Sarah Hyland is gonna kill Charlie Sheen

Sarah Hyland was on back on the set of 'Modern Family' yesterday, and if Charlie Sheen is still stalking her like he was, I hope for her sake he doesn't see these pictures. Because she still looks 12 (even though she's 20) and now she's dressed like a cheerleader. They... read more

Christina Hendricks might play Wonder Woman

If you don't know who Nicolas Winding Refn is, he's a really good director from Denmark, maybe best known for ‘Bronson', the movie that made Tom Hardy famous. Or maybe for the ‘Pusher' trilogy or ‘Valhalla Rising', but he won Best Director at this years Cannes Film... read more

Minka Kelly and 'Angels' are off to a bad start

Look, I get that every movie and TV show, especially ones with action, are filled with stuff that's impossible, with things that people can't do, but there's a point when you cross a line from "this is bad ass" to "that's just fucking stupid". Like the movie ‘Hanna',... read more

Brandi Glanville > LeAnn Rimes, part 4

It was weird when Eddie Cibrian famously started an affair with LeAnn Rimes and eventually left Brandi Glanville for her, and it hasn't started to magically make sense ever since. Because this is Brandi on the beach in LA yesterday. Unless LeAnn has a vagina lined with... read more

'Captain America' looks like a good movie

'Captain America' had it's premiere last night at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood, which of course means that English actress Hayley Atwell was there. Atwell plays Peggy Carter, who is part of the program that transforms Steve Rodgers from a scrawny kid into a... read more

while in $1000 shoes, Lindsay said she's broke

When Lindsay Lohan did this interview with Life and Style a few weeks ago, the second line of the article said LIndsay lived in a, "$2.25 million 3,000-square-foot pad in Venice Beach, Calif." And today when she was in court, she was wearing some Christian Louboutin... read more

Lindsay Lohan is in big trouble this time (jk lol!)

Lindsay Lohan was called into court this morning because, brace yourself, she's been ignoring the judges orders and blowing off her community service. As you may remember, this is the exact same thing she did last time she was given community service. With that in mind,... read more

Thursday headlines, with sex tapes and lawsuits

MARILYN MONROE - allegedly is the star of a newly discovered 8mm film showing her having sex when she was 20. The owner is trying to sell it, though hopefully this is just a police sting to identify guys who want to watch a girl who's been dead for 50 years have sex. (... read more

Marc Anthony cheeeted on Hennifaa Yopez

The most surprising part about Fridays announcement that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were getting a divorce after 7 years was that anyone was able to put up with Jennifer Lopez for 7 years. Everyone hates that bitch, and they're completely right in doing so. So how... read more

lets just get this over with

Look, you hate Lindsay Lohan, I hate Lindsay Lohan, and everyone knows she's still the same spoiled cunt she's always been and she's never gonna have any semblance of a career in Hollywood again, but for some reason she's still considered to be news. I assure you, if I... read more

Matt Damon looks cool, is an actor

Matt Damon is in Vancouver today to start filming 'Elysium', director Neill Blomkamps follow up to 'District 9'. It's not really known what the movie is about, except that it's "very violent", takes place on another planet in the future, Jodie Foster is an evil alien... read more

Katy Saunders looks like a good actress

English actress Katy Saunders spent the day at her hotels pool in Vietri sul Mare, Italy, today, and if you're wondering why you've never heard of her, it's because Cameron Diaz gets all the roles written for sexy young girls, and who could possibly argue with that. ... read more