morning headlines

By brendon September 01, 2009 @ 1:03 PM


VICTORIA BECKHAM – went to Barneys in Beverly Hills to buy a cheerleader outfit to wear for her husband. This is the only bad thing about Posh. She’s married to David Beckham. How the hell do you follow that dude? She might as well be married to Batman. (the sun)

BAD BOYS 3 – 14 years after the original and 6 after the sequel, Columbia Pictures has hired a writer for ‘Bad Boys 3′.  Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are all interested but not signed. When asked if he had any ideas for the story, Bay said, “The what?” (hollywood reporter)

EMINEM – his ex-wife Kim told a Detroit radio station, “If you’re going to have sex with Marshall, make sure you have a little blue pill, because otherwise it does not work.” If I was a woman I’m not sure I’d go on the radio and brag that men can’t get an erection when I try to have sex with them, but maybe I’m just shy. (the sun)

CURRENT SONG – Beck, ‘Timebomb’. The random chatter of people in the background is a cool touch. It’s as if I have friends, and they’ve invited me to a party!

Afternoon Headlines

By brendon August 07, 2009 @ 7:24 PM


VICTORIA BECKHAM – was in Denver today to fill in for Paula Abdul on the first day of American Idol auditions. New rumors claim Paula may still return if they pay her 10M. To recap: Paula quit late Tuesday night, and by Friday morning the producers had replaced her with someone far smarter, hotter, younger and free. Ahh, well played Paula. I think someone has been reading “The Prince”. (source = the ap)

WILL SMITH AND JADA PINKETT – deny that they are scientologists and say the private school they founded will not teach scientology, but Jada fired the head of the school last week after she complained about the curriculum, and now her replacement is an active scientologist. Conspiracy, or is that just what the aliens want us to think? (source = radar)

HEATHER GRAHAM – is in Barcelona today with her boyfriend, who I heard is gay and/or cheating and/or kills prostitutes. Whichever one might drive her to me faster, that’s the one I heard. (hq jump = here)

Morning headlines

By brendon June 16, 2009 @ 7:22 AM

EXCLUSIVE:  Megan Fox Gets Naked on Jennifers Body in BC (USA an

KATIE HOLMES – taped a guest appearance on So You Think You Can Dance yesterday, and yes she will be dancing.   In fact a source said: “She is killing it. She looks incredible. Everyone is absolutely floored by how talented she is.”  Then the source was asked his name, and he said, “Tom, wait, um, yes, T-Tom … Cru … Crew … Sing … Ton … Berg.  Tom Crusingtonberg.  Yes, yes that will do.”  (source = us)

WILL SMITH – and his wife Jada often sneak off during parties or pull over on the side of the road to have sex.  Well big deal so do I.  Wait.  Oh they probably mean with a partner.  Never mind.  I’m so lonely!  (source – imdb)

MEGAN FOX – was photographed topless on the set of Jennifers Body in May of last year, so I have no idea why the always great Daily News is making a big deal out of that today, but as it turns out I also don’t care.  Look, tits!   (source = new york daily news)

will smith is number one

By brendon February 10, 2009 @ 1:32 PM

Forbes magazine has named Will Smith the most bankable star in Hollywood after an industry survey asking what actors can most easily attract financing, theatrical distribution, and an audience.  Angelina Jolie tied for second on the list, and was one of only three women in the top 20.  So don’t confuse this with the Top 20 People Who Beat Me Up In The Third Grade.  That list only had two girls names on it.


By brendon December 18, 2008 @ 7:14 AM

Tax returns for Will Smith’s charitable foundation show he gave $1.3 million in donations last year to a variety of religious, civic and arts groups, including $122,500 to three scientology front groups.  This is in addition to the $1,000,000 he gave to fund a private school for kids that teaches a scientology-based doctrine.  Fox News says…

Smith’s biggest single contribution was, as usual, Yesha Ministries of Philadelphia. He gave the born-again Christian based organization a whopping $250,000.  Another $200,000 went to a Christian ministry outside Los Angeles called Living Waters.
He also gave a combined $122,500 to the Church of Scientology, broken into these donations: $67,500 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxication Fund, $50,000 to the group’s Celebrity Center in Hollywood and $5,000 to ABLE, another Scientology offshoot. Smith and his wife have also supported a private school called New Village Academy they opened this fall in suburban Los Angeles that uses Scientology learning concepts.

Smith still denies he is a scientologist, and I guess this by itself proves nothing.  I gave my garbage man 40 dollars for Christmas, that doesn’t mean I’m a garbage man.  And I gave that prostitute an extra 200 to keep her mouth shut, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t get an erection and she read the page and knew who I was.  Why, what did you hear?  Because it's bullshit.  I have sex, like, allll the time, with many beautiful ladies.


By brendon September 16, 2008 @ 12:11 PM

Over the past two years, various rumors form a number of sources claimed that Will Smith was becoming more and more involved with Scientology, the fakey dumb ass religion of his BFF Tom Cruise.  It was claimed he gave church brochures out to cast members on his movies, he home schooled his kids with Scientology methods, and even funded the creation of a Scientology-based private school for kids.  Oh but Will says none of that is true. According to Fox News…

Monday night, I ran into Mr. and Mrs. Smith at the premiere of “Lakeview Terrace,” which Will has produced with partner James Lassiter. Jada was there, too. And here’s the thing about Will and Jada: they are immensely likable. They are incredibly gracious.
I told him I’d heard he’d given a press conference to the group called Anonymous, which protests Scientology.
“Not exactly a press conference, but I did talk to them,” he said.
So, what’s the story? Is Will a Scientologist? “I am not,” he told me. The school is using one of Scientology's teaching tools, but Will said, “You can take different parts of things you like and put them all together.”

By all accounts Will Smith is the nicest guy in the world.  And it seems he’s determined to do what he wants, as he sees fit, despite what people might say.  And good for him.  Megan Fox and I are the same way.  All that matters is our love.  We don’t care about the rumor mongers, let them talk I say.