Osama bin Laden is dead

It's hard to get excited about the typical stuff on this dumb little website when Osama bin Ladens dirty corpse has crabs picking at the holes in his face, because, if you haven't heard, a Navy SEAL team, armed with a lingering grudge, orders to kill, and the God-like... read more

its the royal wedding

WWTDD.com can now officially confirm earlier reports that Prince William married Kate Middleton today, in Paris according to my sources, thanks to this exclusive footage of the event. You would have thought someone else would have recorded this, on their phone or... read more

Jaime Pressly is subtle

Hey look. Jaime Pressly went shopping for lingerie in Beverly Hills today, while wearing skin tight work out clothes. Unfortunately she got lots of attention, because if this didn't work she was gonna go buy a dildo in a schoolgirl skirt, pigtails and licking an... read more

the Beckhams improved the royal wedding

It's a good thing David and Victoria Beckham were at the royal wedding, because they were basically the most interesting thing there. At least until the reception, when Princess Kate began to have a few doubts. Word is she had a few drinks and grabbed the queens crown.... read more

Rihanna should drop things more often

Rihanna looked fantastic last night at the Linked Against Leukemia Gala, which in my opinion is the most prestigious leukemia gala of them all. It's a controversial stand I take. The night must have been a real eye-opener for Rihanna. Because she's from Barbados. The... read more

Princess Kates sister has a hot ass

This morning of course was the long awaited royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, and like all of you, it really touched my heart. Especially when they showed the tight white dress Kates sister (and Maid of Honor) Pippa wore, and the way it clung to... read more

I think Im in love

Nicole Richie was in Miami yesterday, in a bikini at her hotels pool, and the bad news is her entire body. It's every bit as unpleasant and androgynous as you remember it being. The good news is her face. Because she looks like a cartoon chicken, and cartoons are funny,... read more

January Jones is pregnant, apparently human

January Jones announced last night that she was pregnant, which will mean big changes for her and the father, assuming she knows who that is. "January Jones is happy to announce that she is expecting her first child this fall," her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. While... read more

Mark Wahlberg and Justin Bieber are in a basketball movie

Tell the black guys to stand still and set the mini trampoline under the 9-foot goal, because Mark Wahlberg (who is 5'8") will play a mentor to Justin Bieber (who is 5'5") in a movie about street basketball. Deadline says... Paramount Pictures is in negotiations for what... read more

Olivia Munn in a bikini on a jet ski for Carls Jr.

Carls Jr. has once again made a commercial with a B-list star in a bikini (behind the scenes video under the cut), this time with Oliva Munn following in the unsteady footsteps of Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge. These are such honest ads. Carls Jr. isn't that great... read more

Lindsay will give the homeless the greatest gift of all

One time I was walking through a parking lot and I came around a car and there was this old homeless woman with a ping pong ball for an eye (literally. it was a ping pong ball with a blue circle drawn on it with a sharpie inside her eye socket) and she was squatting down... read more

Giselle Bunchen is not a very good model

Gisele Bundchen was hired to be a "living mannequin" for a department store in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and either no one told her that or she doesn't know what a mannequin is. Someone tell her to stop moving. And definitely stop waving. Jesus, she's practically dancing in... read more