Dude from American Pie Nearly Got Sliced

There's no such thing as every man's worst nightmare. When it comes to women, men have a shitload of nightmares. Having a one-night stand holed up in your place with a kitchen knife tearing shit up and threatening to tear you up because you told her it was time to go --... read more

Kim Kardashian Divorce Settlement Banged Out

I guess it was to be expected. Kim Kardashian did not want to spend time on the witness stand looking like a total whore. Kris Humphreys did not want to spend time on the witness stand looking like the jackass who thinks he's getting lucky with a lady only to be the last... read more

Just Ending for One Boston Bomber (Gory Death Photo)

Live by the sword, die by what appears to be an epically gruesome and bloody painful death by artillery. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was 'taken down' last night by police in Boston during a shootout. He appears to have gone out exactly as he should have. There is no true justice,... read more

Tanning Mom Wants You To Fap To Her Leathery Tits

Photo credit: PCN Patricia Krentcil, the infamous tanning mom, has offered her leathery saggy body for porn. You'll recall that last year this Oompa Loompa was arrested for child endangerment after taking her 5 year old child to tanning salons. She was later acquitted,... read more

Adriana Lima Should Teach Other Good Looking Women to STFU

I remember when Robin Wright was so angry about being seen as 'good looking', that she decided to only take roles in movies where she could be uglified. She got so fucking mad at the world she married Sean Penn. Might as well just throw yourself down the well. And for... read more

The 10 Hottest Female Olympians of All Time [Sponsored]

Whether they flame out in the time trails or bring glory to their tiny island nation, these attractive female athletes represent their nation's flags with pride. Or they don't, but they're still very good looking, which is truly what's important. Are you a deep thinker... read more

Amanda Bynes Is Now A Dog...No, Really A Dog.

Amanda Bynes, who is now baby-eating-crazy, Tweeted the weirdest "selfies" yet. They are pictures of her deformed face superimposed on a camel, a poodle, and a cat. Like, the animals. She also retweeted creepy pics her fans created. This takes the whole "selfies"... read more

Big Kim In Belly Shirt

Kim Kardashian has decided to turn her biggest weakness into a strength, turn that threat into an opportunity, take those lemons and make herself some lemonade. After all the ribbing about her ballooning up like a zeppelin since being rap star seeded in her latest... read more

Don't Say Innocuous Things About Murderous Nutjobs

"He was just a quiet kid' -- neighbor of Boston bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev I understand that you don't know which of your neighbors are doing crazy-ass anti-social shit behind closed doors and which are not. Some are just obvious a-holes who you know are up to no... read more

Rebecca Hall Braless

Here's how to tell an actress with brains. She picks her moments to show off her boobs. Like when she's the second ranked actress in Iron Man 3. She waits for the big movie premiere red carpet when all the world's attention and cameras are upon her... blammo, boobs!... read more

Selena Gomez Just Couldn't Resist The Swag

It could be a coincidence that Selena Gomez flew to Norway on the same day that her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber was performing in concert, much like it could be a coincidence that Kate Upton's tits jiggle every time someone points a camera at her. But there's a pretty... read more

Julianne Hough Is Possibly A Homewrecker

After breaking up with Ryan Seacrest recently, actress Julianne Hough spent the weekend unwinding and walking around in cutoff jean shorts at Coachella, where she conveniently danced and flashed her bra in front of the paparazzi. But now that she's single, she's being... read more