Lindsay Lohan is spooky

Before going to court this morning and having the California legal system show its complete and undeniable incompetence once again, Lindsay Lohan stopped at a Starbucks in Moreno, California, and I guess they sell blankets now because she left wearing one. And then when... read more

UPDATE - Lindsay is going back to rehab, NO JAIL TIME

8:08am - Lindsay Lohan was nice and early for court this morning, arriving at 8:03am for her 8:30am appearance before Judge Elden Fox for violating probation. She could be sentenced to up to one year in jail today, but that's unlikely. What is very likely is my... read more

Friday morning headlines

BRADLEY COOPER - was NOT one of the cast members who complained about Mel Gibson and got him kicked off 'Hangover 2', and only E! is giving credit/blame to anyone but Zach Galifianakis (they say it was Warner Brothers management). Nobody likes a tattle tale, Zach. (e!, ... read more

Zach Galifianakis got Mel Gibson kicked off Hangover 2

The last time Mel Gibson gave a performance, it was theater of the mind, audio only, and his character was telling his girlfriend he was gonna kill her and bury her in his rose garden. Gibsons next role was supposed to be in 'the Hangover 2', which star Zach Galifianakis... read more

so does Kanye West have diamond teef or not?

On Tuesday, Kanye West told Ellen DeGeneres that the new gold and diamonds in his mouth weren't simply laid on top of his real teeth, but they were his real teeth, because he had the old ones taken out and replaced with lavish jewels. Does he look like an idiot? Of... read more

Brooke Hogan is in a bikini

Brooke Hogan got up early this morning and went for a walk on Miami Beach in a red bikini, and as luck would have it, a photographer was there too. What a coincidence! Obviously I cropped a few of the pictures at the beginning, but, and I don't know why you would, but if... read more

Did Jordan Bratman beat Christina Aguilera?

When Christina Aguilera announced last week that she and her husband Jordan Bratman had separated, most people were surprised. But the nurses at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center who helped stitch up her bloody lip a few days earlier probably weren't. Radar says... Christina... read more

Thursday morning headlines

JWOWW - has turned down a $400,000 offer to pose naked for Playboy. "I am not going to do Playboy in the near future. There is a better opportunity out there, which everybody will probably see soon." That money is gonna look pretty good a year from now when she's... read more

someone (guess who) wanted to murder Matt and Trey

Back in April, ‘South Park' aired a 2 part episode about the Muslim prophet Muhammad, and since that religion is filled with dirty savages whose answer to everything is murder, they threatened to murder Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of 'South Park'. Luckily... read more

Adriana Lima is wearing a 2 million dollar bra

Adriana Lima wore a $2 million bra, called the Bombshell Fantasy Bra, designed by Damiani for Victoria's Secret, in New York today, and it seems like if they were gonna go to all this trouble, they would have picked a girl with a kick ass rack. Lima is okay, I guess, but... read more

Lindsay Lohan could get up to a year in jail

Lindsay Lohan has been in rehab since September 28th, all part of her little routine that she does before every court date to trick the judge into thinking she's changed, and it has been great. Finally, we could go online and not see her stupid freckly face on every... read more

Miranda Kerr is naked

About 5 months ago, Miranda Kerr looked in the mirror ago and thought, "gosh, instead of looking really hot, wouldn't it be great to look like complete hell. And to have some parasite living inside me and feeding off me, like in that movie Alien." And so she got... read more