Anna Kendrick Was A Big Grammy Winner

Proving that a good personality can bump up a 6 up to at least an 8, actress Anna Kendrick was a presenter at the Grammys last night, and there's a good chance that she pissed off some insecure pop singers by looking pretty great. More specifically, I bet Anna had Taylor... read more

You Sure Showed Us, Madonna

Last week, 55-year old pop music afterthought Madonna got everything she could have ever wanted when people became furious with her for using the hashtag "#disnigga" when she posted a photo of her son David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie on Instagram. Madonna apologized for... read more

I'm Pretty Sure Patti LaBelle Just Called Britney Spears a Talentless Heifer

Patti LaBelle took Grammy weekend media opportunity to call current pop music stars a bunch of fat-asses who can't sing and need forty-people backing them just to create decent music. Yeah, because all these little heifers who can't sing are called divas!.... I don't... read more

It's Possible The Kardashians Are Big Fucking Liars

Kim Kardashian made a splash on Jimmy Kimmel last night, mostly to show the advancements in girdle technology that allow her to look less like a chattering crocus bulb. Being a talk show, Kim had to rehearse some spoken words beyond just 'Kanye, go kill him!' and 'I get... read more

Irina Shayk Models Lingerie

Now we're talking. Hot Russian girls in their underwear. I want to buy some of that. I remember when Irina Shayk was still using her really complicated Russian name and trying to figure out why she wasn't catching on. Even a medium level Moscow hotel hooker knows you... read more

Carmen Ortega Inspires Justin Bieber to Live For the Now

Carmen Ortega has slept with a good number of athletes, so she knows a thing or two about the human condition. You don't get to ball Reggie Bush and LeBron James and not come away with some insight on the male superstar psyche. Carmen spent 90 minutes with Justin Bieber... read more

Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Cleavage At A Gas Station In Tarzana

Photo Credit: Splash [gallery guid=804387] read more

Sharni Vinson Is Packing On the Weight

Far be it from me to fat shame anybody, but Sharni Vinson looks like she put on a couple or three ounces since she needed a horse to keep her upright at the beach last week. It really shows when she gets wet. She needs to get that shit contained if she expects to keep... read more

Paris Hilton Wins the Pre-Grammy Party

It's going to be forever difficult for anybody to outdo Whitney Houston's bathtub performance at the pre-Grammy party two years ago, but Paris Hilton is taking a stab at it. Recognized as a major recording artist herself in several Persian Gulf nations, Paris sewed... read more

Lamar Odom Will Dance With Bruce Jenner When He's a Woman

Though officially thrown out of the Asgard that is the Kardashian compound, Lamar Odom is reportedly still in contact with former in-law Bruce Jenner. Lamar has told Bruce that he's okie-dokie with the former Olympic gold medalist's desire to become a chick. Khloe... read more

Kim Kardashian's Breasts Make Her A Great Mom

Because it's all she apparently does now, Kim Kardashian went shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday with her baby and the rapper that gifted it to her in exchange for her soul. More importantly, Kim was in full-on mom mode, proving her haters and critics wrong by showing... read more

Ke$ha Wants Your Teeth

Ke$ha sent out a Twitter blast to her deluded fans for them to send her their teeth so she can make art. We told you about the fucked up star being fat shamed into eating disorder rehab. It seems that the multi-talented singer isn't satisfied with the arts and crafts... read more