what is your problem, buddy

I don’t watch this whole clip from last night’s American Idol, but at the very end of it Ryan Seacrest offers the guy a congratulatory high five, and the dude just ignores him. It's right after his brother guides him out of the audition room to make sure he doesn’t walk... read more

more adorable baby news

I don’t know if Jenifer Garner and Ben Affleck are stubborn or high or sarcastic or what, but they gave birth to that goblin above last year and yet still decided to have another one this year. It's not very nice to call her ugly, but let's be reasonable: she started it... read more

birth of a super villain

I'm sure a better clip of this dude will show up later, but if you didn't see him on American Idol tonight, you missed a real treat. He was like a mad scientists assistant, except for that nifty striped shirt of course. [gallery columns="6"] read more

whats up kate hudson. hey baby.

Kate Hudson is in Maui this week with a mysterious Aussie hunk. And by "mysterious", I mean, "he has a name, and it was on Fame,but I forgot to write it down". And by "forgot", I mean, "didn’t bother to". Does it really matter? In my defense, I've got a lot on my plate... read more

no one watches gossip girl

The media goes all crazy over Gossip Girl, and no one really has any idea why, because no one watches that boring shit. Even in the coveted 18-34 demo, where one would assume it would do well, it was behind "Cuidado con el Angel", and an hour later almost twice as many... read more

posh knows what counts

Poshs' hot little ass brought her kids to the Coliseum in Rome yesterday, and it's hard not to notice that every single person in these pictures is bundled up head to toe, except for Posh, who is wearing a tiny sleeveless skirt that fits her like the label on a Coke... read more

andrew dice clay is doing great

Where's Andrew Dice Clay? Is he behind my Nana? [gallery columns="6"] read more

hey there minka kelly

I don't how the hell Minka Kelly isn't a huge star because that bitch is hot, and her tits are fantastic, and all three of them looked better than ever at the In Style/Warner Brothers Golden Globe party. With that sheer top it's easy to pretend she's naked, so I thought... read more

stay away from me, nbc

Two of the biggest shows on NBC are "Deal or No Deal", where contestants randomly guess what number might be inside a suitcase, and "Law and Order: SVU", where white people commit 98 percent of all crime. And today the stars of both those shows are in the hospital for... read more

aha! i knew it!

Last week there were some pictures (these) of Jennifer Love Chew-it on the set of her stupid show, and they were completely mystifying because she appeared to be slightly less fat than normal. Now I’m thinking maybe she was just out of food money, because yesterday she... read more

my best friends girl

In this clip from My Best Friends Girl, out today on DVD and Bluray, one thing that becomes obvious is that there are worse ideas than to have a scene where Kate Hudson rides a guy and takes off her top. A scene where John Goodman rides a guy and takes off his top, for... read more

whitney port is smooth

Whitney Port of course is the star of the MTV show "the City", and I use that term is the loosest possible sense. Actually ... hm. "Star" seems to indicate some sort of charisma or excitement. So that won't work here. Let's just say, the person whom the camera is pointed... read more