Taylor Swift Caught Leaving Secret Meeting With Gwyneth Paltrow

The conspiracy theorists are freaking out this week with the convening of the Bilderberg group near London. The Bilderberg is some highly secretive private meetingof bankers and CEOs and politiciansfrom the U.S. and Western European nations presumably putting forth... read more

Joanna Krupa Is A Diabolical Genius

Polish supermodel Joanna Krupa has long been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. But at 34 years old, she's hitting the back side of her career, and there are obviously younger, more attractive models out there for her to compete with. That's why she... read more

Give It A Rest, Colin Farrell

According to the results of a scientific study that I just made up, Colin Farrell has slept with 100 percent of the actresses in Hollywood, including some that have been dead for a while just so he could say he did. And I'm guessing a good reason for his success in... read more

The Duggar Spawn Are Spawning

The Duggars can't get enough of making babies. They were born to breed. The original couple have nineteen babies plus I think they buried a few more in the backyard during sweeps week on their show. Now these breeding rats offspring is starting to produce children at a... read more

I Want a God Dammed Donut (VIDEO)

National Donut Day is supposed to be a happy day. But not here in Los Angeles. Good luck finding a fucking donut shop within $10 worth of gas distance. You want an organic acai compote shake? I've got eleven stops between here and the toilet to get you in the mood for... read more

Desiree Hartsock In A Bikini

Reality shows about getting married are about as entertaining as taking a hot poker up the rectum. The people who watch these shows don't even care that it's fake. So, basically, it's porn. Which puts it into a world I can understand. And I take back the hot poker... read more

Toronto's Mayor Will Blow You For Crack

A video is going around with what looks like Toronto's mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. Some drug dealing types are shopping around a tape of what looks like the tubbo mayor hitting the pipe. The guy on the tape does look like Ford, according to the people who've seen it.... read more

The Palins And The Rivers To Fuck Up Each Other's Kids on ABC

Bristol Palin and her bitchy little sister Willow are switching homes with Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers on the season premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap, you know, despite the fact none of these four women are actually wives.They're going to take care of each other's... read more

Kimberley Garner Is Trying Hard to Be Famous

Fame is an elusive bitch. Like the exact opposite of a stalker girlfriend who won't give you back your apartment key. This one's trying not to be found. Kimberley Garner was on a reality show in Britain but she's trying to get her shit to the next level. It won't be from... read more

Snooki Thinks Amanda Bynes Should Get A Reality Show

Twisted dwarf Snooki thinks Amanda Bynes would make a great subject for a reality show. Snooki was recently asked her thoughts on the bat shit insane former star of all of those shitty Nickelodeon shows. Snooki then made a pitch for what could be the most tragic fucking... read more

Kate Upton Has Big Boobs

I don't blame Leslie Mann for pointing at Kate Upton's jugs and making a scene. People need to start pointing at women with big tits more often and saying aloud, 'Hey, big tits!'. Anyone from overdeveloped high school cheerleader to busty grandma in her Vegas in the 60's... read more

The Guy From Sum 41 Is Doing Great

Things must be a little tough for Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley these days, what with his ex-wife, Avril Lavigne, being engaged to Nickelback's Chad Kroeger so they can eventually give birth to the music industry's antichrist. So it was nice to see Deryck get back on... read more