Jessica Biels dress was see-though. Sort of.

Jessica Biel is in London to promote ‘the A-Team' (which is entertaining as hell, btw) and she went to the premiere in this red dress that she probably assumed was as scandal proof as any dress could possibly be without adding armor and a cloak. It's the kind of boring... read more

Adriana Lima is a good bikini model

Adriana Lima was on St Barts yesterday modeling bikinis for Victorias Secret, and to give an old classic a new twist, she spent much of the day posing on her back with her legs spread. I could charge 500 dollars for each picture you clicked, and going through all of them... read more

Guy Ritchie continues to struggle without Madonna

Guy Ritchie, his girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley, and his son Rocco are off the coast of Majorca today, and Guy seems cool so it's good that he doesn't have to deal with that mean old bitch Madonna anymore. Her body always looks dehydrated. And tough. You can see her ligaments... read more

Oliver Stone has apologized. For the least offensive part.

Yesterday Oliver Stone was the center of attention after an interview with the Sunday Times of London in which he said that Jews run the media and Hitler was a "scapegoat". He seems concerned that history has labeled Hitler and Stalin as evil, so he's making a new... read more

tuesday morning headlines

MEL GIBSON - has reportedly been sober for years, which means he was sober during the now famous phone calls that his ex recorded. Which is weird because he sounded drunk as hell. Also he's Irish (*). Those people love getting drunk, yelling racist names and starting... read more

Lindsay Lohan won't stop crying

On Sunday, New York magazine said that the other inmates have been taunting Lindsay Lohan by chanting "fire crotch" at her because they're tired of her getting special treatment. As you might expect, Lindsay fought back by laying down and crying. And oh how she cried.... read more

Oliver Stone says Hitler and Stalin weren't really so bad

Oliver Stone, who looks like Captain Kangaroo now btw, has won 3 Academy Awards and is currently working on a 10-part documentary for Showtime called "Secret History of America". Yesterday he gave and interview with the Times of London to promote the documentary, but now... read more

Lindsay Lohan is getting special treatment in jail, part 2

Alexis Neiers was part of the "bling ring" that robbed houses belonging to Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton and, ironically, Lindsay Lohan, and for the past month she's been in the same jail as Lindsay. On Friday, Alexis was released, and in an interview with E! she backed up... read more

Where's a shark when you need one

The Sun has this picture of Paris Hilton draining a bottle of Cristal while on a raft in the ocean, instead of on a raft in the jaws of evolutions perfect killing machine, which is what would have happened if karma was a real thing and not just stoner hippie nonsense.... read more

Angelina Jolie kissed some random fan

Angelina Jolie was in Moscow this weekend for the Russian premiere of ‘Salt', and while being her typical fan-friendly self, she gave some girl a kiss. It wasn't hot in any way, but it was enough to bring back memories of when this picture was taken at the premiere of... read more

It's a Paris Hilton upskirt, return to 2007

Paris and Nicky Hilton were in St. Tropez this weekend, acting like whores at some club filled with guineas and euro-trash. Paris had to be carried out by the time she was done, but while building up to that she got on a makeshift stage and essentially fingered herself.... read more

Monday morning headlines

THE AVENGERS - were on stage together at Comic-Con, and HERE is a giant full sized picture of it showing, from left to right, Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson), Scarlet Johansson (Black Widow), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain... read more