dennis hopper has died

Hollywood only has a handful of actors who are truly original. Who don't just read the words on the page like a god damn monkey. Most movies have actors who sound like a ghost hunter trying to contact the other side. Two. Hours. Of. Robotic. Line reads. There are only a... read more

vanessa hudgens must be handicapped

Vanessa Hudgens of course is that sexy bitch from those Disney movies, and yesterday she was caught parking in an alleged handicapped spot (they should mark these better). I get mad when unattractive people do that, but in this case I agree with the hot teenager who is ... read more

id like to hear what ashton kutcher has to say

I'm not sure if my screencap of Ashtons tweet about Gary Coleman is legible, but his post was really touching... "RIP Gary Coleman. I will always be a fan of keeping my name in the press by injecting myself into unrelated stories like the death of someone I didn't know... read more

sheryl crow is in a bikini

48-year-old Sheryl Crow is in the Bahamas today with her adopted son Wyatt, and she has unusually defined abs for someone her age. In fact they go all the up to her neck. Put on a shirt on you damn weirdo, and then put on another one. (note: Crow adopted Wyatt in 2007.... read more

gary coleman has died

Beloved 80‘s sitcom star Gary Coleman died earlier today at the age of 42. Did the troubled child star follow in the footsteps of 'Different Strokes' co-star Dana Plato and take his own life? We'll let you know after this break. And we're back. No it wasn't suicide. He... read more

these pictures are 5 years old

I don't mean to be pedantic, but Loaded magazine has some topless pictures of physically perfect Kelly Brook in their July issue, and spazzy keyboard nerds everywhere (ahem) are causing a national shortage of astroglide, but the pictures were actually taken in 2005 and... read more

its hayley williams from paramore. topless. on twitpic.

At around 8pm on Thursday night, Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, was posting some pics on her twitter page, and was even nice enough to post a topless picture of herself for about 10 minutes. But then she accidentally deleted both the post and the picture.... read more

kendra is a good dancer

It's really slow today, so if you haven't seen the full Kendra sex tape by now, the ironically named John was nice enough to point out this copy. I know a million places have it hosted but this is a really good copy, as HQ as you'll find. It's great timing of course that... read more

kate moss is a close second

Kate Moss and a guy with bigger tits than Kate Moss hung out on St Barts today, and as you can see it was a real delight for the senses. Actually the picture agency says the guy is "lover Jamie Hince", though I'm not sure why they describe him that way. It might be... read more

most people seem to believe megan fox

When it was announced that Megan Fox had essentially been fired from 'Transformers 3', jealous fat girls and keyboard nerds all had a good laugh. The spaz from superficial even predicted the end of her career. It was a real low point for Megan. He may be awkwardly... read more

matt lauer had sex with a tranny. perhaps.

I really hope Matt Lauer didn't have sex with a post-op tranny because if he did he's just begging for this Halloween ‘Paris Hilton' picture to be on 8 billion websites. This whole thing began last week when it was reported by a "scurrilous" web site (that takes some... read more

lindsay proves she had a plane ticket

Radar Online has evidence now that Lindsay Lohan really did have a plane ticket home from Cannes and it would have gotten her back to LA in time for her court date last week. And for some reason people are acting as if this vindicates her. All it really does is prove... read more