Terry Richardson Fosters Nurture Argument

Terry Richardson is allowed to get away with being an obvious predator because he's a hipster with sideburns. Apparently a lot of chicks want to do porn yet not admit it. Here's your loophole, and we all know the truth. Do not take them to dinner unless you want to get lectured about gender equality by a chick with dried cum in her extensions.read more

Terry Richardson Rutting Pays Off And Shit Around The Web

Terry Richardson is having twins with the lovely cum dumpster Alexandra "Skinny" Bolotow. They had a baby shower where they gave out condoms with pictures of their ultrasound and dick pops. I hope child protective services is staffing up for all the upcoming paperwork. Seriously, who let this perv reproduce? (Dlisted) Toni Garrn wears a tiny bikini because she can. (Last Men On Earth) Suki Waterhouse is topless and...read more

Kate Upton Cat Daddy Disrespect (VIDEO)

Kate Upton didn't ask to be a blond buxom model making bank and dating pro athletes, but there you go. Her drive to not be seen as a sex object is matched only by the speed at which she accepts cash somen can splashjizz onto grandma's best carpet thinking about her in a bikini. Upton's latest historical revision involves a claims that she chastised creepy Uncle Terry for releasing the Cat Daddy bikini dance video of...read more

Uncle Terry Gets A Gig

Playboy has contracted Terry Richardson tophotograph an entire issueof their magazine. Playboy probably took this unusual step because Richardson is trending big in the news and their magazine business is more desperate than fourteen dudes standing around a keg in a South Bend winter talking about who gets more pussy. Playboy's also letting the guy who melted his kid in the Home Depot parking lot right an op ed about...read more

Terry Richardson Had None Sex With Lindsay Lohan

With all the disturbing allegations against Terry Richardson, the creepy fashion photographer wants to be clear on one thing:he didn't bone Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay has made such suggestions in the past about post-shoot coitus.Just because you made a few young models call you Uncle Terry while you shimmied your cock into their nooks and crannies shouldn't subject you to the charge of copulation by Lohan. Terry...read more

Terry Richardson Is Accused Of Being Terry Richardson Again

Terry Richardson likes to whip out his dick to break the ice at photo shoots. Big whoop. The dude who used to photograph me at Sears so my mom could pretend I was handsome used to employ hand puppets that looked like vaginas. I'm not sure which is objectively creepier. Yet another model has accused Terry ofpressing his dick up against her faceduring a modeling session. This while all the celebrities Terry shoots...read more

Mariah Carey Showed Off Her Breasts And Kids For Terry Richardson

Now that her marriage to Nick Cannon is supposedly on the rocks, it's time for Mariah Carey to turn the breast exposure up to 10 and let any 30-year old actors out there know that she'll soon be single and looking to assist in boosting their careers, so long as they're willing to sign a contract and maintain an image of love and happiness, no matter how transparent it may be. So the best person to help her do that is...read more

Terry Richardson Abides

Any skeezy photographer worth his salt is going to shake off charges of improper groping and errant cum shooting on young subjects. If you can't get past that kind of pro forma, you don't belong in a business where you invite naive waifs into your apartments to make them famous with your camera. The allure of shooting with Terry Richardson is too hard to resist for many models and celebrities like Rita Ora looking to...read more

Lindsay Lohan Wasn't Chosen by Uncle Terry

When Lindsay Lohan heard the accusations that Terry Richardson had been lewdly assaulting certain of his model subjects in his photo studio, she ran right over to his place to confront him about why he never molested her. Obviously, it's a delicate situation when one of your girls wants to know why Uncle Terry didn't use their tampon for his famous tampon tea. Dylan Farrow can bitch all she wants about being diddled...read more

Terry Richardson Says He's The Victim Of A Witch Hunt

Despite the fact that he seems to have no problem lining up photo shoots with the biggest male and female celebrities in the world, photographer Terry Richardson has always carried the reputation of being one of the biggest perverts in the game. Every now and then, random aspiring models or anonymous people slam him with accusations that he was a completely unprofessional scumbag during their shoots, and they want...read more

Emily Ratajkowski Has Terry Richardson Stickers On Her Nips

I'd like to get to a place in my life where models with big yabbos are putting stickers of my face on their nips. It seems like a strong position. Over New Year's a weight challenged girl on Molly let me sign her left ass cheek with a felt tip. I'm getting close. Photo Credit: Terry Richardsonread more

Terry Richardson Has Lost His Way

It'd be easy to be jealous of Terry Richardson's game. He plays that awkward goofy A/V club vice-president nonsense into tons of women getting naked in his loft. People call his photography simplistic and amateurish. I call it pretty fucking genius. Especially when he cashes $100K checks from GQ and Esquire because the happening celebrity chicks insist he shoot their pictorials. But just because you can get girls...read more

Madonna Makes More Money Than Gaga

Lady Gaga hates Madonna for being her before she was her. There's also the fact that guys actually wanted to have sex with Madonna when she was in her 20's, as opposed to begging Gaga to put on an Admiral Ackbar mask before coming into the bedroom. So it must be a bitter pill to swallow for Gaga to earn a paltry $80 million this past year while Madonna and her mega tour for European men in tight slacks raked in nearly...read more

Lady Gaga Remains A Rebel

Lady Gaga struggled to seem counterculture last night in Times Square while executing a major H&M corporate promotion coordinated with the release of her ArtPop album. It's such a coup d'état for us to be in such a corporate environment. Easy there, Che Guevara with the $200 million net worth and the private jet. I'm not sure Universal Music Group booking a retail co-promotion will go down in the annals of social...read more

Georgia May Jagger Poses In Lingerie For Terry Richardson

Do you ever look at celebrity photos and think, shit, I could take photos like that? Yeah, you probably could, Pete Parker. But can you get Georgia May Jagger to strip down to her pleather panties in your apartment? That's the trick. Terry Richardson's place for a goofy shoot is now an obligatory stop when visiting N.Y.C.. Like standing atop the Empire State Building or watching Hugh Jackman sneak into the East...read more