JWoww was a schoolgirl with pigtails for Halloween

God damn I love pigtails. And they're even better on a skinny chick with huge breasts, which is what JWoww dressed up as when she hosted a Halloween party at DUSK in Atlantic City. You might be one of those people who still think she isn't hot or at least sexy, and I would argue with you about why she is, but how would you reply with all those dicks in your mouth? (source = splash news online)read more

Friday afternoon headlines

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. - is not happy with his Due Date co-star Zach Galifianakis for the way he handled Mel Gibsons scheduled cameo in Hangover 2. Gibson cast Downey in the Singing Detective when he was at his lowest point back in 2003, right after getting out of jail for drugs. Downey hasn't forgotten this and says Mel deserves another chance too. Is there a movie about gin? He'd be good in that. (e!) NOOMI RAPACE - is...read more

so did Kate Hudson get implants or not

Kate Hudson had people asking if she got implants again yesterday when she walked around Beverly Hills with no bra and a flimsy little shirt that clung to her boobs. Even if she got small ones, I like to think that she did get implants. I dont want this to sound judgmental, but if you're a girl and you don't have great tits, you're a loser and I hate you.read more

Merry Halloween!

Jessica Lowndes was on the '90210' set today, filming some scenes for an upcoming episode that will air around Christmas time. Either this is for a really sexy scene, or her character is anti-Semitic and she wants young Jews to abandon their religion. What an edgy show!read more

Katy Perry says she's a freak in bed, "a 10 out of 10."

Before marrying Katy Perry, Russell Brand was known to cheat on his girlfriends and sleep around, but Katy says that won't happen anymore, because she's so much better than all those other girls. Katy says... "He's made no secret of what his life was like before me, but that's then and this is the future. "He's cheated in the past but he knows how good he has it with me and I know he'd never do anything to jeopardize...read more

Captain America is all ripped out

Entertainment Weekly has 8 new pictures from 'Captain America', starring Chris Evans. This could turn out to be the best superhero movie of the year, especially if you're a guy and so is your date. And check out Dr. Ass Looker back there in the goggles. That guy is in love. Hey, eyes up here buddy.read more

Crowd Favorites

Charlie Sheen did coke naked in a restaurant bathroom

Charlie Sheen was reportedly "naked with cocaine all over his face in a restaurant bathroom" Monday night, and I'm not sure if I'm more surprised that he did this, or that he hasn't been caught doing it more by now. Radar says... "At the restaurant Charlie, his assistant and two male friends, with all their escorts were in a private room. Charlie was wasted," the source said. "At one point he convinced Capri to go to...read more

Thursday afternoon headlines

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 - will officially be called, 'M:I 4: Ghost Protocol'. Clearly they're going for a vibe like the 'Call of Duty' or Tom Clancy games. Or a handbook for the recently dead. But probably the COD thing. (e!) DEADPOOL - has had a script floating around for a while, getting insanely positive reviews from those who have read it, and now you can too. Download it and print it out. Just think of all the mad...read more

Charlie Sheen has to pay $12,000 to get laid

Capri Anderson says she isn't a prostitute, but new reports say that not only is she a pro, but she thinks pretty damn highly of herself because she charged Charlie Sheen $12,000 for the night when she ended up locked in a bathroom. Granted that still turned out to be a bargain for him, because he didn't pay it. Charlie was with his assistant Rick and two male friends at Daniel restaurant. He ordered girls for...read more

Marisa Miller is here to remind you about the NFL

The only thing better than football is hot girls with big tits*, so it was very wise of the NFL to send Marisa Miller to London this morning to promote Sundays game at Wembley Stadium between the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos. Because not everyone over there knows what American football is exactly. Like this guy. He came up and said, "whas all this then? Whos this bird in the skinnies, with that lil fizzy...read more

Charlie Chaplin filmed a time traveler in 1928

If there's one thing the internet is good at, it's pictures of girls tits. But if there's two things the internet is good at, it's pictures of girls tits and making a huge deal over nothing. Yesterday, the internet went into full "second thing we're good at" mode because of a youtube video made by a filmmaker in Belfast who suggests a woman in the 82-year-old Charlie Chaplin movie ‘The Circus' might be talking...read more

Britney has still got it

Sometime this morning, Britney Spears was looking in the mirror and fussing with her hair, and then at some point, she stopped, and nodded approvingly at her reflection, and decided it was time to head out. That's genuinely amazing to me. Almost amazing as whatever the hell this guy is. That picture would be a good movie poster for a western called, "The Ugly, The Ugly and The Ugly". (source = fame pictures)read more

Justin Timberlake cheated on Jessica Biel with Olivia Munn

The new Us magazine says that Justin Timberlake banged Olivia Munn for three straight days this past September, and who could blame him for that, except of course his girlfriend Jessica Biel. Who probably, instead of congratulating him, will get all whiny about it. Timberlake, 29, and Munn, 30, first met at a Sept. 26 MySpace event. After exchanging numbers, he "started chasing her immediately," says an insider. Munn...read more

Miley Cyrus is a popular role model

Miley Cyrus was out in West Hollywood yesterday in one of her flimsy little t-shirt and short skirt outfits, and it's strange, the less she wears, the less I wanna see her. It's the exact opposite of what normally happens with skinny teenage girls. It's amazing. Like magic. I wonder if she can do that thing where she pours milk into a funnel made of newspaper and make it disappear too. How do they do that!!!!read more

the Riddler will not be the villain in "Dark Knight Rises"

One of the best things about Christopher Nolan is that he makes his movies and lets them stand on their own. He doesn't cut 50 different commercials or give anything away in the trailers and he doesn't talk about them. The last part also kind of sucks, because it's been impossible to get any details out of him about Batman 3, so the fact that the LA Times got the name of the movie and can kill the rumor that the...read more