James Woods Joshes Anderson Cooper

James Woods is being labeled a homophobe for suggesting Anderson Cooper had a butt plug inside of him while interviewing Kellyanne Conway. Completely inappropriate, he doesn't always do that read more

Kathy Griffin Too Desirable for the Gays

People who get upset about pointless shit are grumbling because on a CNN New Year's Eve cut away a drunk Don Lemon told Kathy Griffin she had a nice rack. Lemon was toasted and like the rest of the gay cast of CNN characters, not exactly sure what to do when Griffin... read more

Anderson Cooper Overshares

Anderson Cooper got kind of graphic on Bravo Andy Cohen's talk show when was asked to reveal a secret about Cohen and replied with: "I know a lot of secrets about Andy, but I guess the one that would surprise people the most is that he's a top... Believe me, there's... read more

Donald Sterling Is Really Sorry And Wants Forgiveness Now (VIDEO)

Clippers owner Donald Sterling granted an interview to CNN's Anderson Cooper to finally explain his side of the racist story, and the squinty bastard covered his bases by first crying and begging for forgiveness, claiming that this was the first and only mistake that... read more

Anderson Cooper to Subsist Off Just His Millions

Anderson Cooper's mom is giving her son none of the Vanderbilt family money that has trickled down since the mid 19th century when Cornelius actually did something to earn it. Or steal it and earn it. Same difference. 150 years later, a decent deal of it's still in... read more

Madonna Dressed Up As An Old Woman Dressed As A Boy Scout

You have to give it to Madonna this time. Skeletor's schtick has been wearing thin over recent years, from her "Ode to Impotency" Super Bowl halftime show to screaming at her fans for smoking cigarettes in an open-air venue, but this week she finally did something for... read more

Anderson Cooper claims to be "gay"

For years Anderson Cooper of CNN and '60 Minutes' has been asked if he's gay, because that's the single most important thing in the entire world, and now, in an email to Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast, he finally admits that he's been lying all this time when he... read more

Anderson Cooper killed Amanda Bynes (not literally)

Yesterday, around the same time her attorney was entering not guilty pleas for a DUI and hitting a police car, Amanda Bynes tweeted the senseless gibberish seen above, apparently under the impression that the President of the United States also works in the LAPD human... read more

Anderson Cooper got attacked in Egypt

Anderson Cooper and his crew were attacked during the riots in Cairo yesterday, with one CNN reported tweeting that Cooper was punched in the head ten times. The Huffington Post says... The incident came as pro-Mubarak supporters attacked protesters calling for the... read more

anderson cooper might be gay

CNN star Anderson Cooper is on vacation in India this week, and some people feel the New York Post was trying to imply something with their article yesterday, but they were so coy about everything, it was hard to know what they were hinting at. (Copper) was spotted... read more


Anderson Cooper was guest host this morning on "Regis and Kelly" and during a conversation about reality TV, he took a pretty awesome shot at Dina and Ali Lohan. He said:"Allegedly a 14-year-old girl, looks to be about 60... I say that with concern and love. She... read more