Fergie is really packin

Sometimes you'll see a picture with no context and it looks strange or funny but it's easy to guess what is really going on. This is very definitely not one of those times. Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel went to a Dodgers game yesterday, and I can't even begin to... read more

Chris Brown is really sorry

Chris Brown has turned to YouTube to make his first at length public statement about the night he punched Rihanna in the face a hundred times. He says he's incredibly sorry and asks Rihanna and the public for their forgiveness, and it's all pretty convincing, but what... read more

"after he crashed into Police..."

If you're gonna drive drunk and you don't want to be arrested, the most important thing to do of course is not run into the cops. That's not a figure of speech by they way. I mean literally don't crash into the cops. Hey guess what that "Burn Notice" guy did... Burn... read more

Paula deserves a raise

It goes without saying that Paula Abdul never has any idea WTF she's talking about. I've seen what people look like when they're high. What they look like is exactly like this. Which is a real hurdle when your contract is up and your job is to offer lucid commentary and... read more

Michael was kicked in the nuts

The former gay lover of Michael Jackson's dermatologist (every single word so far makes me uncomfortable) says Michael was sterile because Joe Jackson once kicked him in the nuts so hard it left permanent damage. I spoke too soon. Now every word so far makes me... read more

Is Britney cheating? (no)

By all accounts, Britney is happily dating her agent, Jason Trawick, but Page Six is hinting she may whoring around because she recently spent some time with Dallas Austin, a record producer who lives in Atlanta. This is retarded of course because she records albums, and... read more

Holy Crap! Mischa got 5150'd

Damn. So it seems Mischa Bartons call to the cops yesterday wasn't as trivial as it seemed, because now Access Hollywood is reporting that she is being held under a 5150. That is to say she is being held against her will pending a psychiatric evaluation. Barton has... read more

Harry Potter just got paid

"Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" opened yesterday and banked $58.4 million on it's first day, narrowly missing the all time one day record of 62M set by "Transformers" a few weeks ago. "Potter" did however break the all time midnight release record, bringing in... read more

The LAPD hearts Hollywood

The LAPD went to Mischa Bartons house yesterday after receiving a non-911 call about a "medical issue". Calling an ambulance for "medical issues" is for suckers. Those people can't mace anyone who stands in their way. Some reports are saying this was over problems with... read more

What a nice surprise

Sofia Milos from "CSI: Miami" is in Ischia, Italy, today for some film festival, and I've seen her in pictures a hundred times but never thought she looked like this underneath. It's nice to see someone else in Hollywood like this. You can't be one-dimensional. I could... read more

The kids want to live with Janet

I think it would be thrilling to grow up in a house with Katherine and Joe Jackson. Because you never know when Joe might punch you in the face or sodomize you. It would make bedtime more exciting! Despite all that, OK magazine says today that Michael Jackson's kids... read more

He was murdered! Or something!

Last week Radar Online reported that the LAPD were not prepared to rule out homicide as the cause of Michael Jacksons death. Now TMZ adds, "because it was maybe homicide". ...the LAPD is already treating Michael Jackson's death as a homicide, and they are focusing on Dr.... read more