Alicia Arden in A Bikini

Seeing so many older B-movie and former soap actresses taking their tits to revealing digital media shoots makes me wonder what the fuck happened to these women before high speed modems. read more

Porn Can't Catch a Break

Righteous people hate porn because they know it's bad, they just can't prove it. In the face of study results showing porn doesn't really do much harm, excluding how fucked up the actors get, religious and conservative groups tirelessly work to build a case against porn... read more

Taylor Swift Distractions

Hope for the best and plan for the worst. When things are going well for Taylor Swift, you'll see none of her tits. During publicity recessions, she's suddenly the bustiest chick in the room. Dressed like a co-ed aiming for the captain of the football team. Consider this... read more

Lena Dunham, Lingerie Model

In a sign that our world is going Krypton, Lena Dunham and her Girls co-star Jemima Kirke are being paid to model lingerie. It's being labeled a Body Positive Lingerie Campaign because everything horrible has a constructive name. The Final Solution. What are you solving?... read more

Johnny Depp Not Risking Anything

Amber Heard has gone on record as saying she will be giving the $7 million she got for extorting her husband to a couple of charities, including the ACLU, even though that's not actually a charity. How admirable, yet does the ACLU really advocate for the rights of... read more

Larry King's Wife Has A Type

Is your wife really cheating on you when she's your eighth one and twenty-five years younger than octogenarian you? What did you think was going to happen? read more

Taylor Swift Spandex Booty And Shit Around The Web

Say what you want about her, Taylor Swift has a tight ass. You could spank it, if it's the last thing you want to do on this planet before being taken out by moonlighting Mossad security. read more

Leslie Jones Brings Out the Trolls' Trolls

Leslie Jones takes a ton of shit on social media because she's a loud, large, unattractive, black woman. She also had to suffer through a hack of her website and iCloud and revealing photos of her or random headless assplay photos of other black women along with Jones'... read more

University of Chicago Does Some Spanking

The University of Chicago is distinguishing its intellectual honesty among collegial learning institutions by declaring to incoming Freshman that it will not tolerate the personal emotional demands of teenagers coddled to date with zero tolerance anti-hurt feelings... read more

Disney Kid Star Ryan Newman Turns Eighteen, Gets Down To It

There comes a time when every child actor and model needs to grow up. It's usually about three, or the first time their mom agrees to leave them alone for an hour with a photographer so he can capture their true beauty without parental distraction. read more

Jessica Alba Nipples Mean Six More Weeks of Honest

I'm no investment guru. I'm into my bank savings account at zero-point-three percent. I earned nine dollars in interest last year against forty two dollars in banking fees. read more

LeAnn Rimes Has a Publicity Plan

LeAnne Rimes has fucked herself pretty good with bad detail work on the face and a headfirst dive into the pool of crazy jealous wife, but when it's game time, she's got a plan to accentuate the positive. read more