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Bieber Could Be Charged With A Felony For Egging

Justin Bieber could get sent to the ass pokey for egging his neighbor's house. We told youlast week about an incident that occurred in which everyone's favorite mop-top lesbian pelted his neighbor's house with eggs. He was mad at the neighbor because he didn't think that Justin being the most annoying fucking twat on the planet was cute. He didn't respect the artist. The neighbor is saying that the egging caused more

Justin Bieber Egged His Neighbor's House

Proving that, retired or not, he's still a childish douchebag with no grip on reality or an ounce of humility, Justin Bieber reportedly unleashed an egg attack on his neighbor's house last night around 7:30 for reasons unknown. Then again, Bieber's neighbor has called the cops on him a few times after several other confrontations, so the actual reason is that this guy is tired of living next to a spoiled more

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Took a Romantic Segway Ride Together

What's that old saying? Once you go guys who think they're black, you never go back? That seems to apply to Selena Gomez this week, as she was out riding Segways with her old boyfriend and the supposedly-retired King of the Douchebags, Justin Bieber, in Calabasas yesterday. But for all we know, Justin could have really, truly cleaned up his act and promised Selena that he'd be a better boyfriend and person to her, more

Justin Bieber Mutombo'd at the Box Office

I'm not sure where you go from this. With his second self-satisifed concert documentary Believe earning less than ten percent of his last toilet-smear concert doc, Never Say Never, Justin Bieber huddled with his core team of phonies, hipsters, and clowning assholes to regroup. The day before the film's release, Justin tried to get attention by announcing his 'retirement' on Twitter. Though we're told by one of more

Justin Bieber Tweets Farewell On Christmas Eve

Justin Bieber Tweeted a farewell message to his pre-diabetic teenage fans on Christmas Eve officially announcing his retirement. Well, as official as Tweeting a rambling message can possibly be. We told you last week about Justin's shocking announcement that he is retiring from music after his new album drops. According to Justin, he's just tired of everyone being mean to him. Shed a tear for the lesbian more

All Hell Broke Loose At Justin Bieber's Movie Premiere

Justin Bieber and his crew of nobodies and hanger-ons walked the red carpet for the premiere of his new documentary, Believe, in Los Angeles last night, and naturally the theater was stormed by a mob of his insane teenage fans. Fortunately, no one was reportedly hurt, from Bieber and Usher to the Kardashian girl who is still underage but awkwardly showed off her leg and Jaden Smith's fly-catching mouth, but it more

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Justin Bieber Is Retiring From Music (VIDEO)

Hooker-loving bucket-pisser Justin Bieber was a guest on Power 106 in Los Angeles yesterday to promote his upcoming album, or maybe we should call it his final album to be more accurate. Bieber, possibly high as fuck, told the dozen or so people in the studio that after Journals is released, he's "retiring, man" and he's done with music, because what better way to get people to stop talking about how much of more

Justin Bieber Might End Up Getting Pounded In An Argentine Jail

Justin Bieber has managed to set off a possible international dragnet to bring him to justice. An Argentine photographer claims that Bieber's security team, at Bieber's request, beat him up and stole his shit. He has asked Interpol to pick up the little snot-nosed shit weasel and bring him back to Argentina to face charges. If Interpol accepts the allegations, Justin could be picked up the next time he travels more

Aussie Mayor Threatens Justin Bieber Over Graffiti

Mayor Tom Tate is pissed off at 'pop princess'Justin Bieber after the little shitweasel was caught tagging his city of Gold Coast, Australia. We told you last week about the dickless monkey spray painting a bunch of cartoonish squiggles on the exterior wall of his hotel. He was in town to squeal out his horrible music at his adoring overweight teenage fans. Mayor Tate said that either Bieber comes back and cleans more

Justin Bieber Tags Aussie Hotel With Stupid Graffiti

Justin Bieber continued his reign of terror in Australia this week when he decided to tag up his hotel. The petite lesbian ferret was previously caught on tape spray painting his stupid cartoonish tags in Brazil. I guess he figures since he's already ruined music and dance that he'd try creating shitty art in other genres. The worst part is that the Australian hotel isn't going to scrub his inane scribbles off more

Justin Bieber Doesn't Give a Fuck About Us

According to his manager Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber is the first celebrity to ever completely grow up in the eye of the public like he has, and that's why we should all just chill the fuck out about him behaving like a little shithead all over the world. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Justin says that he doesn't "give a fuck what they say" anymore, and that of course means us big, old dickheads more

Argentina Hates Justin Bieber Now, Too (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber's reps claim that while the singer was performing in Argentina on Saturday night, the teenage girls in the crowd were throwing a lot of items, including bras and panties, at the stage. At one point, though, someone seemed to throw something that looks a lot like a flag at Justin's feet, causing him to use the mic stand like a broom to push it and another item from the stage. Naturally, people more

Tati Neves Claims She Had Sex With Justin Bieber

In the days after she posted a video of a sleeping Justin Bieber to YouTube, and once people on the internet quickly discovered who she is, model and possible escort Tati Neves quickly made a TV appearance to explain to the world that she never had sex with Justin. But Tati has since changed her mind and story in a manner that is very convenient for the singer, as she told The Sun that not only did she make more

Is Justin Bieber's Biggest Crime Being Unoriginal?

Being unoriginal wouldn't even make the top ten shitty things about this little self-absorbed weasel. Still, it's worth noting on his permanent record of being a total dick that it looks like Bieber's overwhelming desire to start tagging cityscapes in Brazil was based upon an a graffiti character he basically stole after seeing in Austin. Or so a guy named Will tells us. He claims that Bieber's street work was just more

Justin Bieber Graduates From Whoring to Tagging

Justin Bieber is in trouble again after he was allegedly caught spray painting graffiti on a wall in Brazil. The pint-sized turd was apparently tagging the old Hotel Nacional in Rio while his bodyguards stood watch. Some photographers took some pics of the little cockmunch doing it too and they got seriously harassed and assaulted. It's unclear what he was painting. I imagine that he was writing out the names of more