Nick Carter And His Bride Are So Progressive

There are a million different reasons why everyone's bullshit obsession with reliving the 80s and 90s is stupid, but chief among them is how it extends so many careers long beyond anyone should really give a shit. Take Nick Carter, for example, as the Backstreet Boys... read more

Russians Kick Off Anti-Gay Olympics By Getting Super Gay (VIDEO)

Video clip: NBC, all rights reserved Those tricky Russians didn't lose the Cold War 55-0 without having a serious bit of strategery on their side. After a long con about how they don't like the gays and they don't want the gays talking to kids and how Moscow does not... read more

Eddie Murphy's Daughters Have Talent Too

Any man who has the privilege to make babies with models knows the obvious upside, outside of the procreative sex with an amazing looking woman who likely mumbles, is having a bunch of kids who are much better looking than you. Eddie Murphy's daughters are pretty hot. I... read more

Winner Winner Herpes Dinner

Paris Hilton began her DJ-in-residence at Harrah's Atlantic City this past week. It's kind of like when Stephen Hawking becomes a resident scholar for a semester at M.I.T., if Hawking had a lazy eye instead of Lou Gehrig's disease. Not only is Paris raking in $100,000 a... read more

Stephen King Thinks The Farrows Are Bitches

Author Stephen King apologized for a Tweet in which he said that Dylan and Mia Farrow are going after Woody Allen out of "bitchiness". For some reason the horror novelist hobbit thought it a good idea to enter the social media shit storm that is the Allen/Farrow... read more

Philip Seymour Hoffman Killed By Scientology

According to reports, Philip Seymour Hoffman fell off the decades long sobriety wagon with just one single drink at the wrap party for The Master, where he played the L. Ron Hubbard like character of the film that was basically a lawsuit proof version of how Scientology... read more

Leo DiCaprio Attacked By Weiner Nuzzler (VIDEO)

Leo DiCaprio is the latest victim of a fiendish foreigner that likes to bury his face in the crotch of A-list celebrities. The man in question is named Vitalii Sediuk and he's from one of those former Soviet shithole countries that are incredibly hard to spell. He is a... read more

Kylie Jenner Is Getting So Grown Up

Intellectually challenged teens who drop out of school and don't have jobs have a high propensity for doing incredibly stupid things with their free time. Take for instance Kylie Jenner. She's got free days. She found her way over to Justin Bieber's house to hang out... read more

LeAnn Rimes In A Thong Bikini

LeAnn Rimes seems to be eating again. This is good news. There was a period of several years there where she simply refused to eat anything but the occasional bit of corrugated cardboard from the UPS store. The rate at which her body began to consume her survival fat... read more

Farrah Abraham Is Doing More Porn

There was a day and age when you could trust a porn star. They had your back. Their word was their bond. When they said, today, I shall suck fifteen dicks, they didn't suck fourteen dicks or sixteen dicks, they sucked fifteen. Because your reputation was everything.... read more

Alyssa Miller Models Lingerie For SS 2014 Intimissimi

Photo Credit: Intimissimi [gallery guid=804308] read more

Charlie Sheen Threatened Ashton Kutcher

Despite the fact that he's collecting paycheck after paycheck on his own terrible show, Charlie Sheen is apparently still pissed off and bitter that Two and a Half Men moved on without him. Meanwhile, most of us are still pissed off and bitter that it ever existed in the... read more