Rosie O'Donnell Hate Over the Top

Everybody who is anybody in not working so much celebrity comedy circles is dying to play a Trump cabinet character on SNL's weekly 90 minutes dedicated to Trump is an asshole sketches. SNL has seen an audience resurgence after years of slumping thanks in large part, or... read more

Emma Thompson Remembers That Time Trump Hit On Her

Maybe you don't share that story from decades ago when some famous billionaire called you up out of the blue and invited you to get to know each other over a meal. After all, you're pretty famous in your own right. But if that guy's become President of the United States,... read more

Lisa Belkin Can't Let Her Trump Go

It's worth Googling the names of reporters who write long form pieces on Donald Trump. There's a massive scramble for thinly veiled hit pieces that manage to capture none of Trump's obvious and significant flaws while digging deep into things that make the reporters... read more

Don Cheadle Says Trump Dropped N Bomb

Don Cheadle doesn't have anything to prove and has very little reason to make shit up. He is vehemently anti-Trump, which whether or not you are a Trump supporter, is a completely respectable position. read more

Jackie Evancho Wants Tranny Toilets Back

Under the former President the nation's schools were ordered to provide self-identified gender restroomfacilities. Nobody knew what that meant so they just told anybody with a dick not wearing a dressto piss in the bushes behind the portables. read more

Lindsay Lohan Backs Trump and Islam

Lindsay Lohan comes from with a message of peace. Allahu Akbar. Lohan's been studying the sacred text as she Lord Jim's her way ever Eastward escaping humiliating events and landlords of her past. read more

Trump Bought Out Penile Tell All

Stereotypes are often stereotypes for a reason. You've no doubt heard your lesbian dog walker friend mumble something about Donald Trump's micro penis, perhaps out of jealousy. A small one is better than nothing. read more

Fiona Apple's Trump Protest Chant Certain to Catch On (AUDIO)

Everybody is doing their part to stop this monster Trump. Minus all the people who voted him into office obviously. Or the tons of other people who mostly don't give a shit. read more

Miss Bumbum Erika Canela Gets A Trump Tattoo

The reigning Miss Bumbum from Brazil inked a Trump face tattoo on her back in what Erika Canela called an effort to rid Trump of his anti-Latin American, anti-female views. read more

Kanye Meets With Trump

Kanye West met with president elect Donald Trump. The two have a lot in common: An incredibly gay fixation with regality which extends to their fake titted whore wives. Bouts of narcissistic rage. Referring to themselves in glorified terms which nobody else does. Now,... read more

Donald Trump Coming for Kristin Davis' Black Baby

It's hard to relate the visceral hysteria taking place in Hollywood over the Trump presidential victory without being here. Picture World War II London schoolchildren packed into basements as bombs fell upon their city. Only picture them far less brave. Also, picture... read more

Rocking the Vote Ain't What It Never Was

To every institution, media outlet, and youth oriented marketing firm which ever used or borrowed the term, "Rocking the Vote", it's never ever actually worked before. As a brief FYI, twelve year old Katy Perry fans can't vote. read more