Miranda Kerr Shows Off Her Tits to Announce She's Single

It's always awkward to try and figure out who is and is not available, between divorces, broken relationships, on-again off-again shit. Men are always available, but for women it can be quite confusing. I'd recommend topless pictures. Nothing says I'm looking to date... read more

Tila Tequila Knows Who Killed Paul Walker

Tila Tequila is letting the voices in her head take over her speaking functions again. This time she is alleging that Paul Walker was murdered by the Illuminati in a "ritualistic murder". We told you yesterday about her anti-Semitic ranting where she claims that Hitler... read more

Monika Jagaciak Models Lingerie For Victoria's Secret

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret [gallery ids="1678412,1678422,1678432,1678442,1678452,1678462,1678472,1678482,1678492,1678502,1678512"] read more

Aubrey O'Day is Looking Pretty Good

Now that Danity Kane is a thing again and people are apparently paying money to see them perform (although I don't have any proof of that), the girl group's only real star, Aubrey O'Day, is getting more exposure. For instance, as she told her Instagram followers and... read more

Helen Flanagan Poses In Christmas Lingerie For Nuts UK

Photo Credit: Nuts UK [gallery ids="1678142,1678152,1678162,1678172,1678182,1678192,1678202,1678212,1678222,1678232,1678242,1678252,1678262"] read more

Jada Pinkett Smith Goes Out Shopping In A See Through Shirt In Beverly Hills

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, INFphoto.com, PCN [gallery ids="1678012,1678022,1678032,1678042,1678052,1678062,1678072,1678082,1678092,1678102"] read more

Miley Cyrus Ruined Santa for Minnesota

Miley Cyrus and her oddly-shaped hips headlined the Jingle Ball in St. Paul, Minnesota last night, and it was the same old stupid gimmicks for Hannah Montana's barely-covered vagina, except this time she did it all in the name of Christmas cheer. Miley once again trotted... read more

Joanna Krupa is a Friend to the Animals

Real Housewives of Miami star and model Joanna Krupa was probably the most important celebrity in attendance at the Angels for Animal Rescue event at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel yesterday, because she's the only person whose name I recognized. And to show everyone how big... read more

R. Kelly Thinks Chris Brown Is Jesus

R. Kelly came to the defense of fellow creepy singer Chris Brown by comparing him to Muhammed Ali, Martin Luther King, and Jesus Christ. Kelly was giving an interview for his new album Black Panties when the subject of his many controversies came up. You know, like him... read more

CBS Uses Toto's 'Africa' Music to Segue to Mandela Funeral

I guess somebody at the CBS news department typed in music of Africa when searching for bumper music for the Morning Show teaser on their Mandela coverage. They got Toto's insipid 80's ballad Africa about a white dude who has to choose between relief work in Africa and... read more

Gisele Bündchen Feeds a Child From Her Teat Then Models Lingerie

Holy crap, Gisele really does do it all. She maps out post patterns for Danny Amendola so he's not lost like that stupid Wes Welker. She runs a lingerie business selling lingerie that only she can wear. And she takes in random street children to give them breast milk... read more

Adriana Lima Back In Her Underwear on the Subway

I guess this is part two of Adriana Lima rides a subway in her underwear while black folks ignore her in Numero Tokyo magazine. This seems like a rather failed campaign to get more Brazilian models to visit The Big Apple. What's the point if you can't even get a decent... read more