Jake Gyllenhaal is wild

Jake "I'm ordinary in every way" Gyllenhaal admits he was once arrested for stealing a pair of Speedo's. He says he was dared by a friend to try on a racing suit and then walk out of the Speedo store at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, but he was quickly stopped by mall security. Says Jake: "A friend of mine dared me actually, at one point, to go into the store and to put on a Speedo and to walk out of the store more

Kirsten Dunst is single and crazy

Kirsten Dunst announced her breakup with longtime boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal during a recent press tour of the UK to promote Elizabethtown. When asked about her boyfriend, Kirsten curtly replied, "I don't have a boyfriend." Wow. A bitchy response to a perfectly reasonable question. Who would have thought. Dunst later called the reporter a bitch behind her back. Seriously. It just goes to show you cant judge a book more

Site News

Alright, so the "comments" section after each post is being a little moody right now. Sorry about that. I appreciate the emails, but rest assured I'm working on it. Except, replace the words "working on it" with "hoping Ryan will work on it". And then add on the words "who is hoping that Corey will work on it". So yeah, I expect this to be resolved any second now. update - things seem better now. thanks. note - I' more

Thomas Haden Church is Sandman

Sony Pictures has put up the very first image of Thomas Haden Church as Sandman, one of the two villains in the upcoming Spider Man 3. The other is still rumored - but not confirmed - to be Topher Grace as Venom. How the same director could cast a snaggletooth Garbage Pail Kid like Kirsten Dunst, but follow that up with completely great and perfect actors like Church and Alfred Molina is beyond me. Iread more

Lucy Clarkson is naked and wet

Pictures like this have to be at least partly why America kicks so much ass, why the USA is a magical world of freedom where dreams and justice come true. Because we don't have monkey business like this going on. Like UK model Lucy Clarkson walking around a hotel pool naked. Mind you, these shenanigans aren't part of a professional photoshoot on a closed set. No, this is a little something the Brits like to more

Brooke Burke never ever looks bad

I spent like 20 minutes trying to think of an intro to these pictures. Sadly, this was the best one. Truth is, even though 'the Boondocks' calling me racist is hilarious fun on a Sunday night, it just dawned on me I left shirtless Matthew McConaughey as the headline all weekend. And I should prolly do something about that. I only barely care about the pictures of Brooke Burke below. She looks great and I like it more

Matthew McConaughey is 36

So, Matthew McConaughey is 36 today. It's his birthday. So, good for him, I guess. He's seems alright. I always hear he's a decent guy. And he does his sit-ups, that's for sure. As witnessed by these pictures I'm putting up for all the ladies. For the life of me I can't figure out what's weirder: the fact that paparazzi sit in McConaugheyread more

Jude Law and Sienna Miller are back on

Ananova ran a story today saying that, despite the rumors last week that Sienna Miller was the cause of the breakup between Leonardo DiCaprio and Giselle Bundchen, Miller is back with ex-fiancread more

Sofia Vergara at Rich premiere

For some reason I had it in my head that Get Rich or Die Tryin' opened today. I guess it actually opens November 9th. But, whatever, I'd already tagged these pictures of Columbian supermodel Sofia Vergara at the premiere Wednesday night, so they're going up. Keep in mind that this is the girl Tom Cruise dated for 30 seconds before hooking up with the easily tricked Katie Holmes. I guess Sofia's will wasn't as more

Ashlee Simpson is drunk and rude

Ashlee Simpson does know she's the ugly one, right? She's ugly and everyone hates her. We have been clear about that, right? Yeah. Yeah, I thought we had been too. But I guess not. Because while it would be charming and sexy if Jessica got drunk and slithered around on a counter at McDonalds, it's just super-punchable when Ashlee does it. Yet at the same time, so pathetic its not even worth getting worked up more

King Kong is now online

The first and probably last trailer for King Kong is now online. And say what you will, at least theyread more

Kelly Brook in Three, part 2

I gotta admit, Iread more

Johnny Depp is relaxed

Nothing really going on today, so here are some random pictures of Johnny Depp taking a break while filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest and the as-yet unnamed third movie. The two sequels are being filmed back-to-back. Both movies again feature Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley in the lead and are being directed by the great Gore Verbinski. The second movie features the legendary Davey Jones as more

News from all over

Jackass 2 is coming - Variety and the great are reporting today that Paramount is looking to capitalize on the low cost/high profits often brought by comedies, and first on deck is a sequel to Jackass, which was made for less than $5 million but made 80 worldwide. Johnny Knoxville has hinted that he would do it and Paramount would love to have Jackass 2 in theaters for Thanksgiving 2006, which seems more

Pam Anderson is persuasive

Pamela Anderson has reportedly written to executives at Daimler-Chrysler to demand animal-friendly versions of all Mercedes-Benz, according to a letter released by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Part of the letter said: "Animals used for their skin suffer from confinement, fear, painful mutilations, deprivation of all that is natural and important to them, and cruel treatment during transport more