Kirsten Dunst is perfect

When you click on the entertainment front page for the Daily Mail UK, all you see are the headlines. So all you saw for article number 7 was "It's hard to be perfect". But if there was any doubt that Kirsten Dunst was the one who said that, then you just haven't paid attention to Kirsten Dunst. Sure, she's referring to her character in Elizabethtown, but that character still looked like Kirsten Dunst, and more

Cameron Diaz is made out of clay

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Tom Cruise wants a prenup

Star Magazine is now reporting that reality slapped Katie Holmes around recently when her beloved Tom Cruise asked her to sign a prenup. Cruise, who is worth an estimated $300 million, is said to have planned to protect his assets all along, but the idea was a shock to the comparatively naive Holmes. Said a source: "She is head over heels in love with him and couldn't bear the thought that he might not be equally more

KFed has no talent

Did anyone really think that Kevin Federline trying to freestyle was gonna be anything other than laughably bad. Because it is. The first song from KFed has been leaked online and its everything you might expect. Its sounds like he made it in in one of those 'Make Your Own CD' boothes at Six Flags. Keep in mind that Britney described Kevin as like Eminem but with a more postive message. Disco D, the producer more

Even more Hollywood Halloween

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KFed has no money

The rumor has been around for a few weeks now that Britney Spears is getting very tired of watching husband Kevin Federline piss away all of her money, most recently on things like the construction of a multimillion-dollar dance school he's building with Michael Jackson's father, Joe. Some are even saying that the checkbook is now in the hands of Britneys mom, who is not about to let Kevin spend all of her more

More Hollywood Halloween

You're gonna have to take my word on it that this is Heidi Klum, who gets points for enthusiasm if nothing else. And for obviously never watching Mean Girls. But there's still something criminal about a chick as hot as Heidi Klum dressed up this dorky. It's like having an auto show where all the cars are rusted out Escorts with three tires and covered in grafitti. I know Ashley Olson has her serious reputation more

Superman has a really nice package

The Sun UK reports today that the wardrobe department on the upcoming Superman Returns spent over a month working on nothing but Supermans codpiece because they wanted to make it the perfect shape and size. Costume designer Louise Mingenbach said: "There was more discussion about Supermanread more

Nurse Christina in high-res

This is my favorite kind of post because it looks like I'm doing something but all I'm really doing is replacing the low-res pictures of Christina and Dr. PissinMeOff that I put up yesterday with high-res copies. These are still kind of grainy, but they're big enough that you can actually hear Ryan cry as some guy who is not him paws all over his dream girl. Much as I would do if this were happening to Marissa more

New King Kong footage is online

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Justin Timberlake is ruining Shrek 3

Radar Online says today that Cameron Diaz practically cast her boyfriend Justin Timberlake in a key role in Shrek 3, and now the couple is ruining the movie. The trouble began when DreamWorks politely - but not seriously - asked Diaz if she had any ideas for the role of King Arthur, the pivotal character in the third movie. Diaz immediately pushed for Timberlakeread more

Hollywood Halloween costumes

I guess big Hollywood stars are too cool to dress up for Halloween. People like Hillary Duff think they can go to costume parties and just wear the same weird crap they normally wear. Even her poser boyfriend did some kinda-cool Clockwork Orange thing. I wore something like that a few years ago, but then me and my buddies got a little carried away and just started throwing pumpkins at kids. But dont worry, its cool, more

Kelly Brook naked in Three

Slow news day + Halloween night + Halloween party = random picture video time! This time of dreamgirl Marissa Miller Krista Allen Kelly Brook! Yeah, lets do it! This is one of the clips from the movie Three, the movie Kelly is suing because she felt certain scenes were too explicit and she didn't want them to be seen. Umm, it didn't work. This scene is Kelly topless in the ocean writhing around with some dude, more

Brad Pitt is emotional

I hope everyone loves Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie news, cause that's all that is pretty much going on today. The latest is that Pitt allegedly broke down to the point of crying and was overheard on the telephone telling Angelina, "I can't live without you." The tabloid Celebrity Living says that Pitt made what was described as a panicked and animated cell phone call to Jolie while confessing his feelings. Brad more

Ummm ... holy crap, dude

I don't know if anyone can get to Ryan over on our sister site Gorilla Mask today, but you might want to take away his belts and shoelaces before he sees these pictures of his girlfriend in a super hot Halloween outfit getting molested by her fiance, Jordan Bratman. This is unequivocally the worlds greatest costume, even though I'm not sure why a doctor and sexy nurse would be handcuffed. Probably his idea. This more