DiCaprio's Dick Is Approaching Unstoppability

Leonardo DiCaprio running through young international models is maybe half a step removed from the casting couch. He may be handsome, but nineteen year old New Zealand bikini models have options for guys younger than their dad. read more

One Million the New Opening A-List Ante for Texas Flood Relief

Kevin Hart's $25K Houston flood relief challenge was ballyhooed as the Ice Bucket Challenge but with some real cash oomph. You have to wonder if celebrities really wanted to be tagged. read more

Leo DiCaprio's New Model

Life for Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing. When you're not lying about saving glaciers, you're busy banging barely legal models. read more

How Many Millions for Dinner With Leo and Kate?

Make a list of things Leonardo DiCaprio related that you'd pay a million bucks for. The yacht, the plane, largely well maintained vulvas of various hot Victoria's Secret models. How about dinner with Leo and Kate Winslet? Alligator arms. DiCaprio had to pull some auction... read more

Leonardo DiCaprio Picasso Siezed

Leonardo DiCaprio was asked by the U.S. Justice Department to turn over a three million dollar Picasso painting and a nine million dollar Basquiat collage. Those high-end pieces to DiCaprio's possession by way of the corrupt insiders who've been raiding the Malaysia's... read more

Captain Planet Is Coming Back Because You Know Why

In the early 1990's Ted Turner got behind a tirelessly didactic animated superhero series intend to encourage kids to become environmentalists. Also, not smoke or steal people's wallets. You know, like kids who don't sort their recycling are apt to do. read more

DiCaprio Attacked by Environmentalists, How the Worm Turns

A Swiss rainforest charity has turned on Leonardo DiCaprio whose Wolf of Wall Street movie was funded in good part from money siphoned from a corrupt Malaysian financial fund currently under DoJ investigation. read more

Leonardo Dicaprio And Nina Agdal Approaching Sex on the Beach

Leonardo DiCaprio plows through more tier one model trim than any of his industry peers. Completely unashamed. Core training is for suckers. Fucking models half your age while maintaining a beer belly is all seven of the world's highest mountains. Fly your private jet to... read more

DiCaprio Commits Cardinal Sin

Leonardo DiCaprio took a private jet from Cannes to New York to accept an environmental award and then took one back to Cannes, equaling the carbon footprint of the continent of Africa and NASCAR combined. DiCaprio's people explained he didn't charter the jet, just got a... read more

Leonardo DiCaprio Saves the Planet, Fucks a Few Chicks, Takes a Nap

Nobody's garnered as much pussy from environmental concerns as Leonardo DiCaprio. He's a tail machine. Whatever he's doing at any given moment, the gears are turning about how it will translate into attractive 22-year old girl pussy. Watch for the boner in the bear scene... read more

Leonardo DiCaprio Losing Territory

Dick Cheney carried around a Final Solution for gays until his daughter came out. Elliot Spitzer was a stickler for the law until he wanted to bang high-end prostitutes. Or at least until he got caught. Leonardo DiCaprio is speaking out about climate change because... read more

Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Doomsday

Leonardo DiCaprio made a rousing environmental speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland mashed up from Malthusian forecasts featured in an Inconvenient Truth. He delivered them as only a white Oscar nominated actor can. Grown men wept in their furs and... read more