Caitlyn Jenner Conflicted

Caitlyn Jenner has been proclaiming her former himself to be a staunch Republican for the past several years. It's really going against the grain. Not as much as having multiple wives and children and then chopping your dick off, but it appears to be a pattern. read more

Kourtney Kardashian Ass On Instagram

Kim Kardashian went too far with her ass. Medical curiosities aren’t sexy. But she could fetch a pretty penny at a turn-of-the-century circus sideshow. So could Khloe. Serena Williams dreams of having Khloe shoulders. That leaves us with Kourtney Kardashian. read more

Madonna Old Ass Buffoon (VIDEO)

Universal has picked up a script called Blonde Ambition, about Madonna's early days as an up and comer in New York City, nude modeling, sleeping in gutters and whatever else happened in the movie she based her life on. read more

Al Pacino Bangs a Chick Half His Age for His Birthday

There comes a time in a man's golden years when he wants to quietly reflect upon his professional and personal adventures and take in some tobacco in a chair overlooking the ocean. If you can afford it, you also want to fuck an Argentinean model chick half your age.... read more

Kim And Kourtney Mexican Bikini Adventure And Shit Around The Web

Vapid sistersKimandKourtney Kardashianbikini together in Mexico. The photos shocked the world as nobody had seen their bare asses for over a week and were worried the Venezuelan rubber nationalization might've caused some undue consequences. read more

Ask Tyler: Charlie Sheen, Hero or Goat?

Ask Tyler: What's your thoughts on Charlie Sheen? He doesn't work in a cubicle and lives his life his way. Is he your hero? Ask read more

Danielle Bregoli Faces Felonies

You never know what zany antics will happen when you get your violent middle school daughter breast implants and unleash her on the world. If you work backward from the inevitable death by eighteen, you have a timeline of all types of Basketball Diaries shit. Throw in an... read more

Katie Price Committed to Natural Look

Bruce Jenner cries when he sees Katie Price because she was the woman in the picture he handed the doctor before going under with the words, "Make me look like her." They got pretty close. read more

United Kills Creepy Old Woman's Giant Rabbit

Practically speaking, nobody really gives a shit when an airline beats the crap out of an old quack with a felony record. The video's fun to watch. The boycott almost entirely empty. Dead animals are another matter. read more

Heidi Klum Sends a Message (VIDEO)

Heidi Klum is still making money off her body. No small feat at forty-three. In unedited pictures she looks like a Barbie Doll made with lumpy clay. read more

Time Magazine's Most Influential Famous Women With Tits Who Agreed to Show Up

A bunch of chicks showed up for the Time 100 Most Influential People Gala. Respectable red carpet events are few and far between this time of year. Smart attendees showed off their tits. Like celebrities really need to be prodded. read more

Facebook Live Appealing to Murderers

Giving everybody in the world their own TV channel has proven to be somewhat dicy. You would've thought Facebook Live would have done one or two of the positive things it touted during various CES music-filled promotional videos. Naturally, it's become a sinkhole of... read more