The Hurricane Harvey Telethon Is Here, Wheel Out Barbra Streisand

Start with the obligatory, all charity money is good money. It's trite and true and almost prevents you from making fun of Oprah and Barbra Streisand and George Clooney reprising their 9/11: A Tribute to American Heroes and the 2010 Hope for Haiti telethon roles in... read more

Oprah Promotes Cookbook For Fat People

Orpah wrote a carb heavy cookbook and has been heavily promoting it. You might wonder if someone who's had epic struggles with her weight is the appropriate person to suggest what you should eat. It would almost be like John Bonham releasing a posthumous book about... read more

Oprah Winfrey Seems Like A Fucking Weirdo

Oprah Winfrey spackled a ton of makeup on and brought her gay husband and lesbian lover on the same vacation. Lacking basic self awareness, she also hired an overpaid photographer to document the whole thing. read more

T.I. Pisses Off The Ladies And Shit Around The Web

Rapper T.I. got women across the country's collective panties in a bunch when he said there shouldn't be a woman president because bitches be crazy. Even Oprah threw her considerable weight behind condemning him. I wouldn't mess with Hillary if I was him. That bitch is... read more

The Oprah Will Piss Now

Some random guy was just chilling in his blog office late last Thursday when an unknown woman knocked on his door and announced: "I have Oprah and she really has to pee. Can she use your bathroom?" This supplicant happened to be Ava DuVurnay, the director of Selma.... read more

Tyler Perry Hooks Up Oprah

Straight as Cupid's arrow Tyler Perry threw a Christening for his three month old manually conceived son and gave him three Godparents including Oprah and some old guy and I think dead Rock Hudson. It's unclear if Oprah is in Perry's trifecta of trustworthy adults or if... read more

Oprah Told Lindsay Lohan To 'Cut The Bullshit' (VIDEO)

In the first full trailer for Queen Oprah's ultimate spin machine ‘docu-series', Lindsay, the former talk show host and current network head learns what everyone already knew about Lindsay Lohan – that she's a spoiled, misguided, arrogant has-been. But Oprah thinks that... read more

Jenna Jameson Is Doing Porn Again For Her Kids

On Sunday night, OWN will air the show "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" so Oprah Winfrey can ask Tori Spelling, Sully Sullenberger and Jenna Jameson about how boring their lives have been since Oprah last interviewed them. Jenna will probably talk about her book and maybe... read more

Lamar Odom Is Willing To Let Oprah Save His Ass

As Lamar Odom continues to try to keep his marriage with Khloe Kardashian together for the sake of the giant paychecks they receive from E! for their reality series, he also reportedly believes that there's a snowball's chance in Los Angeles that another NBA team would... read more

Lindsay Lohan Admitted What We Already Knew To Oprah (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan's interview with Oprah Winfrey finally aired last night on OWN, and this is just a wild guess, but I assume that the $2 million she was paid for it has already been blown. That's because Lindsay finally admitted that she was an addict, hooked on alcohol,... read more

Oprah Lied, Switzerland Died

I wouldn't fuck with Oprah. She's big and rich and vindictive. But, somebody has got to speak truth to fat power and that somebody is the anonymous store clerk from the Swiss store where Oprah claims she was the victim of vile designer handbag racism. 'I wasn't sure what... read more

Here's the Chick Who Wouldn't Sell Oprah A Fucking Purse

The Swiss Paula Deen, the woman who wouldn't show Oprah Winfrey the expensive purses in her Zurich store, has finally been exposed. Meh, I couldn't be bothered to look up her actual name, but suffice it to say, she's a cross between Bull Connor and the plantation owner... read more