohan is a sexy model

Dina Lohan should be put down immediately for her the way she’s fucked up her kids, specifically today for the way her 15-year-old daughter is posing for pictures like some tarted up whore. You don’t see kids on the street with this much makeup on unless you’re in... read more

pete wentz is defending jessica

If there was any doubt that Pete Wentz is a foppish little dandy, what he says about Jessica Simpsons weight gain should promptly take care of that. Us magazine says…"I think that the media puts too harsh of a spotlight on women in general, and I think it's a bummer," the... read more


Jonah Hill was court side at a Lakers game Wednesday night, and, good lord, what a tub of shit that guy is. I know he was always fat, but not this fat. What do you think bounced more, the ball they were using or Jonahs titties?[gallery columns="6"] read more

everyone loves actors

Ashton Kutcher posted a video this morning to document his little hissy fit because a construction crew was working next door at 7:30 am. He pans the camera around his custom built million-dollar estate (what time was that built?) and calls his neighbor a, "fuckin... read more

paris claims shes not dumb

Paris Hilton has been insisting for years that she's not dumb, and the reason she's has to do it for years is because she's clearly dumb. While in London to promote her new show "Paris Hilton British Best Friend", she said..."For five seasons I was stuck doing this... read more

elisabeth is pregnant, shocked

Basically I just wanted to put up that picture, but as an excuse to do that, hey look Elisabeth Hasselbeck is pregnant again. Elisabeth confirmed the news that she and her husband, former NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, are expecting their third child on Thursday's "The... read more

umm ... paris ...

Aww I feel bad. Paris Hilton is gonna be so embarrassed when she finds out you could see her breasts though her shirt. She's such a dignified lady, she certainly didn't want to be famous for something like this. Not like this.(picture source = splash news)[gallery... read more

what a sexy playground

Jessica Alba took her little girl Honor to the park yesterday, and this is kind of creepy but at one point she (Jessica) bent over real far and you could kind of see her ass. I may have to start hanging out at playgrounds for the hot women now, and not just to sell drugs.... read more

a little to the right genius

It would appear someone needs to go back to Screen Holding School, because this dude is doing a less than exemplary job at hiding Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes as she changes clothes on a photo shoot, revealing her see-thru bra. At least I think that’s a see-thru... read more

are you sure youre done

Lady Gaga wore one of her goofy outfits again last night to the nightclub Maya in London, and I don’t know how she does it but you still cant tell what she looks like. She takes a thousand pictures a day, and you can't tell what she looks like in any of them. She hides... read more