The Howe Twins Do A World Cup Photo Shoot With Body Paint

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The Howe Twins In Lingerie Shooting A Music Video With Snoop Dogg

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Howe You Doing? Get It, It's the Howe Twins. Oh, Fuck Off

I'm not sure where the Howe Twins have been hiding of late. Perhaps they took the winter off to strategize and restructure their forces for another wave of trying to fuck themselves famous in Hollywood. I guess that seems harsh, but I wouldn't say it about girls going to dental hygienist school. Everybody has a dream, some deserved to be mocked for theirs. When I was eight, I wrote in our class project that my more

The Howe Twins Still Digging for Gold

I'm sure some accomplished person once declared sticktoitiveness to be the key to success. The Howe Twins just refuse to give up on their dream of fucking their way famous in Hollywood. No slutty ambitious identicals with big fake tits want to go back to England with their tail between their chaffed legs lamenting over what might've been. Not when their Golden Ticket lies wrapped around the junk of a man more

The Howe Twins Pretended To Be Angels

The Howe Twins, Carla and Melissa, took a well-deserved and much-needed break from showing up to events in revealing outfits so they could partake in a photo shoot in the middle of New York City while dressed like slutty angels. A lot of people might look at these photos and think that they involved Victoria's Secret, since they're wearing lingerie and wings, but if Victoria's Secret is a $5,000 Gucci handbag, more

The Howe Twins Take on Kandyland

I can't help but feel the Howe Twins are spinning their wheels in their effort to fuck themselves famous in Hollywood. Lots of activity, very little progress. I wish I could get them in a room, sit them down, and really walk through a sensible, step by step strategy to attain their empty goal. Either that or tell them I'm a big movie producer and get a super twin hummer. Here's the Howe Twins at the Kandyland Party more

The Howe Twins Hang Out With Sam Jones III

The Howe Twins continued drive to be plowed until famous in Hollywood took another wrong turn when somebody convinced them polishing the knob of Sam Jones III from Smallville was a solid game plan. Sam Jones was once on top of the D-list, playing Pete Ross, nailing Karissa Shannon in a sex tape(NSFW) and grabbing her titties in public all around town. Then all that success came crashing down when cops found 10, more

The Howe Twins Got Sleeping Around Advice at Slumbering Playboy

The Howe Twins continue their quest to fuck their way to fame in Hollywood, visiting the headquarters of the failing Playboy Enterprises to develop a winning strategy. Within the walls of Playboy the ambitious girls learned such gems as 'only go bareback for guys with network deals', 'don't think Corey Feldman can help you in any way', and 'all the girls with reality shows go ass to mouth'. It was a lot for the more

The Howe Twins Get Topless On Radio

The Howe Twins from England continue their unbridled attempt to fuck themselves famous in Hollywood. Their latest maneuver involved taking their tops off for Playboy Radio. I'm not sure these grading-curvebusters understand the medium all that well. Or maybe somebody just pulled out a five dollar bill and they reacted instinctively. Either way I'd suggest the sisters regroup in the common room of their youth more

The Howe Twins Party With Snoop Dogg And Bishop Don Magic Juan

I feel like the Howe Twins game plan to fuck their way to some significant rung of the Hollywood food chain is sputtering. Maybe it's too much time with Snoop Dogg and former pimps or just hitting the wrong clubs. Melissa and Carla should be getting the herp from dudes who used to be on Saved By the Bell by now. Instead they seem to be sputtering at Vegas club champagne rooms. These two Wonder Twins need to more

The Howe Twins Latest Plan to Mount Hollywood

The Howe Twins plan to fuck their way famous in Hollywood took a giant leap forward when the ambitious monozygotics brought homemade cupcakes to their clubbing birthday party. It's a pretty well known fact that men will move mountains for cupcakes. Also, and perhaps more importantly, they will pay top dollar to bang the snot out of identical twins with ginormous fake tits. Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin, WENNread more

The Howe Twins Celebrate Suelyn Medeiros' Birthday

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The Howe Twins Are Entrepreneurial

The Howe Twins have come to America to fuck their way famous. Sounds crude, but it's the truth, and it's actually not all that crude, or new, or wrong. Judging by the looks on their faces leaving the Roosevelt Hotel late night, I'd say they notched another milestone in their strategic plan. Whenever we do get around to that comprehensive immigration reform, we need to make sure achievement minded foreigners like more

Snoop Dogg Smokes Out the Howe Twins for 420

If you're like me, you too have a friend like Stoner Steve. Stoner Steve is the dude not content just to get a little high and watch Spaceballs. No, Stoner Steve has to endlessly loop a lecture about how hemp can save the world, how marijuana can cure constipation, and how a multi-pronged trilateral corporate-government conspiracy is keeping pot illegal. 4/20 is Stoner Steve's biggest day of the year. The lectures more

The Howe Twins on a Celebrity Dick Hunt

The anticipation of what celebrities the Howe Twins are going to nail in Hollywood and then brag about in the tabloids is killing me. It's impossible to narrow down the list of actors and athletes and musicians who will get fucked up and bang one or both of these identical sort of redheads. These girls are cruising the nightclubs and celebrity haunts of L.A. like spiders to the fly. It's only a matter of time more