Chris Rock Is A Shameful Insensitive Sexual Harassment Joke Slinger

Comedy was considered art a few years ago. But the recent social climate states you need to watch what you say or you run the risk of upsetting your entire audience and earning the label of sexual harassment sympathizer. read more

Chris Rock Method Cheating

Chris Rock admitted in an interview to cheating on his wife with actress Kerry Washington while the two of them were filming I think I Love My Wife, a movie where Chris Rock's character contemplates cheating on his wife with a character played by Kerry Washington. The... read more

Chris Rock Got Prior Written Consent

Chris Rock made some pointed comments at a number of OscarsSoWhite Academy Award malcontents during his opening monologue while hosting the event this past Sunday evening. It was a way of softening the blow for his larger note that Hollywood is indeed racist, just not... read more

Chris Rock Girl Scout Bullshit And Shit Around The Web

You'll recall at the Oscars that Chris Rock claims he raised 65k for the Girl Scouts by selling cookies to millionaire Hollywood assholes that don't eat. In fact, he only raised $2500. What a fucking liar. He better make up the difference or he's going to look like an... read more

The Oscars Invariably Sucked

Chris Rock nailed a near perfect opening monologue blasting Hollywood both for being racists and overreacting about being racist and then probably should've left and handed off the show to Doogie Howser because he seemed spent after dealing with OscarsSoWhite hype for... read more

Chris Rock About to Be Raked

I'd wondered why I heard Chris Rock talk about how much he loves his kids while promoting a movie I won't see on public radio stations I won't listen to. Turns out he's working some spin. Rock has a wife who not surprisingly hates him since he's a mini Bill Cosby who... read more

Chris Rock Was Basically Right About Hollywood

Ever since Not North Korea hacked into Sony Pictures emails, we've learned more about Hollywood than the entire history of tell-all books and scathing magazines articles and memoirs. Turns out, Hollywood is a petty place with petty people piling cash into Obama... read more

Chris Rock: Hollywood Is Racist And Shit Around The Web

Chris Rock is the new go to go for quote on race in America. According to Rock, Hollywood is filled with racists keeping minorities down, even if they're not the super bad kind of racists. Chris spoke while taking a break from three days work voicing a cartoon Zebra and... read more

Chris Rock Gave Porn To Dying Kid (VIDEO)

Chris Rock says he once snuck the Pam Anderson sex tape into the hands of a dying kid. Yes. Rock was on Jerry Seinfeld's webseries Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee when he told Jerry how he helped a young man in the Make a Wish Foundation to see Pam Anderson's tits... read more

Adam Sandler gave his friends new Maseratis

People either like Adam Sandler movies or they don't, but about the worst thing you ever hear abut him personally is that he's too loyal to his old friends. Meaning he keeps casting people like David Spade and Rob Schneider when no one else ever would. So it pays to be... read more

chris rock is understanding

Chris Rock was on Letterman last night, and because it's still such a touchy subject, Rock was kind enough to wait 24 seconds before mentioning Lettermans affairs. The Huff Post says... David Letterman was suffering from a hoarse voice on his show Wednesday night, and... read more


CHRIS ROCK IS NERVOUS – TMZ says that Chris Rock was a nervous wreck today while testifying in the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping case.A freaked-out Rock took the stand for roughly 15 minutes to talk about a most uncomfortable subject -- DNA and baby mamas. As we already... read more