Kisten Dunst is insufferable

Kirsten Dunst says that Spider-Man 3 will probably be her last stint playing whatever the hell it is she plays in those movies. The laughably delusional troll says: "Unless they pay me an exorbitant amount of money, this will be my last one. If there is more of a story to tell and (director) Sam Raimi is on board, and everyone is, then maybe. But this is what I am signed to do - three." If karma were at all a more

Daniel Craig is James Bond

Just about everybody with a web page is now reporting that Layer Cake star Daniel Craig has been cast as the next James Bond and the official announcement will be made in the next few days. This quick summary from London paper the Daily Mail: "In the end a shortlist of two emerged - Craig and newcomer Henry Cavill. The pair were auditioned again and tried on tuxedos to see how they would look in the more

Jessica Simpson wants Brad Pitt

Star Magazine says that Jessica Simpson has been lobbying hard to be cast as the wife of Brad Pitt in a big-screen adaptation the 80's nighttime soap Dallas. Jess has her heart set on playing Pam, the doe-eyed wife of good son Bobby. That role would be far meatier than her last and it would allow Simpson a chance to share scenes with Pitt (who played a ranch hand on the show in 1987), not to mention give her more

Marilyn Manson is poser-riffic

The New York Post says today that Marilyn Manson is "hoping to join the ranks of the 'Beautiful People' he sang about by bringing out his own line of fragrance." He is said to be "in the final stages with one of the major companies, and he hopes a full line of cosmetics will follow." Iread more

Eva Longoria is confusing me

At first I thought the most baffling thing about these pictures was in picture number 6 where Tony Parker slams his head into Eva Longorias ass. But then I thought about that and it made total sense. So the mystery then shifts to picture number 2. Not so much that she has a Milk Bone on her hip, but why there's a bite missing out of it. She does realize that dogfish is just a name, right? They're aren't actual more

Lindsay Lohan is invisible

Is this Lindsay Lohans idea of a disguise? To kinda hold a see thru scarf over part of her mouth? Is she trying to evade the photographers or seduce them. Iread more

Katie Holmes is pregnant. Right?

Ben Widdicombe included a blind item in his column for the New York Daily News over the weekend that said the following: "Not everyone is buying that pregnancy story. One PR pro unconnected to the couple says: 'I wonder if she'll lose the baby sometime around December. Nobody can write anything mean about a miscarriage.'" Thatread more

Christina Aguilera is patriotic

Christina Aguilera sang the National Anthem at the home opener for the Pittsburgh Penguins Saturday night to the surprise of the fans and players, none of whom were told of her appearance beforehand. Aguilera grew up in Wexford, a suburb northwest of Pittsburgh, and actually sang the anthem once before at a Penguins game when she was 11. I spent most of high school chemistry staring at Kay Donaldson's ass, but I' more

Sienna Miller is single

According to UK paper the Sunday Mirror, Jude Law has ended his relationship with Sienna Miller after discovering that she cheated on him with Daniel Craig, the man most often mentioned as the next James Bond, and a friend of Law's. A source told the Mirror: "Jude is in pieces. Daniel was one of his closest friends. He can't believe Sienna could do this to him. Yes, he cheated on her with the nanny, but he has more

Kate Bosworth is friendly

Even though Kate Bosworth is nice enough to stop on the street and give directions to total strangers, I donread more

Jennifer Aniston is not taking calls

According to the Canadian paper London Free Press, Jennifer Aniston hung up on Brad Pitt when he recently tried apologizing to her for the pain he's caused by his romance with Angelina Jolie. Her friends say she's bracing for the inevitable wedding between Brad and Angelina, who are reportedly seeking to adopt a child orphaned by hurricane Katrina. If that happens, they would have three of the seven children she more

Rachel McAdams is 29

Rachel McAdams is rather attractive. And since today is her 29th birthday - and also because Donald Passman was nice enough to free up some of my bandwidth - I think it would be nice if we honored her blessed day by showing her topless in the movie My Name is Tanino. Iread more

Donald Passman is a lawyer

Donald Passman doesnread more

Charlize Theron will flinch

Charlize Theron says she was severely disciplined and punished for bad behavior while she was growing up, even being spanked and whipped so hard by her by her mother she got welts on her thighs. "God, I was spanked. I was more than spanked - I was whipped. Definitely. With whatever was around." Theron admits she was once hit so hard with a metal coat hanger - for spilling soup on her school uniform - she was left more

Britney Spears is delusional

Britney Spears has asked the Mattel toy company to create dolls in the likeness of her, husband Kevin Federline and their new baby son, Sean Preston, for fans to play with. She has also asked for doll versions of her mom, father, older brother Bryan and younger sister Jamie Lynn to be added to the collection. Britney is hoping the Barbie-style range will also include a toy replica of her 5 million dollar more