Rumors Running Wild That Beyonce Is Fake Pregnant Again

New York Post rumors are basically one guy in their newsroom making up celebrity shit for some other guy in the newsroom and next thing you know, there it is, anonymous sources stating that Beyonce is probably hiding her second baby from the public. You may recall that... read more

OJ Simpson Looks Like Hell

OJ Simpson was back in court yesterday asking for a retrial of his 2008 conviction for kidnapping and armed robbery, after he and a group of armed men went after two sports memorabilia dealers that OJ had accused of stealing from him. The 65-year old former NFL star is... read more

Zoe Saldana Isn't Nude

The big press release I got said 'Zoe Saldana is nude in this month's Allure!'. Okay, it wasn't a press release so much as FSI in Glamour that fell out when I was perusing an article about how to Ombre your own hair. It was for a friend. Fuck, I said too much. The point... read more

The Downside of Being Harry

It goes without saying that being born Prince Harry is a pretty sweet roll of the cosmic dice. You get cars and girls and money just for emerging out of the right vagina. It's not a bad gig. But, at times, it comes with its downsides. Like having to hang with lap-banded... read more

Xenia Deli Models Lingerie

Remember back before the Internet when you'd see a hot girl in some magazine or a movie and you'd get all excited wondering who she was? So, maybe you'd ask your buddy, Rick, but Rick hates his job as a floater at Macy's and is too stoned to answer. That right there was... read more

Angelina Jolie Removes Both Her Boobs

Whatever real breast tissue Angelina Jolie had left is now gone after she had a preventative double mastectomy. It seems that the mother of between seventeen and thirty children has a faulty gene that increases her risk of getting cancer. Her mom died at a relatively... read more

Hayden Panettiere In A Bikini

Guys have some strange fascination with short girls. There's some unfounded collective belief that all short girls are somehow gymnastically inclined nymphomaniac spinners who fly on and off your member like Sandy Duncan in her Peter Pan harness. I once had sex with a... read more

Victoria Silvstedt Is Working Right Now

Victoria Silvstedt is a whore. I mean that in the nicest sense of the word. Like, 'whoa, man, your lady is such a whore'. Or, 'hey, check out his mom, she's a world class whore.' The term is hardly sexist. It can be used as a measure of respect for men too, as in 'Bobby... read more

Russian Kids Are Going to Eat Our Kids for Perestroika (VIDEO)

A little league hockey game in Russia ended in what can only be described as the most badass brawl the ice has seen in a good long while. I'm not sure what happened since I don't speak Russian and there is some shitty Russian rap song playing over the video. What I am... read more

Holly Madison Could End Up A Single Mom

After Holly Madison gave birth to her daughter, Rainbow, she reportedly used a placenta-based diet routine and exercise to get back in shape, and she showed off her success last weekend at a pool party at Tao Beach at the Venetian. But as soon as that was over, Holly was... read more

Aubrey O'Day's Breasts Reunited With Danity Kane

If you're one of the 12 people on this planet desperately waiting for Aubrey O'Day and those other girls to reunite for a new Danity Kane album and tour, then you are in luck. The 29-year old singer and professional tit-squisher apparently had lunch with three of her old... read more

Roberto Cavalli And His Young Girlfriend On A Yacht

I so badly want to hate on Roberto Cavalli, but dude is basically a grade-A player. He's 72, he's banging young girls (yes, that's his girlfriend), he's waving his banana hammock about, he's had too much good food and wine and sun and pussy and he just doesn't give a... read more