tom cruise is a good dancer

As you watch Tom Cruise sell a billion ‘Knight and Day' movie tickets by dancing with Hennifaa Yopez at last nights MTV Movie Awards, keep in mind that he's … ahem … FORTY FUCKING SEVEN years old. I'm joining scientolgoy immediately. I asked my old god for immortality a... read more

katie holmes just got paid

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been married just over 3 years now (Nov. 18) and despite recent rumors that their relationship is struggling, things are going great. So well in fact, Katie has even agreed to extend her marriage contract. Aww. This is really touching. ... read more

Morning headlines

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 - I think I'm the only one who feels Mission Impossible 3 is completely awesome, until the final ten minutes. Philip Seymour Hoffman is the best actor alive, and Maggie Q is so GD hot I'd rather masturbate to the words "Maggie Q" on a piece of blank... read more

katie holmes has pretty hair

Katie Holmes walked the red carpet with some sassy hair extensions last night in Tokyo for the Japanese premiere of “Valkyrie”.  Although for some inexplicable reasons I can’t find good pictures of it anywhere (the banner is from the Sun).   I have to follow my heart and... read more

will smith is number one

Forbes magazine has named Will Smith the most bankable star in Hollywood after an industry survey asking what actors can most easily attract financing, theatrical distribution, and an audience.  Angelina Jolie tied for second on the list, and was one of only three women... read more

wtf! - update (!)

Aww god dammit.  Is everyone in Hollywood on HGH except me?  This is bullshit.  If anyone out there has a hookup for HGH let me know.  I’m not kidding.  I want that shit.   Tom Cruise was a mess a few months ago, now look at him yesterday in Brazil.  He's like a damn... read more

tom cruise is getting a makeover

Believe it or not there was a time when everyone loved Tom Cruise and his goofy religion was no secret but he and his team keep his doofusness in check.  Then in 2005 he fired Pat Kingsly, his publicist since 1995, and replaced her with his scientologist sister.  Not a... read more


You know what would have been funnier then the Top 10 list that Tom Crusie had to read last night on David Letterman? Anything. Literally anything on earth. [gallery columns="6"] read more


The New York Post says that Tom Cruise has lost his Blackberry, and it's feared, based on stuff I'm making up right now, that some Canadian scoundrel out there now has access to his private information and secrets.  After Cruise did a full-hour interview with... read more


Yesterday the Daily Mail had something about Katie Holmes and her scary new teeth.The actress was seen leaving her New York apartment for the theatre, when she unwittingly revealed her chipped tooth.Clearly the wife of Tom Cruise has missed a couple of dental appointments... read more


"Valkyrie" has been plagued by bad press for months and had it's release date pushed back several times, despite a big name cast and crew led by Tom Cruise, director Brian Singer and Christopher McQuarrie, the worlds greatest screenwriter.  The movie is about the failed... read more


If you want to know why people think Scientology is a cult that uses harassment and intimidation to scare people, its because Scientology is a cult that uses harassment and intimidation to scare people. Here in this video taken yesterday, Scientology volunteers pass out... read more