Kirstie Alley broke her partner on Dancing with the Stars

Maksim Chmerkovskiy had to know he was playing with dynamite when he took Kirstie Alley as a partner on Dancing With The Stars, and last night his hubris finally cost him (clip above, full video here). Us magazine says... No pain, no gain for Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The... read more

Kathy Griffin is in a bikini (I apologize)

Kathy Griffin, who is 50, was in a bikini in Palm Beach earlier today, and it was every bit as unpleasant as you might imagine. She's so pale and pink and wrinkled the first 30 minutes of her foreplay must just be some unfortunate bastard between her legs making puzzled... read more

Jeremy Renner is our new Jason Bourne

Two years ago most people had no idea who Jeremy Renner was. Two Academy Award nominations later and he's starring alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (then is expected to take over the franchise and star in MI:5), in The Avengers as Hawkeye (which... read more

Brooklyn Decker won the Country Music Awards

She looks way better when she wears a bikini or something see through so we can see her tits, but Brooklyn Decker still looked tremendous at last nights Academy of Country Music Awards in Vegas. "This is dumb, why was she there, what does Brooklyn Decker have to do with... read more

Snooki was genuinely amazing at Wrestlemania 27

Snooki is roughly the size and shape (and color) of a basketball, so she should be good at rolling, but I was still genuinely shocked last night when she launched into a cartwheel-body splash onto Michelle McCool, getting the pin for her team to win their six way,... read more

Denise Richards in a bikini > Charlie Sheen

While her ex husband Charlie Sheen was on stage this weekend reminding everyone that a little of that jackass goes a long way, Denise Richards was on the beach in the Bahamas reminding everyone how hot she can still look. I wish more ex wives and girlfriends would get... read more

Charlie Sheen is getting booed off stage

If having an old burned out drunk get on stage and ramble incoherently sounds like a dynamite night of entertainment, then you're sure to love the "Charlie Sheen Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option" tour, which stated this weekend in Detroit when he... read more

Lindsay Lohan totally assaulted that woman in rehab

Earlier this week the Riverside County D.A. decided not to press charges against Lindsay Lohan for the incident at the Betty Ford Center on December 12th, when she allegedly assaulted a staff member, which is absolutely fucking astounding considering the newly released... read more

Candice Swanepoel could get fired for being too hot

Candice Swanepoel (the blond in the middle in the picture above) has always been skinny but for some reason people (presumably fat and/or gay ones) started to freak out yesterday when they saw her at the Victorias Secret swimwear launch. E! says... It was markedly... read more

its bikini madness! now with Audrina Patridge!

There's been an amazing amount of bikini pictures this week, and now you can add Audrina Patridge on the beach yesterday in Santa Monica to the list. A few notes about these: - Her husky friend can do a backflip, which I found stunning. - She has a perfect white girl ass... read more

Kendra is hot (as in angry)

Kendra Wilkson was one of Hugh Hefners girlfriends from 2004 to 2008 (and the star of his E! show the Girls Next Door from 2005 to 2009), so it does make a good deal of sense that his fiance doesn't want to invite his ex to their wedding, but it's not as if she was a... read more

Courteney Cox was punished for her debauchery

Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins are still living in sin down in St. Barts this week, and yesterday the angry sea punished them for thier wicked ways. "Fornicators!" it yelled as it thrashed down on them with vengeful waves, ripping Courteneys top off so the world could... read more