Denise Richards is getting divorced

The on-again, off-again marriage between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen seems to be off-again, as Richards' attorney filed to have the existing divorce papers she originally filed in March handed over to a private arbiter. The couple seemed to be on the mend, and spent Christmas together in Barbados, but were not together for New Years, when Richards decided instead to spend it with Heather Locklear at an more

Kate Moss might not be in trouble

The Sun UK says today that police (or "bobbies") are urging Kate Moss to return to the UK and help them catch the dealers behind her infamous on-tape coke binge. Moss has not been in England since the scandal broke in September, despite her lawyers assurances to police that she would return by Christmas to be interviewed. Surprisingly, police say they will not be seeking her extradition. She could face arrest more

Tom and Katie might be in trouble

MSNBC says today that the wedding plans of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may have been put on hold. It's well known that Katie's family back in Ohio has always been very close and fairly conservative and they've always been wary of Cruise and his insane theatrics, but with the arrival of a new year, Cruise tried to mend a few fences. Ummm, it didn't work. Says a source: "Tom and Katie ended up leavingread more

Lindsay Lohan is a bulimic drug-addict

In the upcoming Vanity Fair, Lindsay Lohan finally admits to doing drugs and becoming bulimic. She blames the drama of the last few years on her emotionally destructive dad, stress from the business side of Hollywood, and her break up with Wilmer Valderrama. "I was sick ... I had people sit me down and say, 'You're going to die if you don't take care of yourself." She says that she used drugs "a little"read more

Enrique Iglesias has a price

The New York Daily news says today that Enrique Iglesias took a gig on New Years Eve entertaining the sons of Libyan dictator Col. Moammar Khadafy. Saadi and Mutassim Khadafy pulled out all the stops when it came to celbrating the new year on super exclusive St. Bart's, where they took over the Nikki Beach club. Says a source: "They came with an entourage of 30 or 40 people, with lots of security. Every day they more

Gwyneth gets dumber by the minute

MSNBC says today that Gwyneth Paltrow has called in a rabbi from the Kabbalah Centre after becoming convinced that her house in London is haunted. Paltrow, who is pregnant with her second child, lives in a 7.5 million dollar townhouse in Belsize Park with Coldplay singer Chris Martin and their 19-month-old daughter, Apple. Paltrow is said to have received the exorcism idea from Madonna, who often has rabbis more

Lindsay hospitalized for (ahem) asthma

Entertainment Tonight says that Lindsay Lohan was admitted to a hospital in Miami on Monday after suffering an asthma attack. The attack was said to be so severe it caused a broken blood vessel in her neck, which prompted doctors to advise the actress to seek treatment at the hospital. According to a rep, Lohan is still in the hospital for observation. Lohan was in Miami to host a New Year's Eve party on Saturday more

Toni Braxton is gonna get naked

Contact Music says that Toni Braxton - who still looks unbelievably great at 37 - is in negotiations to appear naked in Playboy, as long as she would only have to show her breasts and ass. Braxton says: "I just can't do the bottom thing because that's really, really intimate and really personal. But boobies, what is it? A dime a dozen. You can buy some for $5,000. Who cares? But the thing down there, you can't more

Lucy Clarkson is in the mean time

Alright, so I barely got anything done today, mostly because I spent a huge block of time trying to find high-res copies of the pictures taken of Jessica Alba on the beach yesterday in Hawaii, and I feel that was time well spent because of Jessica's habit of doing things like this anytime sheread more

Ashlee Simpson is a hero

Attention cravingread more

Angelina Jolie is pregnant. Maybe.

So is Angelina Jolie pregnant with the child of Brad Pitt or not? The definitive answer is "maybe". News of the World says today that the couple are expecting and found out for certain when Angelina had a scan at St John's Hospital Health Center in Santa Monica last month. According to a "friend" (a "friend" who doesn't mind blabbing personal secrets to unsavory newspapers): "It's early days yet so they're more

Paris Hilton might be in trouble

Page Six says today that Paris Hilton might be in trouble with the $10 million slander suit filed against her last year by Zeta Graff, who was the girlfriend of Paris Latsis before he dated Hilton. A source close to the case said Hilton admitted lying when she planted a story in the press that Graff attacked her in a jealous rage at a London club. According to the source, Hilton admitted that Graff never attacked more

Mariah Careys sister is a whore

Mariah Carey must really have some awesome PR people, cause as TMZ reminds us again this morning, Alison Carey, Mariah's older sister was arrested in Long Island last year for prostitution. For the second time. Alison pled guilty and is on probation. It would be hard for her to not plead guilty, since she often advertised on Craigslist and Eros. And as awesome as it sounds to bang the sister who kinda looks like more

Scarlett Johansson is in love

The New York Post says today that Scarlett Johansson - who previously said she didn't believe in monogamy - is now so serious with boyfriend Josh Hartnett that she is now living with him in his Manhattan apartment. The two have been dating since they met in April on the set of 'the Black Dahlia', and by most accounts Hartnett is doe-eyed in love. Maybe all the squinting kept him from noticing that his inamorata more

Gwyneth Paltrow is still an idiot

The National Enquirer says now that Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin have decided on a name for their upcoming second child. The name - which was chosen by Martin because it had "character" - is 'Capone'. So now their kids are named 'Apple' and 'Capone'. And for the record, naming the second kid after a psychotic killer isn't gonna make the playground any safer. The name 'Apple' is tougher than the more