Chris Brown Seems Stupid High

By Matt October 14, 2014 @ 7:48 AM


Chris Brown tweeted his half assed opinion that Ebola is apparently a government engineered form of population control. There was some liberty involved in that summary because it took longer to hash out than Brown’s own opinion:

“I don’t know … But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. Shit is getting crazy bruh.”

When you try and explain the lunar eclipse to your nephew you have to bullshit most of it because you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Chris Brown is so dumb he is forced to do this when ordering at IHOP. Silver dollar pancakes, huh? Can you fucking eat those?

Black folks are notoriously suspicious that everything that hurts or kills black people came about through a government conspiracy. That’s only right like half the time. Chris Brown is more likely come by his social and political views by way of contact high with the one dude in his posse who has Daily Kos accidentally bookmarked on his Galaxy browser. When Chris Brown ends up in real prison he will inevitably grow a beard and wear reading glasses, at which point his mind numbingly stupid regurgitations will be met with esteem from the hand full of nineteen year olds forced to listen to him because he is bogarting the cafeteria table.

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Kendall Jenner Is Cruising for a Bruising

By Matt October 02, 2014 @ 10:11 AM


According to a typically spotty US Weekly report, Kendall Jenner is infatuated with Chris Brown. Jenner reportedly took a liking to him after he was released from jail for beating Rihanna. In the world of US Weekly articles written at the 8th grade level, that makes him a ‘bad boy’ and not an abusive sociopath with misogynistic tendencies.

Jenner partied with Brown at the VMA after party where Suge Knight took up to thirty-seven more bullets. Jenner likes a guy who can take control. The kind who can really hold you down and beat the shit out of your face. Normally I’d have sympathy for the naive suburban chick who thinks hanging with a black dude with Bloods gang ties is outrageously rebellious and group text worthy. But this is not a tale of the troubled wayward youth with few options. This is a chick who was bred to crave attention, money, and high profile fucked up famous men. The writing is on the wall. If you’re stupid enough to get involved with Brown you deserve to get punched in your generic looking face. It’s called thinning the modeling herd. You can always pull day shift at one of the seven Burger Kings Kanye bought your sister.

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Chris Brown Seems Earnest

By Matt September 30, 2014 @ 8:40 AM


Chris Brown is a known gang affiliate who probably irritates victims of gang violence yet remains conspicuously popular among the Nobody You Know demo. For whatever reason Brown has received a pass to permeate mainstream media even though he only performs at crime scenes now and nobody can name any of his songs. Its like if the guy hanging out outside the 7-11 with a backwards bandana took over hosting Late Night for David Letterman. Brown’s mom is apparently now trying to convince her son’s therapist to get Brown to drop his gang peeps. While it would be a funny idea for a movie starring Kevin Hart and Robert De Niro pretending to be a tough guy, it seems futile when applied to the real wold and an unredeemable asshole.

“I talk to my therapist twice a week whether it’s good or bad…I think it’s good to have somebody that you can vent to. Somebody that understands situations and is not judgmental…as a young guy coming up in the industry at fifteen, you don’t really get that, you don’t get the crash course on how to grow up and how to learn from your mistakes and handle situations differently.”

Actually everyone should be judgmental of abusive assholes. Not sure what these sessions entail, but for anyone not psychotically inclined it’s a clear decision. The Bloods don’t boast a track record of success, although neither do shitty former teeny bopper R&B singers with inadequacy issues. Brown should probably fire his shrink and get his advice from random people in line at supermarkets. It would be more to the point. It seems everyone involved in this story is failing on multiple levels including all of society and the mental health field. If my Death Pool is correct we shouldn’t have to listen to this shit too much longer.

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Chris Brown Leads To Bad Things

By Matt September 24, 2014 @ 8:27 AM


Some totally innocent guy got stabbed at an after party where Chris Brown was performing. Cops suspect Brown’s crew of known Bloods gang members may be to blame because stabbing is listed on their profiles as their interests right after reading the Sunday paper and before hiking. Law enforcement officials have grown tired of the swell dancing scourge and reached out to nightclub owners to black ball Brown and his posse of feckless LA based Chicago Bulls supporters. Club owners have rejected the freeze out plan because cash spending patrons have come to expect a posse stabbing with their impostor vodka at their skank-filled venue of choice. The owners of these shitboxes are smart enough not to hang out in their own seedy establishments past midnight, so they could give a fuck who gets stabbed at four a.m. It’s all good for business.

Chris Brown is a proud gang member and will probably be killed by an even more proud gang member in the near future. A few twelve year old girls will cry and throw flowers on a makeshift memorial outside one of Brown’s fly cribs, at which point most people will try to name one of his songs and change the channel.

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Chris Brown Still A Dick And Shit Around The Web

By Michael September 11, 2014 @ 12:02 PM


Chris Brown and his entourage started a bottle throwing fight at a club because they lacked any more original ideas. Chis Brown’s like a wild dog that’s been flogged to fight and just has to be put down before anyone else gets bitten. Like in Old Yeller only no one will cry and many people will probably cheer.

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Please let this rumor of Iggy Azalea having a sex tape be true. (Drunken Stepfather)

Suge Knight Takes All The Bullets, Chris Brown Gets None

By Lex August 25, 2014 @ 6:03 AM

According to Chris Brown’s posse and a number of really stupid hot models, a trained killer opened fire at Brown during his pre-VMA party at the 1OAK Nightclub in L.A.. Brown employed his extraordinary dancing skills to narrowly avoid the bullets which subsequently hit Suge Knight who is too fat to dance. Even though Brown escaped any injuries, his polite social circle were quick to insist the shots were meant for Chris. It’s crazy to think anybody would actually be trying to shoot Suge Knight at a pre-VMA party, even though that same exact thing happened at Kanye’s pre-VMA party in 2005. Suge Knight just got all perturbed at being shot so he staggered out of the club with at least two slugs in his body and headed for his Bentley.

Chris Brown’s boys quickly huddled around Brown and serpentined him back to his brightly colored Lamborghini where he slowly drove away past his former party guests smiling like a man who seems super afraid somebody is trying to kill him.  When Brown got back to his crib and had time to digest the evening’s events, as well as some weed and pussy, he Tweeted out a plea for party common sense:


It’s a pretty common mistake to think your probation hearing judge said you should hang out with ex-cons and felons with guns and drugs and booze at late night raging parties. You should, you shouldn’t. They sound very similar. When Suge Knight wills those bullets out of his body, Chris Brown better hope he had nothing to do with this.