good news for jessica simpson

Over the weekend pictures turned up and it turns out Jessica Simpson has gross veins in her boobs now (relive the magic here). And not subtle ones either. It’s like a map of rivers. But good news for Jess, because Aubrey O'Day was at Fashion Week in New York and it turns... read more

finally, a slavery theme park

Michael Jackson’s brother Marlon is developing an amusement park about slavery, which actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. I'm lying of course. The Guardian UK says...A museum for the Jackson Five is to be built in Nigeria as part of a $3.4bn luxury resort... read more

hayden whatshername is single

You have to go to Us magazines website for the worlds greatest picture of this dork. I think someone over there is being sarcastic. Who did this dude blow to get on TV? Who the fuck thought that thing he does with his mouth was acceptable in a leading man? Are the... read more

everyone do this

Hey, everyone twitter and facebook me. If it helps, I’m making an adorable face right now, impossible to resist.[gallery columns="6"] read more

lindsay is doing great, part 2

Thankfully most of you are more perceptive than I am, and many noticed that the dress Lindsay wore last night (here) still had the security tag on. Jesus, how broke is this bitch? She doesn’t actually do anything, yet she runs all over the world, so it wouldn’t be... read more

i heart lily allen, part 27

Lily Allen relaxed in the Bahamas on Friday (as seen above) but today she’s back on tour and back on Twitter. In a response to the UK tabloid News of the World, who cited a Dutch newspaper and claimed Lily advocated parents giving their kids ecstasy, Lily wrote...Phoning... read more

miley is really candid on twitter

Miley Cyruseses official twitter account was hacked earlier today and no one has yet taken credit, but very obviously these posts were not made by Miley. You can tell because the new ones are less pointless and rambling, and the grammar and punctuation are way better than... read more

lindsay lohan is doing great

Lindsay Lohan spent Valentines Day with her special lady friend of course, but the two did not attend the opening of the Matthew Williamson NYC store together. Maybe because, like me, they have no idea wtf that is. Lindsay went, and instead of asking what she was doing... read more

at least those got bigger too

Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend Tony Romo went to the Waverly Inn this weekend for Valentines Day and ... um ... ooff. Hopefully Romo doesn’t use those flavored condoms, because it might not be the best idea in the world these days for his penis to taste like chocolate... read more

naomi watts seems nice (EXCLUSIVE)

Naomi Watts just had a child in December, yet she’s already back to work and not only that but going full frontal in Marina Del Rey for the movie "Mother and Child". She’s a beautiful woman but you can definitely see the toll pregnancy took on her body. I wonder if the... read more

salma hayek got married

A French paper is claiming that Salma Hayek has married the father of her child, billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault (that handsome devil pictured above). And the report is probably true, considering Pinault owns the paper reporting it. People magazine says... Hayek, 42,... read more

chris brown has apologized

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Chris Brown beat the hell out of his girlfriend Rihanna last week, and now, just 7 days later, he's man enough to say he's sorry. But not so sorry that he's going to an accredited therapistor anything like that. Because, you know, c'mon.... read more