the beckhams may leave LA

David Beckham is so famous it’s easy to forget that he’s still one of the better soccer players in the world. With that in mind it should probably come as no surprise that he’s enjoying his time on loan to AC Milan immensely, and may want to just stay over there full... read more

mickey rourke is smooth

You know what girls like? They like when you're talking to them and you shove your hand down the front of your pants. Massaging your balls while you have a conversation with a girl is a way of telling her you think she's really pretty. It's basically the biggest... read more

lindsay looks hot

Sam Ronsons vagina must have some kind of poison in it because every time we see Lindsay Lohan its like she’s lost another 10 pounds. The Daily Mail says...A worryingly thin Lindsay Lohan shocked fellow shoppers while shopping in New York yesterday with her mother and... read more

jessica simpson looks different

I cannot f’ing believe that is Jessica Simpson. But it is, or it was, yesterday at a concert in Pembroke Pines, Florida for some local country radio station. Clearly since we saw her last she slayed that dragon named dignity and just spooned frosting into her mouth full... read more

miley should consider a bra

Okay so maybe these pictures were interesting, because at one point when Miley Cyrus was getting on her horse, her breast slipped out of her dress, right in front of the entire crew. But you’re gonna have to take my word on that because this is the closet thing I can... read more

katy perry still sucks

Katy Perrys annoying ass had some candid pictures leak out this weekend, and her rack looks fantastic but she still just annoys the hell out of me. She’s just a collection of gimmicks. And she’s goofy. She’s like those weirdo girls who make birthdays cards for their... read more

katie stam is miss america

The Miss America pageant was held Saturday night in Las Vegas. Apparently. This is all news to me, but the winner was 22-year-old Katie Stam from Indiana, and she’s kind of hot. Which is more like it. That’s how they should decide this, instead of giving it to some homely... read more

well this was disappointing

Hilary Duff and her boyfriend Mike Comrie spent the weekend in the Caribbean, and Jesus Christ these pictures are boring. Her bikini sucks, she looks like Tom Wolfe in that dumb hat and she just sat there like a lump. She doesn’t even do anything. So, really there’s no... read more

youre under arrest

I’m not entirely sure what the deal is with these pictures of Shauna Sand in Miami over the weekend, but after seeing that picture above, I’m assuming they’re evidence in some sort of prostitution sting. (picture source = bauer griffin)[gallery... read more

are we still doing this

Are we still pretending Miley Cyrus is a big deal and will be around in two years? Oh we are? Fantastic. In that case, Miley Cyrus spent yesterday modeling for a photoshoot in Santa Clarita. And it was every bit as hot as that made it sound. Look at these pictures, then... read more

tom cruise is getting a makeover

Believe it or not there was a time when everyone loved Tom Cruise and his goofy religion was no secret but he and his team keep his doofusness in check. Then in 2005 he fired Pat Kingsly, his publicist since 1995, and replaced her with his scientologist sister. Not a good... read more

that looks fun

I would push my parents down the stairs to see what Alessandra Ambriso sees in that picture above. And I actually like my parents. [gallery ids="62881,62891,62901,62911"] read more