Kanye Meets With Jesus in Seattle (VIDEO)

If you had Kanye and Seattle for who and where the Christian Messiah would make his reappearance, you win a copy of the Yeezus album and a blow job from Kim Kardashian, or two copies of the album if you prefer. Kanye's been getting ever heavier into his Jesus complex,... read more

Courtney Stodden Got New Lips

Courtney Stodden is running out of things to make bigger on her body. She just went for the lips. Ankles and ears seem out of the question, brain seems undoable, so look for a clit the size of Peter North's cock coming soon. You'll probably have to pay ten bucks to a... read more

Justin Bieber Brings A Chick Onstage In Puerto Rico

If I'm that chick in China who Bieber brought up on stage to cream her pants in front of one billion of her countrymen I'd be kind of pissed to see him pulling the exact same crap in Puerto Rico. His slender, female like appendages gingerly caressing another random chick... read more

Alyssa Arce Needs a Man

Alyssa Arce was the Playboy Playmate for July 2013, which means the palm flower crystal in her hand is already changing colors toward her inevitable march to the Carrousel, about age 25 for most Playmates. Between now and then she needs to find an older divorcee with... read more

Kylie Jenner Just Wants to Be Free

Kylie Jenner seems like the reluctant Kardashian. Yeah, she dropped out of school and is overdeveloped for her age and got a fancy ride for her sweet sixteen and she's getting loaded at nightclubs. The Kardashian standard pedigree. But she still strikes me as Herbie the... read more

Alex Rodriguez Is a Real Man of the People

The whole innocent until proven guilty meme is really meant for shaky murder cases and dudes who get slapped with sex offender charges for not wanting to stand in line at stadium urinals. But there are loyalist twits who will vociferously defend just about any accused.... read more

Kate Middleton Plays Volleyball

Kim Kardashian forced her baby out of her womb several weeks early to make sure her delivery news cycle did not get lost in the far more beloved Kate Middleton royal birth. This left Kim a full month head start to battle her fatty genetic destiny through Dunkin Donuts... read more

Ke$ha Electrocuted Her Vagina

Last week we told you about howKe$ha claims her vagina is haunted by a smelly ghost. Now, this classy dame told a delightful tale on Conan O'Brien about the time she electrocuted her vagina. It seems that the 'I'm so shocking, check me out' star does a stunt in her act... read more

Joanna Krupa Hosted A Strip Club Party

Joanna Krupa doesn't need to do much to prove how great and underrated she is as a model and generally attractive woman, as she's already shown that she's willing to post semi-nude pictures of herself on Instagram all day before walking her dog and letting her titty pop... read more

Micaela Schaefer Has Her Work Cut Out For Her

When I read that Micaela Schaefer (left) attended something called the Venus International Erotic Trade Fair Aftershowparty in Berlin over the weekend, my automatic reaction was: "Awesome, I bet she wore something that showed off her tits and legs." And I was absolutely... read more

Jenna Jameson Lost Her $2.7 Million Mansion

While Jenna Jameson was recently off trying to reclaim her porn fame as the headliner of the Exxxotica Expo in New Jersey, the bank was hard at work taking her $2.7 million Hollywood Hills away from her. According to TMZ, Jenna hadn't been living in the mansion for some... read more

Samantha del Valle In A Bikini On The Beach In Punta Cana

I've never heard of Punta Cana before, it sounds like a vulgar term Latin gang members yell at each other before chopping each other up with machetes. But I do know Punta Cana is in the Dominican Republic, one of the most raggedy-ass places in the Western Hemisphere.... read more