Mel Gibson Owes Robert Downey A Favor

When Robert Downey Jr begged Hollywood to forgive Mel Gibson people were torn. Gibson represented a bigoted overlord oppressor type while anyone in the LA area would let Robert Downey cum in their hair just so they could tell their friends they are cool with him. Downey's plea helped as Gibson's pariah status has lessened to the point that most people in the biz will invite him to their Seder should he get a more

Mel Gibson Feels Bad For Shia And Shit Around The Web

Mel Gibson lifted the banner of the current king of the drunken douches, Shia LaBeouf. For Mel was once the king and he knows well the burdens of the throne. Read all about Mel Gibson's passionate love for Shia Laboofer. (Huffington Post) Selena Gomez has an epic nipple slip on Instagram. (Drunken Stepfather) Lebron James might go to Cleveland and not a fuck was given. (Bleacher Report) Brazil blames Mick more

Gary Oldman Defends Mel Gibson

Getting Mel Gibson's back is no simple task. But, what the fuck, Gary Oldman went for it on the radio. Oldman thinks it's bullshit that James Mee, the deputy sheriff who arrested Gibson for a DUI, included four pages of Gibson's anti-Semitic rants in the police report. Without any particular evidence, Oldman plainly suggested that the arresting officer is likely every bit the racist spouting Jew-hater as Mel more

Mel Gibson is Dressing His Age

Mel Gibson is 57 years old, which means he's old enough to be someone's grandfather or even great-grandfather if he lives in the South, but here he is arriving at the studio for Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, dressed like he just got done with his shift at PacSun. I kind of like this newer, "I don't give a fuck" ageless douchebag look that Mel is working with, because he's basically reached the point where very more

Mel Gibson Yells At Cops...Again

Alcoholic and no big fan of the Hebrew peoples, Mel Gibson, once again unloaded on Malibu cops after he was stopped at a random DUI checkpoint. Mel was driving along the same road he famously lost his shit at a few years ago and started ranting about the Jews. This time he was sober, (surprisingly), and left the Chosen People out of it. He did, however, yell at the cops after he was asked to produce his driver' more

Mel Gibson seems upset about the fucking cunt cocksucker whores (audio)

The Wrap has a new audio recording of Mel Gibson, and yes, he's still a raving lunatic who will completely lose his mind at the drop of a hat. This one was recorded in December during a working vacation at Gibsons home in Costa Rica to discuss a script for a movie called 'The Maccabees'. In attendance were Gibson, screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, Eszterhas' wife and 15-year-old son, screenwriter Randall Wallace (who more

Mel Gibson was invited to Whitneys funeral

Mel Gibson won't actually be at Whitney Houstons funereal in New Jersey tomorrow, but he was apparently invited by her family, because as Us weekly says... Gibson once attempted to help Houston with her own substance abuse problems, a source confirms. TMZ was first to report the story, adding that Houston's family was "extremely appreciative" of the time he spent trying to help several years ago. And not only that more

or maybe he didn't

Remember this thing about a girl telling her friends that Mel Gibson got her pregnant? Ok well ignore that because now the girls father is adamant that, though she is in fact pregnant, she hasn't said anything about Gibson being the dad. "I can guarantee it's not Mel Gibson's baby," he said. Eww. That better not mean what I think it more

Mel Gibson got another girl pregnant

I didn't have room in the headline for "allegedly" but, allegedly, Mel Gibson got another girl pregnant. Her name is Laura Bellizzi, she's 35, she and Gibson briefly dated over the summer and Star claims she's confided in friends and family that he got her pregnant. For his part, a so-called source says it's "physically impossible" that Gibson is the father. Keep in mind he already has 8 kids (7 with his ex wife and more

Mel Gibson has a gay brother

Long before Mel Gibson gave his opinions about the "fucking Jews" (they're responsible for all the wars), blowjobs (he deserves them), "wetbacks" (he employs them), "niggers" (they move in packs and rape scantily dressed ladies), and whether or not his girlfriend needed "a bat in the side of the head" (yes), he was famous for a 1992 interview where he was asked about homosexuality. It was everything you would more

Thursday headlines, with Poppy Montgomerys ass

MEL GIBSON - was boo'd by crowds at Cannes today, and here it is on video. He's really gotten his comeuppance now. I bet he's simply devastated. (huff post) LARS VON TRIER - won the top prize at Cannes in 2000 and was the runner-up twice, but he's now banned after jokingly referring to himself as a Nazi in a press conference yesterday. At least they better hope he was joking, or else he'll come back and burn more

a little somethin for the ladies...

If you think Mel Gibson looks like an insane old redneck during TV interviews, when he's not on a hotel balcony in a pair of unbuttoned jeans with his ass crack showing and his shirt off while smoking and laughing manically at his buddy who looks like a weed dealer and also has his shirt off, just wait until you see the exact opposite of that. (image source of Gibson today in Cannes = pacific coast)read more

Mel Gibson has finally done an interview

Okay I'm still deathly ill, I may or may not tap out for today, but it's very much worth mentioning that Mel Gibson has finally spoken about the tapes that leaked online 9 months ago, the ones where he was able to expand on his earlier rantings and offend all the groups he didn't have time to insult when he got pulled over for drunk driving. Alison Hope Weiner (tee-hee!) of Deadline writes... WEINER:Were people more

Monday morning headlines

SUPERMAN - will face off against General Zod in the reboot, to be played by the excellent Michael Shannon. So, brace yourself, but Lindsay was lying to make it seem as if she was in demand. Although really I think she should be the one playing Lois Lane. And Zod. And Superman. She's that good. (thr) YOUR HIGHNESS - bombed at the box office this weekend, making just $9.5 million and opening at number 6 despite more

Mel Gibson is photogenic

Mel Gibson turned himself in to the El Segundo police department last night to be booked after his no contest plea last week, and here's his totally-not-a-crazy-guy mugshot. The real story took place seconds after this was taken, because when the bulb flashed he was startled and grew angry, then jumped up on his chair and hissed like a threatened monkey. True Story!read more