Donald Trump Can't Stop

Just when you think Donald Trump can't go any farther he opens his mouth again. Nothing is shocking at this point. He could punch a baby or call the president a porch monkey and you'd just shrug. read more

Melania Trump Goes Lesbo

If you ask any mainstream media outlet, Donald Trump is now spiraling out of control as if he hasn't been a ludicrous buffoon trolling anyone outside of his immediate family for the past year. The same could be said for his whore trophy wife Melania Trump. read more

Naked Melania Trump Pictures Because Scandal Has Come Full Circle

There are very few sizable media outlets or newspapers that have or will be endorsing Donald Trump. The New York Post is one of them. The Post led their weekend edition with 21-year old photos of Melania Trump naked and the headline The Ogle Office. That doesn't even make... read more

Lyin' Ted Cruz Makes A Bold Move (VIDEO)

Creepy used car salesman Ted Cruz and his prolific forehead grease used his RNC speech to further his own agenda and did not endorse Trump, as is the entire point of giving a speech at the RNC. Cruz is apparently butt hurt and embarrassed about being beaten out by Trump... read more

Megyn Kelly Faces Justified Criticism

Megyn Kelly's much hyped interview with Donald Trump consisted of her lobbing him a bunch of softballs and laughing at his jokes like a schoolgirl in heat. This is surprising since prior to the interview Kelly was nearly infallible in the eyes of the media, having... read more

Trump Made a Pass at a HuffPo Columnist Thirty Years Ago and Why That's Super Important

Either Hillary Clinton's opposition research team is barking out orders to counter the 'Bill pawed women' re-hashed stories, or every single veteran female reporter on the East Coast is coincidentally writing a survivor's tale of how Donald Trump once made a pass at them... read more

Melania Trump Juicy Tidbits

Melania Trump opened up in a rather bizarre interview in which she literally called herself intelligent and proceeded to talk about how she likes fancy shoes. Her token humorous anecdote came in the form of describing her stay at a Holiday Inn in Iowa and how it wasn't up... read more

Lena Dunham Leaving If Hillary Doesn't Take Over

Lena Dunham known for her fierce feminism and the constant smell of wet woodland mammal that follows her like a Pig-Pen dirt cloud is ditching the United State if Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton in November. Unlike previous celebrities who have said unlike previous... read more

Michelle Fields Brutalized

Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields has big hair and big tits and employsboth as tools in her journalist tool box. She's composed like a beauty pageant runner up. The one who pounds apple-tinis while bitching about Miss Costa Rica really being from Lauderdale.Fields... read more

Trump v. Pope

Donald Trump has attacked Pope Francis because Francis is blatant front runner who during a speech in Southern MexicomockedTrump's Great Wall of Mexico plan. Trump loves that wall even more than he loves his own children, save for Ivanka who he always refers to in a... read more

The Thought of Hillary Clinton Peeing Disgusts Conservatives (VIDEO)

Either you believe Donald Trump is a blowhard who you'd routinely punch in the gunt if he didn't have security or he's an incredibly honed in wordsmith who uses the subtleties of language to lure in voters. Trump's been hitting the public fora recasting in people's minds... read more

Larry David Gets Paid And Shit Around The Web

On last Saturday's SNL, Larry David called Donald Trump a racist to his face. Though it was part of a bit, David is now entitled to a $5000 bounty a pro-immigration group offered to anyone in the SNL audience that would do the same.Five grant isa shitload of illegal... read more