Jennifer Love Chewitt keeps getting fatter

Please tell me there's someone else under that dress. (image source = pacific coast) [gallery guid=808022] read more

Charlie Sheens $100,000,000 lawsuit isn't going so well

Rest assured that CBS and Warner Brothers had absolutely no desire to fire Charlie Sheen from Two and a Half Men and destroy the number one sitcom on television. They stuck with him when he allegedly tried to murder his wife and kidnapped a prostitute, but his... read more

Rebecca Black is top 100 on itunes

On Thursday, no one had any idea who Rebecca Black was. On Friday, her video had 40,000 views on youtube. 5 days later it has 9.7 million, and has even cracked the top 100 on iTunes, ahead of songs by Katy Perry, My Chemical Romance, Justin Bieber and Rihanna, all for a... read more

Katie Holmes is a bad mom

The Daily Mail says today that Katie Holmes was out with Suri, who is 4, at a restaurant called Serendipity 3 in New York last night, and on the way out Suri picked up a box of gummi penises. The box features cartoon like drawings of male genitalia, and unsurprisingly... read more

Kate Beckinsale is back for 'Underworld 4'

The first 3 Underworld movies have only made around $300 million, total, (1, 2, 3) yet for some reason they're making a fourth, this time in 3D, but at least they got Kate Beckinsale back in the lead (she was in 1 and 2 but not 3) and back in her skin tight outfits. If... read more

Hermione is a model now

Emma Watson is the new face for Lancome cosmetics, so if you want to look young and youthful, like you're 20, you should buy their stuff. It also helps if you're actually 20, like Emma. Last night she shot her first campaign in Paris, the theme being, "prostitutes I... read more

Ciara is here to help

These aren't the greatest pictures of Ciara ever taken, but average pictures of her getting a pedicure yesterday in Beverly Hills, in little shorts that show off her perfect legs, are still better than the best pictures of Ke$ha. Granted I've been in love with Ciara ever... read more

Vanessa Hudgens is upset about her naked pictures

This kind of thing would probably just go away if she werent so quick to acknowledge it, since all that does is confirm it that it really is her, but an attorney for Vanessa Hudgens says she's upset about the new round of naked pictures that leaked yesterday, more... read more

Selena Gomez is getting better at this

Selena Gomez was on the Late Show With David Letterman yesterday, and I'm sort of amazed that she wore this sexy lace top and short little skirt. She's normally so conservative. It's one of the things she and her boyfriend Justin Bieber have in common. They're both... read more

Tony Hawk is sleeping with his best friends wife, pt. 2

Over a month ago, on February 8th, to be exact, I mentioned that Tony Hawk was getting divorced for the third time because he's having an affair with the wife of his lifelong friend and business partner Matt Goodman. And today Page Six comfirms that I do, on very rare... read more

Kacey Jordan tried to kill herself

Kacey Jordan of course is the porn star who was with Charlie Sheen the night he was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago, and who then did countless interviews detailing every minute of it. But she hasn't been able to forget about her time with Charlie. Those 16 hours... read more

Ke$ha is gettin me all hot

Ke$ha is down in Australia this week for her Get Sleazy tour, and yesterday she went to the beach. In this. After that a bunch of sharks washed up on shore after committing suicide. The only way this bikini could be any more repulsive is if it had a big rubber dick... read more