By brendon July 22, 2008 @ 8:11 AM

The reason you hear so many stories about Alec Baldwin being a short-tempered maniac is because Alec Baldwin is short-tempered maniac.  As the New York Daily News points out yet again today.

Alec Baldwin turned down Larry King and other interviewers because he wanted to talk first with Diane Sawyer about his divorce memoir, "A Promise to Ourselves." But the "30 Rock" star is said to have turned testy when Sawyer had to reschedule because of husband Mike Nichols' heart surgery.
"Diane's people couldn't believe how angry Baldwin got," says a source. "She was running back from the hospital!" A friend of Baldwin says, "The interview was rescheduled at least four times. Then the air conditioning wasn't working. Alec was a little annoyed, but not with Diane."

It's no wonder Alec Baldwin is so testy.  He's been driven to the brink of madness but his lifetime of success and million dollar paychecks.  It's really quite heartbreaking.


By brendon July 22, 2008 @ 6:48 AM

!5-year-old Miley Cyrus, who is 15-years-old, is rumored to be very interested in the lead role of the film version of "Undiscovered Gyrl".  The story follows the life of a wild suburban party girl who fills her nights with booze and drugs and sex.  And there's nudity.  Lots of it.  I mentioned that Miley is 15, right?  Because she's 15.  Closer to 12 than 20.  Think about it like that.  MSNBC says…

So what’s up next? Cyrus is rumored to be interested in the lead role in “Undiscovered Gyrl,” the film version of Allison Burnett’s new novel. It’s still early for casting — Burnett’s agent Richard Abate has reportedly just begun shopping the manuscript to publishers and has yet to secure a deal for the film.
However, a source close to the project says Cyrus is interested in the part, which would be that of “a lovable, lost suburban girl who descends into a life of reckless partying and promiscuity.” The source says if Cyrus did take the part, you’d be seeing a lot more of Cyrus than what appeared in the Vanity Fair photos. “There would definitely be nude scenes,” says the source.

I don't know what country they plan on releasing this movie in but it sure as hell isn't this one.  Have fun in France with the rest of the perverts, Miley.


By brendon July 22, 2008 @ 5:36 AM

"Batman" star Christina Bale will face questioning today by London police after his mother and his sister filed a complaint against him, claiming he assaulted them.  The claim was actually filed yesterday, the same day as the UK premiere of "the Dark Knight", but police decided against bringing him in on such a public day.  The Sun UK says…

He is alleged to have lashed out on Sunday night at Park Lane’s Dorchester Hotel — where he has a suite.
Mum Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 40, who lives in Dorset, went to a police station in Hampshire yesterday to lodge the allegation. The matter was referred to the Met Police.
Detectives, well aware of last night’s glittering bash, took the decision not to approach Bale yesterday. But they are expected to make attempts to quiz the Wales-born actor today.
A source said: “It was a very difficult situation but it would have been wrong to have wrecked the premiere over a complaint which we don’t yet know is founded in truth.
“But Mr Bale will be contacted at the earliest opportunity and be asked to provide an account of anything that happened.”
A Met Police spokesman said: “We can confirm we have received allegation from another force in relation to an alleged incident in central London.”

Wait what?  He hit his mom and sister?  I don’t believe that for a second but actors are fucking weirdos, so who knows.  Remember that one guy who was claimed to have hit his mom and sister?  Oh wait sorry.  That was this guy.  This story was so boring I forgot where I was.

UPDATE – The Telegraph UK now says Bale has been arrested and is being held for questioning.


By brendon July 21, 2008 @ 1:23 PM

Saturday night, Britney Spears was at the Generation Rescues Event and she looked fantastic, as good as she has in 5 years.  It felt like the old hot Britney was back and our love affair would never end.  But then it ended immediately, the very next day as she walked around M.Fredric in Calabasas.  Acne, fat neck, ridiculous accessories.  I don’t know how she managed to pull off looking the way she did the night before but I assume it has something to do with unicorn blood and magic.


By brendon July 21, 2008 @ 11:08 AM

This is pretty hard to believe but whatever because who knows, but the Daily Star says today that a sex tape starring Madonna and New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez is now being shopped around, with a 2 million dollar asking price.

A sleazy cameraman is trying to flog a tape he alleges shows the singer romping with US baseball hunk Alex Rodriguez.
He is demanding a fortune for the footage he claims was shot with a hidden camera in an apartment allegedly used by the pair for secret afternoon trysts.
Last night Madonna’s lawyers said they were “aware” of the lensman’s claims but were not commenting.
In a series of emails fired off to media outlets, he (the man who owns the tape) alleged the footage was shot two months ago in an apartment owned by a pal of Madonna she knows through her devotion to the Kabbalah religion.
The video man – who is also a friend of the apartment owner – claimed he found out and secretly installed a hidden camera in the living room with the lens pointed at the sofa.
He alleged the footage he recorded showed the pop superstar romping with New York Yankees ace A-Rod.

This is dumb for a hundred reasons but mostly because, as the Star points out, you can't just break into someone’s apartment and set up cameras.  If that were the case Megan Foxs bedroom would look like a press conference introducing King Kong.


By brendon July 21, 2008 @ 8:35 AM

Blake Fielder-Civil, the husband of Amy Winehouse and the guy generally considered to be the reason she’s hopelessly addicted to drugs, was sentenced to 27 months in jail today for attempting to bribe witnesses in an assault trial.  The short version is this: in June of 2007 Fielder was arrested for assaulting a pub owner.  In November of 2007, Fielder and 4 others were arrested for attempting to bribe the pub owner with 200,000 dollars in exchange for him to not appear in court.  The Sun UK says…

AMY Winehouse's husband was sentenced to 27 months in prison at London’s Snaresbrook Crown Court today for perverting the course of justice after beating up a pub landlord.
Amy, who has been a regular in the public gallery, failed to show up to see husband Blake Fielder-Civil sentenced.
Fielder-Civil and pal Michael Brown had beaten James King, 36, so badly in June 2006 that he needed plates fitted into his face for a broken cheekbone and still has counseling.

I started to giggle after they said "perverting" so I didn’t read the whole article, but I think I got the gist of it: his ass is gonna look like a life preserver.  The End.


By brendon July 21, 2008 @ 7:42 AM

Rosario Dawson is in Italy this week, just like the rest of Hollywood, and she spent Friday relaxing by the boobs and getting some sun.  She tits rinsed off in some kind of shower that had a chair in the boobs, if you can imagine that.  It's pretty crazy boobs.  Then she got tits’ed up and went about her boobs.  What a fun rack that tits ass. 


By brendon July 21, 2008 @ 7:02 AM

Sean Connery came from a childhood of near poverty yet went on to acquire a fortune worth almost 170 million dollars, but the Daily Mail says today that his only child, a 45 year old son, better not make too many plans on how to spend his fabulous inheritance.

After rising from such humble beginnings to become a fabulously-rich movie star, it is perhaps unsurprising that Sir Sean Connery wanted his son to have the same work ethic.
According to his former wife, Diane Cilento, the former James Bond actor told his son Jason that he would never receive a penny of his £85million fortune.
She said Connery was determined that Jason should pursue a career and earn his own living, rather than sponging off his father.
Australian-born Miss Cilento told the Sunday Times: 'Sean said, "You only got this (acting) job because your name's Connery." 'Jason said, "Well, I'll change it to something else." Sean said, "If you do that I'll f****** kill you."

Okay so actually Sean Connery might just be a dickhead, but he's right in implying that kids who inherit tons of money almost always turn out to be worthless and insufferable spoiled dickheads.  I’d rather be alone in a room with an invisible 12 foot bear than Paris Hilton.