PETA Cock Blocking

Typically I'm against PETA. The animal rights activists will randomly ruin anyone's expensive fur coat with low-quality red paint. Joe Montana Parkinson's shakes every time someone mentions them. read more

Boobs Against Bullfighting

Women are passionate when they protest. So passionate about the cause that somehow it always leads to them taking off their shirts. read more

PETA Getting Good Use Out of Their Crocodile Masks

Animal rights protesters have been dogging Fashion Weeks from New York to London and upcoming in Milan. For their part, posh attendees at Fashion Weeks have been donning the skins of dead animals and drinking champagne and ordering their armed security to shoot the... read more

Alicia Silverstone Naked to Protest Wool

Jesus, PETA what now? It started with preventing ranchers from forcing farm animal genitals first into the extruder. We all winced and said, fine. Now it's no wool. That's fucking hair. read more

PETA Gets a Head Start

PETA got their protest girls out in London ahead of the upcoming Fashion Week. You'd think it might be tough to find three raggedy chicks with bad teeth in England to hold a PETA sign up over their bare chests, but you'd be wrong. These college girls aren't as ambitious... read more

PETA Supporters Bloody Good Show

If you're like me, you celebrated National Vegan day by fist punching an adorable creature, skinning it alive, cooking it over an open flame, then tossing it aside because it tasted gamy. PETA vegans in London chose a different route. They got naked and re-created the... read more

Free Willy

Sometimes, I take a bite into my tuna sandwich and I can taste the oppression of man's domination over the seas. Also, a hint of cadmium isotopes from Fukushima. Quite delightful really. The good and decent human hating folks at PETA want to remind everyone that fish are... read more

Jillian Michaels Is On the Side of Good

Jillian Michaels took time away from yelling at fat people to yell at a PETA rally to get rid of Central Park's horse drawn carriages. People have been trying to get rid of those cloyingly romantic carriages since as far back as I can remember. The new New York City... read more

PETA Protestors Topless Outside The Tower of London

If I had to choose between the shrill screams of angry jobless journalism majors or a simple sign and a pair of painted tits, I'd choose the latter. But I'm pretty sure the PETA ladies who come up with these topless in public plans don't think their strategies completely... read more

Ariana Grande Cares About The Animals

Singer and miniature Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande was spotted wearing a PETA shirt while on her way to the recording studio yesterday, and I don't like to label tiny celebrities with stereotypes, but I'm guessing that she's less of a paint-thrower and pit bull... read more

Painted Women In Thongs Protest Fashion Week

Honestly, if you're not at least willing to get naked in public to save the animals, I'm feeling like you don't care that much to save a furry life. The bar has been set, ladies, tits or we kill the baby fox and make a stole. A little beaver and I might just save one. I... read more

Adriana De Moura Goes Nude For PETA Campaign

PETA believes that there's no limit to the ends they should employ to get people to stop imprisoning and killing animals. Every option is on the table. Except apparently actually showing any tits or ass in their so called 'nude' celebrity campaigns. Vandalizing... read more