Julia Stiles is a homewrecking whore

I didn't watch even one episode of Dexter this year because in last years finale they killed Julie Benz and so fuck them, but Julia Stiles was added to the cast as Dexters new love interest, and apparently might be the reason Michael C. Hall is divorcing Jenifer Carpenter. Their chemistry was so crazy and so evident to everyone that writer and producers, seeing it play out on set, actually cranked up their sex scenes...read more

Debra Messing is a natural beauty

I really hope normal girls understand that Hollywood is a complete sham and the people you see on TV look nothing like that. They're like Cartman, or a dinosaur. They don't exist. It's all computers and tricks. Debra Messing headlined a successful sitcom for years. She was widely considered to be very attractive. In reality, what the fuck is wrong with her face. And the only thing uglier than her face is the side of...read more

two of Kate Gosselin kids were expelled, pt. 2

Last month there was a report claiming that two of Kate Gosselins punk ass kids were expelled from school because they're violent little monsters, a report Gosselin adamantly denied on ET. "If I knew which kids were which I'd bring them out here and show you how sweet they are," Gosselin probably said. Oh, but hey, guess what... Kate Gosselin lied when she denied her children Alexis and Collin were expelled from...read more

Angelina Jolie is a good actress

Angelina Jolie recieved a Golden Globe nomination today (full nominee list, rightfully prefaced by saying these awards are a complete sham bought and paid for by the studios, here) an nomination so dumb even she's laughing about it, but more importantly, today a still from Wanted somehow arrived online, showing Angelinas naked and beautiful ass, a scene that was edited in the movie so you didn't see it. Suffice to say...read more

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds broke up

Before she met Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson was sort of a more talented version of Lindsay Lohan. She was always out in bars and, reportedly, pretty wild sexually (there's a rumor she banged Benicio del Toro in an elevator). But then she and Mr Perfect started dating in 2007, they got married in September of 2008, and she's been nothing but successful, professional and seemingly happy ever since. "Seemingly". ...read more

Katie Holmes likes it rough

Katie Holmes was at the Grove in Hollywood last night, filming scenes for a new Adam Sandler movie called Jack and Jill, and when she bent over it showed off a huge bruise on her ass. This wasn't part of the scene, so was she injured? Did she fall down? Hopefully this wasn't some sex related bruise, because, if there's one thing I know about anal sex, it's that the running start doesn't work. It makes aim almost...read more

Oprah tried to kill Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman rode a zip line from the top of the Sydney Opera House down to the stage where Oprah Winfrey was filming one of her Australia shows today, but then instead of stopping, he crashed into a lighting rig which broke and sent a small piece of glass into his eye. "Hey you're payin for that," Oprah probably thought to herself. "What am I, made out of lighting rigs?" Sky News says... Jackman flipped 90...read more

Tuesday morning headlines

CARRIE FISHER - is the ultimate fantasy for millions of nerds, and apparently a few of those dorks got to make their dreams a reality. "I certainly have, along the way, slept with a nerd. But I don't think I ever got anything out of it except the sex. Nerds will surprise you. They're way more enthusiastic." Remember when Sarah Michelle Gellar was considered sexy. What the hell was that all about? (the sun) MICHAEL C....read more

SPOILER ALERT: Boo-Boo kills Yogi

This may seem like an inappropriate ending for a kids movie, but there was a $5,000 reward, and kids need to learn the value of money. (source = twitter/wwtdd, wall st. journal)read more

aww to hell with it

Look, you don't wanna see Kesha getting her box munched and I dont wanna post it, but this is the internet, and stuff like this is pretty much all it's good for. So here we are. The pic is under the cut. You ready? Once more unto the breach, dear friends. Once more.read more

Katy Perry: camel toe or shadow?

Katy Perry played the KISS 108 Jingle Ball (it's like "jingle bell" lol!) in Boston this weekend in a skin tight, candy cane lookin, body suit (someone has too much time on their hands), and either showed off her camel toe or stood in a shadow at the wrong instant. Either way her body is terrific. She's annoying, and I doubt I could take it for much more than a week, but I would definitely wait until I was inside her...read more

Olivia Wilde at the Tron premiere

Olivia Wilde walked the blue carpet at this weekends premiere of Tron: Legacy in LA, and I don't care what anyone thinks, personally, I find her to be attractive. It's a brave stand I'm taking.read more

Tyler has sexy readers

There was a picture of two guys kissing at the top of the page a minute ago, so this seemed like a good time to mention that there will be another "sexy reader" vote this Friday, including this girl Lara, with, as always, the winner getting $1000 (rules here). So, if you're a hot girl and you wanted some money for presents, maybe you could take pictures of yourself with your clothes off. It's a timeless Christmas...read more

Carrie Fisher doesnt care that John Travolta is gay

I've said this before but, I used to work at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey, and John Travolta stayed there a lot and invited me back to his room on several occasions. He's gay. Oohh, I assure you, he is gay. Another person who knows this is Carrie Fisher, and in a new interview with the Advocate, she's even more blunt about it than I just was. Advocate: In the September 2009 issue of Out, you participated in its...read more

everyone is mean to Lindsay Lohan for no reason

Dina Lohan says that her loser daughter is "deeply hurt" after an episode of Glee "went overboard" in making fun of Lindsay, simply because she's a complete fuck up who chose to get drunk and high every day for the past five years and then lie about it constanly. Radar says... (Gwyneth) Paltrow recently appeared on Glee and played a Spanish teacher who taught a lesson that included asking the class: "Lindsay Lohan is...read more