Paris Hilton has been arrested in South Africa (update!)

Think of the scariest possible thing that could ever happen to a spoiled little brat like Paris Hilton. Now double it. Now double that. Now read this AP report about her getting locked up abroad for possession of marijuana... Paris Hilton appeared briefly late Friday in... read more

friday afternoon headlines

MEL GIBSON - could be tried as a terrorist because of the threats he made against his girlfriend. It's good news for Mel, since our pussy government refuses to ever take the gloves off and deal with terrorists. (fox news) CHRISTINA MCLARTY - is an entertainment reporter... read more

karissa shannon is patriotic

This Sunday of course is Americas birthday, when hopefully everyone will take a moment to appreciate how completely awesome we are. Not content to wait, Playmate Karissa Shannon took her unrepentant jingoism down to Malibu yesterday and showed off her hot ass (again,... read more

katy perry is topless

To be more precise, Katy Perry is topless in the UK version of Esquire. And below are three new pictures from the shoot. But she's even more naked, completely topless, in this fake picture from last year that is all over today for some reason (oh. of course). Tomorrows... read more

Lindsay Lohan got punched in the face?

If Lindsay Lohan got punched in the face by some crazy stalker waitress like she claims, than someone needs to go back to face punching school because Lindsay looked perfectly fine and happy a few hours later when she left a club. If it did happen the way she claims... read more

lindsay lohan got punched in the face!

Lindsay Lohan, who by all accounts is a sweet little angel, went on her twitter around 2am because people are always mean to her for no reason. And if her description of the event wasn't awesome bad enough, Us magazine goes into shocking detail... "The waitress has a... read more

(update!) "you'll get raped by a pack of ni**ers."

Everyone should probably say goodbye to Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson told the mother of his love child that the way she was dressed would get her "raped by a pack of n***ers," Radar Online has learned exclusively. Mel's disgusting words are on audio tape. Radar has heard the... read more

thursday headlines

AFSHAN AZAD - plays Padma in the Harry Potter movies, and hopefully she learned some of those defense spells because her father and brother are in jail today after threatening to kill her. In their defense, her performance was a bit wooden, and those people take shame... read more

mel gibson is on top of the world

Mel Gibson was minding his own business one day, screaming every racist and sexy sexist thing he could think of into his girlfriends voicemail, when suddenly everything went to hell and the next thing you know that little narc is playing the recording for Radar. So now,... read more

kim kardashian has the worst wax sculpture ever

Kim Kardashian was honored (and I use that word in the loosest possible sense) earlier today in New York with a wax sculpture at Madame Tussauds, and you're gonna find this hard to believe but that's it on the right. As you can see it looks nothing like her, and not just... read more

chris brown used eye drops to fake cry at the bet awards

Chris Brown was a big story this week because instead of singing a song like he was supposed to Sunday night at the BET awards, he wandered around stage like an asshole and cried. And for some inexplicable reason he got good press out of that. Until now at least. An... read more

al gore says he didnt do it

It was June 23rd when the Enquirer broke the story that Al Gore was accused of "sexually attacking" a masseuse in Portland, and since then it's been national news and now police have even reopened the case, but for some reason Gore didn't think it was important to deny... read more