Playboy Goes Large

November 17, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

It takes some intestinal fortitude to be searching for your identity whilst in the process of drowning. Playboy is on life support and roaming to and fro with Cooper Hefner running ideas up the flagpole like transgendered Playmates and chicks in clothing.


Actress Préity Üupala Discusses Tantric Sex and Calls Out Hollywood Whiners on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #107

October 25, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

On this week’s Last Men on Earth podcast, after discussing Tantra with Préity Üupala, we delved into Kit Harrington’s sexism by six-pack claims, the power of the gay mafia in Hollywood enabling pederasty, wonder who the Playboy tranny Playmate is meant for, feel bad for Sean Penn for being fucked by Kate Del Castillo, figuratively and literally, question for what accused crimes you would still support a family member, and wonder how the hell the President of ESPN keeps his job. That’s at least half a dozen topics you’ll never read about in the trades.


Celebrate the Life of an Icon With 7 Days of Free Playboy TV

September 29, 2017 | advertisement | guest-post| 0 Comments

In honor of the man, the myth, and the mastermind behind Playboy, right now you can snag access to Playboy TV totally free.


MrSkin $149 LIFETIME with FREE PlayboyPlus For America!

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The folks at are the biggest patriots of all for amassing the largest collection of celebrity nudity anywhere in the world


Dioni Tabbers See-Through Model and Shit Around the Web

June 8, 2017 | crap around the web | Robert Paulsen| 0 Comments

Lady Gaga’s new hair, naked actresses with three names, and more!


Playboy Bringing Back the Tits

February 15, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

Here’s how the free market works better than millions of baristas and NBC executives hysterically sharing fake news stories on social media. Playboy pulled tits from their magazine, people who were still buying the magazine stopped buying it, they brought the tits back. Hillary Clinton – still unemployed.


Playboy Model Anika Shay Seems Friendly (VIDEO)

May 2, 2014 | video | editor| 0 Comments

Anika Shay is just an international amateur model hoping to make it big by posing nude in Playboy like so many young women who we’ve forgotten before her. At first I didn’t think much of this video that introduces us to Anika, other than girls bending over is such a timeless and artistic part of […]


Playboy Rents Jayde Nicole and a Bus

January 18, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

Not everybody dies with the heroic dignity of the Navy Seals in Lone Survivor. Some have to hang on by hook or by crook, draining every last feeling of goodwill and fond memories they created throughout their lifetime. On a completely unrelated note, Playboy rented a bus to drive a bunch of girls around Los […]


Playboy Pretends Kate Moss Is a Big Get

November 14, 2013 | Photos | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

“This creates a heat for the brand globally. It started with Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Playboy 60 years ago, an icon for her time. Now we’ve got Kate Moss!” — Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy Editorial Director Really, Jimmy? I hope to God that your press release writer added that exclamation point without your knowledge. Wasn’t […]


Chris Brown Partied With Playboy Models (VIDEO)

July 17, 2013 | video | editor| 0 Comments

On one hand, it’s probably the least surprising revelation of the year that when told Monday that his probation was revoked and that he’d have to appear in court in August to face possible jail time, Chris Brown went and partied at the Playboy Mansion one night later. I don’t really blame him, either, because […]