kendra has plenty of sex tapes for everyone

Yesterday it came out that Kendra tried to sell her sex tape last year, and despite that fact she is on the cover of the current OK! magazine saying she feels betrayed because an ex boyfriend sold her sex tape. Today radar has an update, and they say this doesn't mean... read more

jessica biel gets it

Jessica Biel pranced around New York yesterday in a pair of pants so wonderfully tight they essentially defeated the point of pants. We can still see every inch of her, it's just now it's grey. And a zipper is simply a vertical slit between a girls legs that will get... read more

mel gibson had an affair with a porn star

But not the one in the picture. I can't find a single image or scrap of info on the one Mel allegedly cheated on his Russian girlfriend with. So I stopped trying and put up a picture of Asa Akira instead. She's not only a porn star, she's the best porn star ever. If she... read more

kendra is really bad at lying

After zero days of media silence, Kendra Wilkinson has finally agreed to give her side of leaked sex tape story to the new issue of OK magazine. And she's so bad at lying that it's actually pretty charming. It makes you think she's never done it before, and has no idea... read more

lindsay must be sleepy

Literally just a few hours after doing the bare minimum to stay out of jail and complete her alcohol awareness classes, Drinksy Lohan became even more aware of alcohol when she stayed at a house party in the Hollywood Hills until 5am this morning. Those classes can be up... read more

jwoww loves attention

According to these pictures, JWoww and Snooki and the cast of 'Jersey Shore' spent Cinco de Mayo getting drunk and making a spectacle of themselves. But I'm not so sure. Seems far fetched. I'm gonna go over to snopes to see if these pictures are some kind of urban... read more

kendra is being less than honest

The fact that Kendra orchestrated a magazine cover to come out the very same day Vivid announced they have a Kendra sex tape should tell you everything you need to know about who is behind this. And if that doesn't the legal stuff should. And if that doesn't maybe the... read more

jessica simpson is in a hurry

Jessica Simpson was in NYC yesterday, and she ran from the Ritz-Carlton to her car with what the Sun describes as, "her cleavage bursting out of her dress." So maybe she was trying to be sexy, or maybe she was in a rush and didn't have time to lock everything down. My... read more

NBC really loves lying about Conan

Eight years ago, NBC posted a profit of 1.8 billion dollars, but since then it's been run by bumbling retards who would be required to wear water wings and a football helmet at all time in most states, so this year they will lose over 600 million dollars (source). As you... read more

exclusive kendra sex tape details

So there's this guy I know, and he knows everything that happens behind the scenes in porn, and he says that if this tape ever gets released, and if it shows Kendra having sex, it will be because she approved its release and signed contracts allowing it. If she wants to... read more

breaking news: kendra has a sex tape

Vivid has released just about every celebrity sex tape you can think of, including Kim Kardashian and Pam Anderson, but less than an hour ago they released a statement to claim the next one could be their biggest yet. Because it stars Kendra Wilkinson. Who was a teenager... read more

miley and her new video are too sexy

"I Cant be Tamed", the Miley Cyrus video that premiered last night, could be described lots of different ways. Dumb. Pointless. Dumb. But not sexy. Definitely, definitely not sexy. And yet... Within hours since the sexy new video – in which the singer gives off an edgier... read more