aha! i knew it!

Last week there were some pictures (these) of Jennifer Love Chew-it on the set of her stupid show, and they were completely mystifying because she appeared to be slightly less fat than normal. Now I’m thinking maybe she was just out of food money, because yesterday she... read more

my best friends girl

In this clip from My Best Friends Girl, out today on DVD and Bluray, one thing that becomes obvious is that there are worse ideas than to have a scene where Kate Hudson rides a guy and takes off her top. A scene where John Goodman rides a guy and takes off his top, for... read more

whitney port is smooth

Whitney Port of course is the star of the MTV show "the City", and I use that term is the loosest possible sense. Actually ... hm. "Star" seems to indicate some sort of charisma or excitement. So that won't work here. Let's just say, the person whom the camera is pointed... read more

ratings were way down

Shocking news out of Hollywood this afternoon, namely that the ratings for last nights Golden Globe Awards hit an all time low. Looks like some high-class hookers are gonna get punched out tonight, even more so than normal. THR says...The 66th annual Globes averaged 14.6... read more

oh no she di'ent!

I have no rational explanation for why I don’t hate Ryan Seacrest, but I don’t. There I said it. I know I should, but I don’t. I think hosting live TV is really really really hard. That’s why no one does it. But he does it as well as you can, especially considering the... read more

hahaha, nice dress fatty!

It wasn’t my intention to make fun of Jennifer Lopez and her big disgusting fat ass and point out the way her fat spills out of her dress, but I mean, it's right there. And there. And there. And there. (picture source = getty images) [gallery... read more

hold on to your funny bones

Megan Fox was another of the big stars dressed to the nines at last nights Golden Globe awards, and let me tell ya, now THOSE are some Golden Globes. Hahahaha! Get it? I was referring to her breasts, which are somewhat globe shaped. And she’s in a golden dress. But don’t... read more

cameron diaz is a dolt

I can't even begin to imagine how awful it would be to deal with Cameron Diaz and her insufferable little act in real life. She thinks she’s so charming and adorable. She’s not. At all. I’d rather be locked in a room with that thing that humps your face in Alien than... read more

ricky gervais at the golden globes

This video quality sucks, it looks like the news reports they show in zombie movies where they say not to leave the house, but it's all I could find of Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes last night, so it's worth it. He’s a bit of a novelty in Hollywood, in that he’s... read more

salma hayek at the golden globes

I was gone all day yesterday so by the time I got done watching the Steelers and Eagles games on dvr, the Golden Globes were almost over, and thank god too because that meant I could watch that insufferable crap at 3x speed and skip over the endless ass kissing. Keep in... read more

my best friends girl

Here's another clip from "My Best Friends Girl", out on DVD and BluRay this Tuesday, but, be warned, the language would probably be considered NSFW. I guess it depends on your workplace's policy for videos where Kate Hudson sings, "fuck that pussy, heey, fuck that... read more

umm ... hm ... interesting

Am I just seeing what I want to see, or is Ashlee Simpsons hair resting like a foot in front of her face. How monstrously big did her tits get after having that stupid kid? I mean, that awesome kid who I'm now a big fan of. If those are as big as I think they might be,... read more