kim kardashian is single

Kim Kardashian is in Miami this week to film her sisters reality show and her boyfriend Reggie Bush is in New York to shoot a calendar, but word on the street is that the distance between them is not just because of work. And by "the street", I mean An insider... read more

scarlett johannson hearts more government regulation

Scarlett Johannson has written a letter to congress to approve the Healthy School Meals Act, which would compel schools to add more fruits, vegetables, and "healthy" options to their lunchrooms. The letter (read it here) highlights a real crisis in America; not enough... read more

miley cyrus will be on 'american idol' this week

In what sounds like some sort of elaborate trick, Miley Cyrus will go on American Idol this week as a mentor to the remaining 11 contestants. Meaning she'll teach them what she knows about singing and a career in Hollywood. The winner will be determined by who can stifle... read more

kim kardashian bikini pictures

Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney were in Miami this weekend, and they spent some time on a yacht in bikinis just relaxing and doing an interview. Here we see Kim answer the question, "How did you get to be so famous?" (image source = splash news online) [gallery... read more

The definitive Britney Spears picture

No bra. Rock hard nips. Clothes that are too small or tight for her body. Over processed hair. Uggs. A gas station. Tons of sugar. These pictures of Britney were allegedly taken this weekend in Malibu but they look more like a seamless collage done by someone who hates... read more

vida guerra is here to help

Vida Guera had a party at Vanguard in LA last night to celebrate her 35th birthday. If you don't know, Vida was Kim Kardashian before Kim Kardashian was, and Vida was actually way better at it, but Vida didn't make a sex tape so now Kim is famous and she's not. The... read more

isla and borat got married

What a shitty day this is. The once awesome but now tyrannical American government continued their 20 year trend and seized more power overnight, now I find out that perfect marriage material Isla Fisher got married to Borat, putting a cap on their 6 year engagement. MSN... read more

lindsay is outraged

As was mentioned earlier, a bar in LA called Trousdale had no intention of letting Lindsay Lohan in last night until she threw a little temper tantrum, and of course she had to twitter about this injustice. The bar was hosting a private party and not actually open last... read more

michelle bombshell hearts whites

More terrifying news today for Sandra Bullock and her vagina, because it turns out the girl Jesse James had unprotected sex with is a white supremacist drug addict. I told my racist mechanic about this and he said, "Drugs? Well, no one's perfect I guess." And then he... read more

stephanie seymour + bikini = win

Stephanie Seymour is still in St Barts with her stupid kids, but that's not stopping her from essentially (NSFW) taking her top off or wearing see thru bikinis. Even the bottom was kind of see thru. I don't know what bikini designer decided bikinis shouldn't be water... read more

katherine heigl was almost interesting

Katherine Heigl was accepting her completely underserved Female Star of the Year Award at ShoWest in Vegas last night, and when she did the strap on her dress broke. It was the most likable she's been in 5 years. Which is amazing because she used to seem cool. Darth... read more

go back to paris, loser

Lindsay Lohan has spent the last few months in Paris and London, because everyone in New York and LA has had enough of her dumb ass. Last night in Hollywood she could barely talk her way past the doorman at a bar. Lindsay Lohan has a spot of bother persuading security to... read more