tiger woods has a new nike commercial

Tiger Woods has a new commercial for Nike, set to air during the Masters starting tomorrow, and it's a simple black and white shot of Tiger while his (dead) dad does a voice over. It's a good ad, but if you have a friend who's really stoned you can ask him how is Tiger... read more

afternoon headlines

MEGAN FOX - should be on this list of famous people who blaze up (here's a diff one). I'd also like to see her on a list of famous girls who have swallowed my semen. (htgb) JENNIFER ANISTON - still sucks. ‘Bounty Hunter' only made 3.8m in it's UK debut. It's hard to... read more

katie holmes doesnt need makeup

Katie Holmes was on set in New York this afternoon for a movie called ‘Son Of No One', co-starring Al Pacino, Ray Liotta and Channing ‘Worst Actor Alive' Tatum. I don't know what the movie is about but it looks terrible. That's the worst zombie costume I've ever seen.... read more

jessica simpson doesn't need makeup

The may issue of Marie Claire has a picture of Jessica Simpson on the cover, and they say, "No Makeup, No Retouching, No Regrets." They also seem to know if my boyfriend is tweeting about me. "I don't have anything to prove anymore," she says. "What other people think of... read more

eva longoria can clear up this nicollette sheridan thing

Yesterday it was reported that Nicollette Sheridan is suing Marc Cherry, the creator of ‘Desperate Housewives', and alleging that he slapped her in the face, then fired her when she threatened to report him. It's a wild story, but luckily Eva Longoria was on Ryan... read more

kate gosselin is delightful

The past 18,000 stories about Kate Gosselin have all centered around one main theme; she's an unlikable and mean old bitch. But maybe this new story will be different (note - it's not different). Kate Gosselin is so standoffish on Dancing With the Stars, she has show... read more

which one is madonna?

Madonna of course stole adopted a little girl from Malawai last year, and this week the two of them returned for the groundbreaking of a new school for girls. Madonna is bankrolling most of this, but please don't think that stopped her from looking like an elitist old... read more

jenny mccarthy is single

Jim Carey announced on Twitter last night that he and Jenny McCarthy have broken up after dating for almost 5 years. Many were surprised by this revelation, because it means that people are following Jim Carey on Twitter for some inexplicable reason. Jenny and I have... read more

sandra denies having a sex tape

Sandra Bullock hasn't said a word in public since the news broke about her husband whoring around, but the rumor of a sex tape - even though it's the dumbest thing you'll ever hear and the source is a fuckin idiot who clearly just makes things up - was enough to force... read more

Star Wars: The Sitcom

It's awesome that Red Letters 'Star Wars' prequel reviews have gone viral in the past view days, because he LOL'ingly points out (in a review that's longer than the movie) that George Lucas is a retard who has no idea WTF he's doing. 'Empire Strikes Back' is the main... read more

nicollette sheridan got slapped in the face

Nicollette Sheridan has made some astounding claims about Marc Cherry, the creator of "Desperate Housewives," alleging he SLAPPED HER IN THE FACE after she questioned something in the script, then fired her when she threatened to tell on him. No one likes a tattle-tale,... read more

michelle hunziker in a bikini, part 2

As was first reported yesterday in a Tyler exclusive, Swiss models are attractive, and to illustrate this point pictures of Michelle Hunziker in a bikini on Miami Beach were thankfully included. My claims caused quite a controversy, so today I was going to post pictures... read more