Amanda Bynes Was Arrested For Drugs

Well, if Amanda Bynes thought her week was shitty when she was booted from her flight for having an expired driver's license, I'd hate to know what she thinks about it now. Drake's No. 1 fan was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and... read more

some guy from Twilight pee'd on the carpet at the airport

Bronson Pelletier played this guy in the Twilight movies, one of the many characters who turned into big mean dogs. But he wasn't pissing on the carpet at LAX last week because he thought he was a dog, he was just incredibly drunk, despite denials to the contrary.... read more

Nick Stahl was masturbating in a porn store

LA may have almost a murder a day and 1,000 rapes a year, but what they don't have is grown adults in a store that sells pornography masturbating in private (because it's better to have them try to memorize the porn and then race home with an erection), but 'Terminator... read more

the IRS seized Lindsay Lohans bank accounts

Last week Lindsay Lohan was arrested for assault again, and next week she's due back in court for lying to police after her car crash in June, but what about this week? Well it's only Monday but the IRS has seized her bank accounts to collect $233,000 in unpaid taxes... read more

Katt Williams arrested after slapping a Target employee

Katt Williams was arrested last night in Seattle after threatening police with a pool cue during a bar fight and throwing cigarettes at a women as she got into her car (one of which hit her in the eye). This is just a few days after police had to chase him as he drove... read more

as always, nothing is ever Lindsay Lohans fault

If you're like me, you're a god-like 6'5" with eyes as deep and blue as the ocean. More to the point, lingering health issues have kicked your ass for the past 2 days while Lindsay Lohan was at her Lindsay Lohanist. After formally being charged with lying to police in... read more

the next crime Lindsay will get away with is lying to police

It's been almost 5 months since Lindsay Lohan crashed her Porsche into the back of a truck on PCH, meaning it's been almost 5 months since she lied to police about it, and though they didn't seem to care about the first part, they care very much about the second part,... read more

Sam Worthington arrested, maced in Atlanta

It would have been cooler if "mace" referred to one of those spiked balls at the end of a club, but a doorman at a bar in Atlanta sprayed Sam Worthington with pepper spray and handcuffed him until police arrived because Worthington was drunk and abusive, and that was all... read more

Flava Flav chased his family around with knives

Flavor Flav was arrested in Las Vegas early yesterday morning for domestic violence, because apparently you're not allowed to chase people around the house with knives anymore. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was America. According to the Vegas police report, the argument... read more

Daryl Hannah is still a dirty hippie

Daryl Hannah was in Winnsboro, Texas, this weekend, to form a human shield and block the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. And it worked and the crew went home and no one ever built an oil pipeline again. The End. Oh wait no. Sorry. I just assumed that's how... read more

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested yet again

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested for another car accident, but it's different from when she drove into the back of a car in July or into the back of a truck in June. This is more like when she hit a pedestrian in March or the time she hit a baby stroller. This time she... read more