Lamar Odom’s Buddy Got Flesh Eating Bacteria

By Matt June 19, 2015 @ 6:38 AM


Lamar Odom’s drug pusher and occasional Keeping Up With The Kardashians day player Jamie Sangouthai died of a flesh eating bacteria, not of a drug overdose as was initially reported. The bacteria is typically caused by using dirty needles although he might have just sat on Odom’s couch and not used a coaster. Sangouthai was also good friends with Khloe Kardashian, who experts predict will also expire from gangrene if her hulk strength doesn’t make her immune. Sangouthai was battling some drug charges at the time of his death, which could explain why he wasn’t invited on set anymore. We don’t need that kind of heat bro. We got a new dealer and made up a fake job title already. Hat Consultant. Bill the network. I’m not a social worker, but maybe don’t use needles. Try Wild Turkey or a little blow. Failing that, clean needles. They seem to be readily available. Try the junior high school there’s a big bowl of them on the counter in the office. The one you found in the garbage disposal isn’t quality. Did Lil’ Wayne leave that in here? He seems fine. Of all the drugs I had to pick the AIDSy one.

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Kardashian Franchise Falling Prey To Natural Selection

By Matt June 16, 2015 @ 8:01 AM


Lamar Odom’s best friend and frequent Khloe and Lamar reality show visitor Jamie Sangouthai died of a heroin overdose. It’s unclear how they became friends or how much money he borrowed from him. Sangouthai was in Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s wedding and the pair had a strong friendship because when someone sells you drugs the rule is you have to listen to them talk for a while. You’d totally hang with that guy if he wasn’t a supplier. I just changed my phone number because of the telemarketers trying to unload their second rate crack on me without while not discussing their father. Sangouthai has now moved onto heaven where virgins and heroin is readily available. When will it stop? Presumably when you get a real job. He’ll be remembered. Poorly. 

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Lamar And Khloe Seem Ready to Forgive

By Matt May 27, 2015 @ 6:36 AM


Lamar Odom appears to be over his smoking crack off the pocked marked asses of Thai hookers in motels phase. His rogue status may have cost him his NBA career, his house, and three nice sports cars, but he may be getting back his wife and bodyguard, Khloe Kardashian. The pair were headed for a divorce but the proceedings stalled due to a “lack of action” which is a legal term for Odom not being able to retain a lawyer willing to be paid in autographed Clippers jerseys. One of TMZ’s future cult casualty photographers caught up with Odom while entering a club which most certainly requires pat downs and Odom said Khloe is “still my girl.” There’s nothing more melancholy than a man headed into an establishment to find some anonymous pussy lamenting the large girl he let slip way. Khloe herself has made hints of getting back with Lamar again someday should he ever clean up his drug act and quit screaming out ‘whole hog!’ during sex. The reconciliation now must be left up to Fate, with final approval from E! TV producers who ultimately decide who everyone fucks or kills on the show.

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Bitch Set Me Up

By Lex May 15, 2014 @ 4:47 PM


The only thing worse than a Kardashian wife is a Kardashian ex-wife. Just ask dead Robert Kardashian or Kris Humphreys or Lamar Odom or some guy who beat Kim Kardashian for a couple weeks in Vegas. According to sources both anonymous and unreliable, Khloe invited Lamar out to a Hollywood nightclub and when he arrived, he found her with her new boyfriend, French Montana, who I’m still pretty sure is a t-girl porn star. Not only was her new black cocksman present, but so were E! cameras which tried to frame Lamar as being the jealous ex-husband who showed up out of the blue to harass Khloe:

She totally set him up and he is livid. She wanted it to look like he was stalking her on camera.

By livid, I assume somebody slowly explained to Lamar what had just happened, causing him to hit the pipe and bang eleven whores at the nearest Holiday Inn Express. Still, it was a pretty shitty thing to do to the man you once told the world every single day for three years straight was your life’s inspiration and first man who didn’t let an ‘eww’ slip when he saw you naked.

Following the staged run in, Khloe Tweeted the pain she felt from running into Lamar:

Still hurts… Maybe it always will.

Nothing truly hurts like sticking a knife in a man’s back. Your hand gets all sore and your palm can chafe if you’re not holding the grip properly as you drive the blade into the vital organs. Bitch.

Lamar Odom Ditches the Yeti for Spain

By Lex February 20, 2014 @ 6:03 PM

Lamar Odom After Signing With Laboral Kutxa Basketball Team In Spain
Lamar Odom credits Bruce Jenner with pushing him to go play basketball in Spain. He doesn’t give any credit to a recent EU report that shows Spain is one of top drug use and transit areas in all of Europe for smokable cocaine. I bet if he were being honest, he’d re-jigger those credit percentages. Lamar says that in addition to receiving advise and support from Bruce Jenner’s former Adam’s Apple which speaks to him when he’s really fucking high, he’s also in text contact with Kris Jenner and even his soon to be ex-wife, Khloe. But mostly he’s just happy to be fucking Spanish whores who won’t bitch at him about making black babies and memorizing stories for their reality show. Lamar looks good. If I were him I’d maintain a 5,000 mile perimeter outside Calabasas. You might live to see 40.

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Lamar Odom Will Dance With Bruce Jenner When He’s a Woman

By Jack January 24, 2014 @ 2:47 PM

Though officially thrown out of the Asgard that is the Kardashian compound, Lamar Odom is reportedly still in contact with former in-law Bruce Jenner. Lamar has told Bruce that he’s okie-dokie with the former Olympic gold medalist’s desire to become a chick. Khloe Kardashian’s ex thinks that Bruce Jenner should be allowed to shave down his Adam’s apple, get pig tails, and start taking in Khloe’s dresses to fit his Kiss of the Spider Woman physique if he so desires. This is America, God damn it! If grandpa wants to turn from a plasticine mutant male and into the world’s fuggliest female he should be allowed to do so. A source close to Odom says,

“Lamar encourages Bruce to stay true to whoever he is and or wants to be. He did tell him that living with that family and being with Kris [Jenner] was all about perfection and how surgery is a normal thing in her eyes.”

Lest you think Bruce is on the precipice ready to slice off his shlong, the Kardashian P.R. team is still pushing the dad is still a dad line:

“Bruce is a total dude, all he talks about are cars and motorcycles and sports. He still wears tracks suits and Adidas sneakers.”

That certainly sounds total dude. Whenever I see somebody in track suits and Adidas sneakers, I think to myself, there walks a man among twinks. Naturally no women or transgender male could possibly be interested in sports or motorcycles. They are consumed 24×7 with hormone shots and ridding themselves of unwanted facial hair. It sure sounds like Bruce is about ready to go bang a hundred skanky chicks like a rapey Roman gladiator. I’m sure Lamar would be cool with that too since he’s been doing the same since he left Khloe and his nut jar re-grew to normal size.