Kevin Connolly Broke His Leg Performing His Own Stunts

It seems like the point of the Entourage movie so far is to cram as many famous people into it as possible so everyone will automatically think that it's a huge blockbuster movie, despite the fact that the plot will be about as basic as they come. Will Vince get the role... read more

Here's What Liam Neeson Thinks About Entourage

Another day of filming on the set of the Entourage movie, and it's another lack of surprises from Hollywood's most unoriginal minds. If you had any hope that this movie would be more than just hot girls in tight dresses and douchebags driving expensive cars, all while... read more

At Least The Entourage Movie Will Be Good For Something

Despite the success of the TV series, none of the actors from Entourage have ever really gone on to do anything else of importance, which is obviously why they decided to go back to the well and pretend like people still care about these hollow characters. For the actors... read more

Kate Upton Rumored To Star In Entourage Movie

Photo Credit: Contributor Magazine [gallery guid=804824] read more

entourage sucks and joe rogan knows it

As the camera panned around between rounds Saturday night at UFC 104, play-by-play man Mike Goldberg said a quick word about the celebrities on hand, including Turtle and Ari from ‘Entourage'. And after he did, the great Joe Rogan explained all the things that make... read more

Oh thank God

Entourage is completely fucking moronic and always has been, and it's with no small amount of pride that I can go back three years and point out my saying so. So needless to say this video from College Humor is a welcome sight. I'd rather watch a team of teenage... read more


The kind of people that still like Entourage are the same kind of people that still think Paris Hilton is hot, so it's fitting that Paris is dating the Entourage guy.  According to a British rag.  I don't know why it's in the "Bizarre" section; it should be in the... read more