Ryan Lochte Suicidal For Rio Forgiveness

Ryan Lochte details the fragile state he was left in after his high-profile police arrest at the Rio Olympics in the new ESPN. The accompanying photoshoot shows Lochte cozying up to the pregnant white Laverne Cox. Lochte's redemption parade is marching on long past... read more

ABC Reenacts That Moment Nothing Happened to Ryan Lochte (VIDEO)

ABC hit the jackpot with Dancing with the Stars where they get to pay next to nothing in Hollywood terms for D-list celebrities to bedazzle their bodies and foxtrot with heavily made-up midgets who were not attractive enough to be models. read more

Ryan Lochte Prone To Exaggeration

Four years ago, following the London Olympics, Ryan Locthe reportedly lied about bedbugs in his hotel suite so he could move to a hotel closer to the bars he wanted to go to. That might mean you're an alcoholic although most people would develop a drinking problem if... read more

Lochte Loses Speedo

Speedo pulled out of Lochte. That's a huge blow for a swimmer because you've got Speedo, pool crabs disinfectants and goggles. If your goal is to be a full-time professional swimmer, and why not because real jobs suck and you can't eat eight sit down meals a day, you need... read more

Matt Nailed Ryan Lochte, I Nailed Amber Heard in the Last Men on Earth Podcast #57

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast we discuss the aforementioned Lochte and Heard victories and defeats depending on your point of view, the bogus sex story claiming porn is making teen boys dicks soft, Kurt Metzger calling out the rape culture witch hunt, Shaun... read more

US Swimmers Officially Disgraced

Everyone's a rebel without a cause when they're making up the story on the spot.  read more

Ryan Lochte And Friends Lied

Mounting evidence shows Ryan Lochte and his nerd herd of swimmer buddies lied about being robbed in Rio, most likely to prolong the six minutes per leap year when anyone gives a shit about them. read more

Ryan Lochte Stupid Or Liar

Ryan Lochte and some of his Olympic swimmer buddies were robbed at gunpoint in Rio when fake cops pulled over their taxi, just another reason the next games should be held in Ann Arbor in an old guy's cul-de-sac. In Lochte's version of the events he comes off as either a... read more

Ryan Lochte Wants To Make A Sex Tape With Ray J

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte spills the beans on his hopes and dreams, as the star of E!'s new reality series, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, wants everyone in America to accept him as an entertainment icon.... read more

afternoon headlines, with naked Brooke Hogan

TONY SCOTT - had his suicide filmed by several people who are trying to sell the footage. Inspiring "I Believe I Can Fly" song, not included. (guardian) JOHNNY DEPP - is being offered $95 million to star in 'Pirates Of The Caribbean 5', because 'Pirates Of The Caribbean... read more

Ryan Lochte is sort of a douche

Ryan Lochte left a club in London called Chinawhite about 3:30 this morning, looking kinda drunk and doing nothing to change the perception that he's sort of a douche. His Olympics were disappointing--with 1 individual gold (in the 400 IM), 1 individual silver (200 IM),... read more