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Want to hear something FUCKED UP? Whenever a black person dies, statistically, the survival rate of all other black people rises. Did that upset you? Well…go fuck your mothers mouth. Sincerely, Tyler Durden I LOVE YOU CAM!!! READ MORE

I. Just. Can’t. Care.

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Apparently America is burning and I could give a negative shit. I got VERY drunk last night and did butt stuff with my girl, so I’m good. Woke up in my backyard naked. Reminds me of this Patrice O’Neal... READ MORE


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I find it absolutely hilarious that humans get so upset about humans doing human shit. The cities are burning. Authority is killing. People are looting. It’s just another Friday. War and murder are never going to go away. They... READ MORE

Kneel Before Mob

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Jimmy Fallon is an idiot. Not because he sucks at his gig on The Tonight Show, or just sucks in general, but because he bowed to the social justice mob. The ‘comedian’ recently apologized for dressing up as Chris... READ MORE

They’re Both Karens

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I’m sure you’ve seen this idiotic story. Black guy tells white girl to put her dog on a leash. White girl calls the cops saying black guy is threatening her life. Black guy films white girl choking her dog.... READ MORE

Free. This. Man.

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In 1993, Mattieo Condoluci sexually assaulted a 5 year old boy and got probation. In 2007, he was given 2.5 years for raping a 13 year old girl. On May 19th 2020, Mattieo Condoluci got fucking shot dead. On... READ MORE

Gregory Tyree Boyce Has Died

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Gregory Tyree Boyce is someone I’ve never heard of from some movie I never saw called ‘Twilight”. Anyways, he’s dead. Bye! Tyler Durden READ MORE

The Cave Is Closed For Ruby Rose

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Batwoman no longer has a Batwoman. Ruby Rose, star for such hits as absolutely nothing, has decided it’s time for her to leave her leading role in the CW’s Batwoman. Makes sense. It’s not like comic book properties on... READ MORE

Shad Gaspard has died

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WWE superstar Shad Gaspard’s body was discovered after being missing for 3 days according to police reports. He disappeared after being by the pulled by the tide into the ocean off of Venice. beach. So he’s dead. Bye! Tyler... READ MORE

You Deserved It

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Lisa Urso was mauled to death by her French Bulldog. Lisa Urso was not in a wheelchair. Lisa Urso was not an invalid. Lisa Urso was not paralyzed. Lisa Urso was a 52 year old woman that was killed... READ MORE


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