Lindsay Lohan failed 2 drug tests. Or maybe none.

Late this afternoon it was reported by multiple sources that Lindsay Lohan tested positive for cocaine during a drug test as part of her probation, but Lohan tells Us magazine that those reports are a lie, and everyone is crazy. And yes, that is the exact same thing she... read more

Lindsay Lohan failed a drug test, positive for cocaine

Lindsay Lohan left rehab on August 24th, and on August 25th she was in a bar until 1am. 5 days after that she was pulled over by a cop for running a stop sign (on the way to the same bar as before), 4 days after that she hit a baby stroller with her car, and this weekend... read more

JWoww is posing for Playboy

It can't really be a surprise that Playboy has been in talks with 'Jersey Shore' star JWoww to pose naked, and though the deal has yet to be signed, we're talking about JWoww taking money to show her tits. I'm optimistic. E! says... "Final offer is standing," JWoww told... read more

Katy Perry had a little trouble with her skirt

Katy Perry and her fiance Russell Brand had lunch in Silverlake yesterday, and as Katy got into her car, the wind blew her flimsy little skirt up. And so I saved all the pictures in an excited tizzy, and then published them on the internet. On a somewhat related topic,... read more

Oprah Winfrey is paying for everything this time (update!)

Oprah Winfrey has been ridiculed in the past for her "My Favorite Things" episodes, where she gives her studio audience extravagant gifts, because, among other reasons, they still have to pay taxes on those gifts, the most famous example being the $7,000 they had to pay... read more

Adam Lambert got in a fight. (they are fighting, right?)

Adam Lambert is facing battery charges today after chasing down and beating up a paparazzi who was taking pictures of him on the beach in Miami yesterday. You may be wondering, "did this end with one of Adams friends showing his naked ass?" Of course it did. Why wouldn't... read more

is Lindsay Lohan already violating her probabtion?

Lindsay Lohan is in New York today, which means that unless Judge Elden Fox amended his earlier ruling (and I'll be damned if I can find any story saying he did) she's in clear violation of her probation which says she must, "reside in California until November". This ... read more

Miley Cyrus is getting really slutty

Between the trampy shorts and heels Miley Cyrus wore yesterday, and the invisible shirt she changed into to go out with bff Demi Lovato, we've seen like 98 percent of Miley in the last 24 hours. It makes you think it's gonna be game on after she turns 18 in two months... read more

Kate Gosselin looks great. On magazine covers.

Knowing that she was on the cover of People magazine this week in a bikini, and that everyone would of course wonder if the picture was photoshopped, it was maybe not the best idea in the world for Kate Gosselin to go jogging yesterday in natural light and a top that... read more

Prepare to be shocked

Heidi Montag? On a date with her douchebag husband at the Santa Barbara Zoo yesterday? Kissing? But they said they were getting divorced! They even filed they paperwork! Oh my goodness, so they were lying this whole time to get attention? Oh I can hardly believe it. I... read more

Mel Gibson confronted the paparazzi (w/ video)

As shocking as it is when a celebrity starts screaming at or gets into a fight with the paparazzi, to me it's just as shocking that it doesn't happen a hundred times a day. As you can see in this video shot Monday, some paparazzi were following Mel Gibson around LA when... read more

Lindsay Lohan has it all figured out

Many had their doubts this past month when Lindsay Lohan was telling everyone that all she wants to do now is focus on her career and be taken seriously as an actress. But ever since getting out of rehab, she's gone shopping a lot in see thru shirts and shown people her... read more