Jessica Alba Flips Off Paparazzi

You can tell Jessica Alba is a good girl. She can't even bring herself to fully flip off the paparazzi. She probably doesn't even masturbate. Which is a shame, because she seems to have long fingers and be double jointed. I'd have to imagine her tub time is simply... read more

Ventura/Stern 2016?

Jesse Ventura, the conspiracy theorizing former wrestler and ex Minnesota governor, is threatening to run for president in 2016...with running mate Howard Stern. The remarks came in a speech he gave at an event honoring a retiring gubernatorial guard. Jesse "The Mind"... read more

Beyonce Drinks Wine, Loses Baby

I don't know why people get so worked up over whether or not Beyonce is going to have another baby. But they do. Despite Beyonce denying that she's pregnant since the last rumor came out, nobody wanted to believe it. So Beyonce went and shot a picture of herself drinking... read more

Heather Graham In A Bikini

You can't not like Heather Graham. It's like not liking your mom or a dead 19th century President. She's remembered fondly. She almost made Hangover III worth watching for actual paid money. I heard she once gave a hummer to a terminally ill boy even though he didn't ask... read more

Pam Anderson Looks Different

I don't know. Maybe it's the missing years of booze and partying. No signs of the deep seeded desperation from bankruptcy and foreclosures. A complete absence of the angst of hitting the end of the blonde bombshell production line. A lot seems to be missing from these... read more

Nikki Leigh in Lingerie

At some point, they're going to run out of 'guy things' for Nikki Leigh to rub her body against in bikinis and lingerie. But today is not that day. The Playboy model is either selling cars or selling stockings or maybe just providing the test photos used for the Boy... read more

Kim Kardashian Wants People to Stop Looking at Her Fat Feet

If there's one thing a Kardashian knows, it's that if you want people to stop pointing out your flaws, just show 'em your tits. It's not a complex strategy or all that imaginative, but it does work. With just a few weeks left until she squeezes that $20 million Omen... read more

Miss Canada Gets Screwed (VIDEO)

Denise Garrido. Technically, I think she's Miss Canada Universe. Or Miss Universe of Canada. Or something French. But she got fucked over the weekend when it turns out scorers tabulated her numbers wrong and they ripped the crown off her head a day later and handed it to... read more

Kaley Cuoco In FHM

There's something to be said for being the girl on TV every girl wants to be and every guy wants to bang. I actually have no idea if girls feel that way about Kaley Cuoco. I'm fairly certain I've got the guy side nailed down. Here's Kaley in FHM magazine. Just look at... read more

Jessica Hart is Braless

I don't want to live in a braless world. I want to live in a world where I decide who gets to wear bras and who doesn't. The liberty to forgo undergarments in public is too powerful a choice to be given to the individual. Maybe that makes me a Fascist. Maybe that just... read more

Sarah Shahi In A Bikini

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, PCN [gallery ids="1394362,1394372,1394382,1394392,1394402,1394412,1394422,1394432,1394442,1394452,1394462"] read more

Dan Aykroyd Not Guilty Of Murder, Only Of Making Shitty Movies

Dan Aykroyd was the prime suspect in a murder investigation in Canada...for like half an hour. It seems that a sanitation worker was sifting through tons of old garbage at the dump when he came across an old damaged film strip. When he looked closely he saw a man... read more