Russell Brand Honored As Idiot

Russell Brand received an award for saying unnecessarily stupid shit from the Plain English Campaign, a British organization which advocates the use of normal language over complex jargon which often means nothing and confuses the dumb. Each year the association designates a Foot In Mouth Award winner because they are spectacularly cheeky. Brand's knack for brain damaged yet pretentious verse cast him as a more

Russell Brand Wrestles With Truth

Russell Brand addressed the casual speculation and educated guesses that he simply has to be gay.Brand broke up with his girlfriend and took the opportunity to expound on his sexuality. It's not that anyone gives a fuck but sometimes you want to hear someone say it so you can go "Yep" and move on. Like I Love You or Harder. Due to his appearance, behavior, and speaking voice, Brand has chip on his shoulder more

If Russell Brand Is Mayor, What's the City?

Russell Brand is reportedly mulling over a run for mayor of London. It's unclear if he will be widely considered intelligent in a land where everyone else has the same ridiculous accent that makes them seem smart for precisely one sentence. Brand is essentially that cousin who comes to Thanksgiving after his first semester of college and wants to lecture you on the Federal Reserve. You're thinking isn't this the more

Katty Perry Didn't Want To Have Russell Brand's Womb Ferrets (VIDEO)

Katy Perry finally revealed the true reason why she and human hard-on Russell Brand split up: he wanted to fill her with a baby. It seems that the prancing Limey really wants to be a father. Katy just wasn't ready to have kids because there are too many insipid repetitive songs left to be sung from her heart. She also says it was a way for Brand to "control" her, "[Brand] really wanted me to have children, and I more

Russell Brand Kicked Out Of Awards Show

The former Mr. Katy Perry, Russell Brand, was kicked out of the GQ Men of the Year Awards for gettin all political.I didn't even know GQ had awards. I thought they just printed ads with homosexual models wearing overpriced clothes. Instead of just thanking his fans and GQ like an adult, he decided to do the annoying celeb thing and talk politics. Since he also insulted GQ, he was promptly kicked out. "Glad to more

Islamists Declare A Jihad On Russell Brand

Russell Brand had to cancel his tour dates in the Middle East over concerns for his safety. You might remember Brand from such films as Forgetting Sarah Marshall or as the dude who used to fuck Katy Perry. Russell was planning on playing in Abu Dhabi and Lebanon on his Messiah Complex tour as a show of love and inclusiveness. While it's real nice and all that he wanted to bring a little laughter to that part of more

Russell Brand Destroyed Some MSNBC Hosts (VIDEO)

Cable news is probably one of the worst things in the world, behind cancer and blog posts about things that remind you of the 90s, and that's why we're lucky, for once, to have a guy like Russell Brand fuck with the system. Brand was on Morning Joe on Monday to talk about his show, Brand X, and comedy tour, but you'd hardly know that from watching this video because the hosts of the show were complete, more

Russell Brand Is Still Talking About Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Russell Brand knew each other for a little more than a year before they got married in 2010, and they'd been married a little more than one year before they filed for divorce in 2011. So it's safe to say that neither of them is in much of a position to offer anyone marriage advice, unless that advice is: "Look at everything we did and do the complete opposite." Esquire magazine recently more

can you spare some change for Russell Brand

Russell Brand went to an AA meeting in West Hollywood today, and looked every bit the part in his sandals and scruffy layers of clothes. Then he left and drove off in a brand new Infiniti SUV. "What the fuck," several confused bums could be heard yelling. (image source = fame/flynet(read more

Russell Brand mocked Katy Perry. Apparently.

According to AOL and the Huffington Post, Russell Brand mocked Katy Perry during his monologue at the MTV Movie Awards, with exclamation marks thankfully included to indicate the things that are supposed to be jokes. Brand also made jokes about his short-lived marriage to pop star Katy Perry through Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. "(And if after recent events you think it's hypocritical of me to joke about more

Katy Perry wants Russell Brand back

Katy Perry married Russell Brand in India of October of 2010, then filed for divorce in America fourteen months later. But then she went back to India earlier this month, and according to Us magazine and some snitch who can't keep a secret, that made her all sentimental and plagued with regret. "Katy's been trying to get him back! She's a lost soul right now. She'd already been missing Russell. Being back more

Russel Brand Threw a Guy's Cell Phone

Russell Brand, seen above with the terrifying glare that only an effeminate, British wheelchair-porn enthusiast could muster, apparently took it upon himself to accost a photographer and chuck his cell phone threw a window as proven by this blurry mess and this broken window. New Orleans Police would like a word this this cheeky git (God, British slang is absurd) regarding the incident, reports Radar Online: more

Katy Perry is back

Katy Perry made her first public appearance since her divorce Friday night at the Mirage in Las Vegas for a charity event called GiveLove. I don't know who that guy is that she's with though. I looked but it didn't say. His parents should be ashamed of themselves for raising such a failure for a son. (image source = getty)read more

Katy Perry was too boring in bed for Russell Brand

Russell Brand says he used to be a sex addict and have sex 5 times a day, so if it seemed unlikely that the religious and sugary-sweet Katy Perry could satisfy him in bed, that's because it was. Russell Brand is notorious for his once-wild lifestyle and attempts to change his bad boy ways. But according to a report in the newest issue of Us Weekly, Brand allegedly wasn't able to kick all of his bad habits. "Katy more

Katy Perry and Russell Brand file for divorce

Because the best way to kill a story is to announce it right before a holiday, Katy Perry and Russell Brand confirmed the worlds worst secret today and filed for divorce. A year after their fairy-tale wedding in India, it seems Katy Perry and Russell Brand won't be living happily ever after. Brand, 36, filed for divorce in Los Angeles on Friday, citing irreconcilable differences. "Sadly, Katy and I are ending more