jenifaa yopez is violent

Star magazine says today that the strained relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony has turned violent in the past few weeks. Oh I know right? after months of fighting the couple's fiery marital brawls have escalated to a whole new level. Sources close to the... read more

fat bitch

The Daily Mail is bitching today because they say Lindsay Lohan has lost too much weight, much like she did a few years ago when she was strung out on coke. And do you know how I know she was strung out on coke? Because I just published it on a popular website, and her... read more

ow wow, look, its, um, that person

My taste in music apparently isn’t shitty enough to know who or what Lady GaGa might be, but there she was, caught by the paps as she went back to her hotel room in London last night. She’s a big deal these days, so I decided I should listen to one of her songs, so I went... read more

go f yourself dignity

Verne Troyer is one of the contestants on the UK show "Celebrity Big Brother", and the Daily Mail says that last night as part of a challenge they made him dress up like a teddy bear and eat a pot of honey. Why a stuffed animal would eat anything, much less honey, is... read more

ricardo mantalban died

Actor Ricardo Mantalban, perhaps most famous for his role as Mr. Rourke on "Fantasy Island", died in his Beverly Hills home yesterday at the age of 88. People magazine says...His son-in-law Gilbert Smith says Montalban had been in declining health for months and died... read more

i think we should vote for her

Emily Wynne-Hughes is the girl with the orange hair from last nights American Idol, the very first one to get sent through to the next round. She was also an employee of the tattoo shop when Britney went nuts and shaved her head (here). But more to the point, she’s the... read more

speaking of ads

On the heels of the release of Victoria’s Beckhams Armani ad comes this, a first look at Katie Holmes as the face of the Prada brand Mui Mui. The theme for the campaign is : Things That Are Boring.[gallery columns="6"] read more

brandon davis is an idiot, broke

Kim Kardashian was hanging out with Brandon "Firecrotch" Davis last night, which by itself means very little, and as it turns out when combined with other things still means very little. Because she’s a talentless nobody with a big tits and he’s a talentless nobody with... read more

oh you hot little bitch

Right around Halloween it came out that Armani was paying Victoria Beckham 20 million dollars to pose for their new underwear ads (more here), and today the Daily Mail has the first few shots from that campaign. I love this hot little bitch but these are a little... read more

boy george looks terrific

I gotta find out this guys secret. He hasn’t changed a bit![gallery columns="6"] read more

amy winehouse is doing great

All last week there were reports that were clearly not true, claiming Amy Winehouse was reborn during her vacation on St Lucia, and she was cleaning up her act and swearing off the drugs and alcohol. Oh hey guess what...A Wasted Amy Winehouse was reduced to crawling up to... read more

what is your problem, buddy

I don’t watch this whole clip from last night’s American Idol, but at the very end of it Ryan Seacrest offers the guy a congratulatory high five, and the dude just ignores him. It's right after his brother guides him out of the audition room to make sure he doesn’t walk... read more