Awwwww, look how cute

No reason at all to put up these pictures taken yesterday of Angelina Jolie and Maddox at Whole Foods in New York, except, if these two got any cuter, they would turn into bunnies. Bunnies giving daisies to a basket of koalas. Say what you will about her being 10 shades of crazy, she really does love these kids. And maybe it means something that we haven't seen pictures like this of her with Brad Pitt. Based on more

Charlize Theron is the choice for Bond

Despite previous reports saying that the role of Vesper Lynd had already been offered to Angelina Jolie, the Daily Mirror UK says today that director Martin Campbell's number one choice to play the female lead in the upcoming remake of Casino Royale is Charlize Theron. Says a source: "She is glamorous but she is also a brilliant actress. It would be quite a coup to have an Oscar-winner as the female lead." Ummmread more

Brad Pitt is going to be a father

Brad Pitt has applied to legally adopt the children of Angelina Jolie. Pitt will try to become the adoptive father to four-year-old Maddox and nine-month-old Zahara Marley, and if successful, their surnames will be changed to Jolie-Pitt. Pitts publicist released this simple confirmation on Friday: "We are confirming that Brad Pitt is in the process of becoming the adoptive father of both children." Wow. Brad Pitt more

Nicole Richie is rude

Nicole Richie has the kind of face you normally only see on an Alaskan totem pole. And it's with no small amount of pride that she's never been on Tyler before, because, to this day, I have absolutely no idea what it is she does. Maybe its admirable she's not the whore ex-BFF Paris Hilton is, or maybe she's just lazy. According to this email from one of the sexxxy readers, she's just lazy: "Nicole Ritchie was more

the VH1 Big in 05 party

I know its not gonna win me any points with the cool kids, but Lindsay Lohan really does look impossibly good lately. This is one of the only times that an actress tried to make that transformation from child actor to glamorous actress and it worked. She's still a boney freckled mess, but the black hair makes her look exotic somehow, like a sexy gypsy, casting a spell on my penis. Note to Jenny McCarthy: more

Britney Spears is pissed

So, the super cool rumor of the weekend is that Britney Spears is finally realizing that sheread more

Hollywood stars are good people

Jamie Foxx, Snoop-Dogg, Danny Glover, Jason Alexander, Russell Crowe, Ted Danson, Ed Asner, Richard Dreyfuss, Ed Oread more

Ryan Phillippe is the sexiest

InTouch Magazine conducted a reader poll for its most recent issue and asked who was the hottest Hollywood dad. The top ten looked like this: 10. Charlie Sheen. And its already pretty clear there were only about 5 good choices and then people just padded the list with names they thought no one else was gonna choose. 9. Guy Ritchie. Collin Farrell has kids right? 8. Jude Law. Denzel Washington has kids right? 7. more

Britney Spears is having problems

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but both the New York Post and the New York Daily News are saying today that Britney Spears' marital problems are getting worse. The Post says that Spears and husband Kevin Federline had a very heated argument after flying from New York to Los Angeles, a fight so angry that Kevin packed a bag and checked into the Beverly Hills Hotel. The News takes it a step further and more

Paris Hilton music is online

Music superstar Paris Hilton put four tracks from her first album on her MySpace website last night, and you can hear her contribution to the arts right here. Why a billionaire princess has a free blog on MySpace with other self-important loners (cough, cough) is an awesome question but not really relevant for now. Most seemed to be expecting a KFed level train wreck, but her music is a pretty much a cut-and-paste more

Violet Ann Affleck

Violet Affleck was born last night in Los Angeles. Jennifer Garner was induced and gave birth to a healthy baby girl while husband and father Ben Affleck stood by her side. The child is the first for both. Affleck, 33, and Garner, 34, were married June 29, almost two months after news of the pregnancy was leaked. I personally wouldn't have given my little girl a name that sounds so much like Violent Affect, but I' more

Keira Knightley has to beg for it

Keira Knightley broke up with model Jamie Dornan earlier this year, but is reportedly so desperate to win him back that she is delivering flowers and food to his home. Keira is said to want their relationship to have another chance, but Dornan is trying to start a career in music and is ignoring her advances. "She brings flowers and food round to his bachelor flat and tries to give it a woman's touch. (But) at more

Enrique Iglesias is upset

Contact Music says that Enrique Iglesias "has lashed out at suggestions he has a small penis, branding the rumours 'hurtful'". Enrique was quoted last month, seemingly upset about the lack of condoms made for the more discreet gentleman. "I can never find extra-small condoms and I know it's really embarrassing for people." But now he claims that the stories are having a detrimental effect on his relationship more

Liv Tyler got kinda fat

Being the person who gives pedicures probably has its advantages at times. Not as much as bikini-waxer or roller-coaster expert, but still, its normally hot chicks coming in for stuff like that. Oh boy, but then there are times like this. If you turn your TV or radio down right now, and you stare at the pictures hard enough, you can actually hear Liv Tyler breathing. That deep husky wheeze, like itread more

Kate Winslet got kinda hot

Meanwhile, Kate Winslet went from Hollywoods version of the flag squad to being borderline hot. Not only that, but she's fully naked in what she calls "very explicit sex scenes" in the upcoming Little Children. Says the great Sun UK: "If you had said to me 15 years ago that when I was nearly 30, and had two children, I would be doing some very explicit sex scenes, I swear to God, that literally would have been more