what the hell is that

Poshs hot little ass needs to chose her furs a little better. She took off from JFK today is some puffy brindled thing, like she skinned a dutch shepherd or a wookie, but with her skinny little legs she looked a little ostrichy. Or like those trolls you’d put on the end... read more

rachel bilson is engaged

If I were an actor, I would definitely want to costar with Rachel Bilson, because she’s unbelievably hot and she’ll apparently date anyone within ten feet of her, regardless of how boring or dumb looking that person might be. She might even marry you. Rachel Bilson and... read more

matilda will get the oscar

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and there are only two guarantees. 1. At around 8pm, I’ll say, "aww shit, is that boring crap tonight? God dammit." 2. Heath Ledger will win Best Supporting Actor for The Dark Knight. Up until now, no one knew who would actually keep... read more

damn shes still in the hospital?

Usher's wife Tameka Foster Raymond is still in a Brazilian hospital 10 days after suffering what was originally referred to as complications form a routine surgery. In reality it was a heart attack after a risky liposuction procedure. The New York Daily News... read more

fergie is better than i thought

Fergie and Josh Duhamel were back in Mexico this weekend as part of their extended honeymoon, and I'm not gonna lie to you, Fergies body is way better than I thought it was. Her implants are enormous. Good for her. She might have the best body on earth that I still wouldn... read more

matt damon in the caribbean

Matt Damon spent the weekend in the Caribbean with his wife and three kids. Which is the most anyone should ever have. Three kids, I mean. You see these women with tons of kids, it’s like being married to a kangaroo, every day of your life she’s walking around with kids... read more

the hills in hawaii

As previously implied by the headline, the cast of "The Hills" is in Hawaii this week, and even though all of them hit the beach yesterday, the only one I care about is Audrina. Because she’s the only fun one. Meaning she’s the only one with huge tits. Those things are... read more

exclusive megan fox pics

Megan Fox hit the beach for an Elle magazine photo shoot this weekend, and it's pictures like these that make me wish I had more room for pictures on this page. Because the originals here are enormous. But not big enough to hump, if you were wondering. (picture source = ... read more

good news for jessica simpson

Over the weekend pictures turned up and it turns out Jessica Simpson has gross veins in her boobs now (relive the magic here). And not subtle ones either. It’s like a map of rivers. But good news for Jess, because Aubrey O'Day was at Fashion Week in New York and it turns... read more

finally, a slavery theme park

Michael Jackson’s brother Marlon is developing an amusement park about slavery, which actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. I'm lying of course. The Guardian UK says...A museum for the Jackson Five is to be built in Nigeria as part of a $3.4bn luxury resort... read more

hayden whatshername is single

You have to go to Us magazines website for the worlds greatest picture of this dork. I think someone over there is being sarcastic. Who did this dude blow to get on TV? Who the fuck thought that thing he does with his mouth was acceptable in a leading man? Are the... read more

everyone do this

Hey, everyone twitter and facebook me. If it helps, I’m making an adorable face right now, impossible to resist.[gallery columns="6"] read more