Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus and Larry Csonka

Jesus was born on this day back in 0. Jesus was a carpenter by trade. He may have been black, he may have been white, he was definitely Jewish and like many men of the Hebraic faith, he never got laid. Ask any guy at a Northeastern liberal arts college who isn't old... read more

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Looks Good in Cyrillic

I guess GQ in Russia can show more than they can here in the West. It's Russia's progressive philosophy that has helped make them a worldwide leader in the manufacture of lead piping and suicide. It could be the loss of all their hot women to high end brothels around the... read more

Elle Macpherson Married the Dude Who Might've Slept With Gwyneth Paltrow and Also Killed a Man (Not at the Same Time)

Billionaires are really fucking busy people. I don't know any personally, but I'm just guessing they have crowded calendars. First, they have to make a billion dollars. That has to take a little time. If you're this real estate mogul, Jeffrey Soffer, you've got to marry... read more

Britney Spears Screams Vegas Showgirl

Just 72 hours left until Britney Spears begins her mega-residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, that place along the strip they're pretending isn't just the former Aladdin Hotel. The folks at Caesar's who now own the Planet Hollywood Casino are investing a ton of... read more

Emily Ratajkowski Wears Lingerie Pretty Good

I don't know what this Emily Ratajkowski chick did to her lips. I don't right much care. She could balloon them up until she sails away to Neverland. I'd chase her to that first star to the right because she is just one crazy hot model thing whatever. My buddy told me... read more

Katy Perry Likes Her Some Hummus

Katy Perry's contract riders for hotel amenities are as demanding as you'd imagine. A rider is basically the blank sheet at the back end of performance contract in which the talent can demand special requests on top of the cash and basics. This is where you can insist... read more

Kanye West Sued Over 'Bound 2' Sample

You ought to know better than to fuck with Yeezus around Christmas. This is the busiest time of the year for our rap Lord and Savior, when he allows the entire world to celebrate the birth of his mind blowing musical genius and transformative footwear. But Ricky Spicer... read more

Cindy Crawford Might Still Be Good Looking

Mexican paparazzi need to buy some better cameras. Whether you're shooting celebrities with one boob hanging out of their robes or corrupt government officials taking cash from drug cartels, you're going to want to invest in a decent long range lens package. I can't even... read more

Claudia Romani In A Christmas Bikini At The Beach In Miami

Photo Credit: FameFlynet [gallery ids="1695592,1695602,1695612,1695622,1695632,1695642,1695652,1695662,1695672"] read more

Brody Jenner Thinks Half-Sister Kendall Is a Slutty Genius

Brody Jenner thinks that his high school dropout little half-sister Kendall will break One Direction singer Harry Style's poor heart. Harry, the One Direction guy with the intentionally dumb hair that a billion pubescent girls around the world imagine deflowering them,... read more

Rihanna Is Predictably Naughty For Christmas

Like clockwork, Rihanna posted some pictures of her wearing revealing outfits to her Instagram, because God forbid she doesn't reveal her tits and ass for 20 minutes out of the day. This time Rihanna and her friend were feeling "naughty" and I'm pretty sure that she even... read more

Corey Feldman Really Classes Up Christmas

You have to give Corey Feldman some credit for his resurgence to the Z-list of celebrities this year, because even as the majority of us have endlessly mocked him, his music and especially his pathetic Charlie Sheen impersonation, he keeps plugging away and trying to... read more