Alec Baldwin Taking End of His Career Well

Alec Baldwin has been tapped to host the reboot of The Match Game game show from 1970's daytime television. Thanks to the success of the latest Family Feud reboot with Steve Harvey production companies are now looking to revive more game shows for network syndication. Baldwin consulted his buddies Gin and Tonic as to how to handle his feelings about being the next Steve Harvey. Everyone agreed it was a good more

Alec Baldwin Deserves This

Having self-absorbeddrinking angrily divorced famous parents likelysucks to a large degree. Ireland Baldwin's strategy to return serve on her absentee gin-bloated father began with dating fast older boys, redirected into a public lesbian love affair with a butch black rapper, and after a stint in rehab, has culminated with daily near naked body pictures to social media. It's the five stages of giving your shitty more

Hilaria Baldwin Soaks in the After Birth

Hilaria Baldwin posted a photo of herself in bra and panties moments after dropping Alec Baldwin's second half-Spanish half-bourbon baby onto the organic flax woven doula mat. I've seen addicted moms dig for the booze or recreational drugs not long after pushing the placenta out. They've been jonesing so hard. For Baldwin, it's been a week since was able to post half naked photos of her fecundbody. That's a more

Hilaria Baldwin Is Game For Something

Alec Baldwin's pretend Spanish daughter wifeis kooky. So much so she posts photos of herself doing yoga around the house. She's not aloof enough not to know exactly what we're all thinking. Your bikini is mismatched. Let me fix it for you. Suchwould make her stupid. I refuse to believe Baldwin is porking a retard. More than likely she's a massive cock tease. Works out well when your husband used up all his more

Alec Baldwin Sticks It to Authority

You don't jack around Alec Baldwin and not expect some kind of response. It's like poking Godzilla in the ass with a Bikini Atoll survivor. When the long arm of the fascist state arrested Alec for riding his bike the wrong way on Fifth Avenue, they didn't stop a man, they started a war. A war of ideals that all men, most especially Alec Baldwin, have certain inalienable rights. Including the right to order more

Alec Baldwin Calmly Explains Schwinn-Gate

The difference between the asshole and the narcissist is about 140 characters. So it goes that Alec Baldwin took to Twitter to explain what really happened during his arrest yesterday for wrong-way biking and being a man-bitch to the cops. I asked both police officers today to ticket me. If they contend that I asked for special treatment, they are lying. If you don't have ID in NY when they write you a summons, more

Alec Baldwin Is Being Mistreated Again

I laugh from the belly when somebody who adores lots of little bullshit laws gets busted for something trivial and pisses and moans like a martyr. It's even more amusing when that certain whiny bitch is angry Alec Baldwin on a Schwinn. That drunk fucker was riding his bike the wrong way on Fifth Avenue. When 5-0 stopped him and asked him for ID, he went all up in his fat angry white MSNBC guy shit about living in more

Alec Baldwin Is a Quitter

I can't help but feel we had many more liquor fueled rants and fist-fights and 'faggot' slurs from the steely-eyed old fellow. But, no, Alec Baldwin declared he's quitting. Nobody's clear yet on what Alec is quitting exactly, but in a new heavily publicized magazine cover story he laments publicity and hints at leaving his beloved Manhattan for good. If you check the moving company records, you'll see more

MSNBC Fires Alec Baldwin for Being a Dick

In a move nobody cares about by a network that nobody watches, noted gay rights activist and homophobe Alec Baldwin has lost his late night talk show, Up Late. Alec Baldwin apologists are quick to point out that the firing is not directly related Baldwin's 'fag' slurs in public, and actually more a result of his kicking a woman with cancer out of her makeup room at 30 Rock. The fallout from the show cancelation more

Ireland Baldwin's Daddy Is Not Homophobic, Okay?

Ireland Baldwin is the rare Hollywood double threat these days, in that she's becoming more and more famous not only because she's the daughter of famous people, but also because she posts a lot of pictures of herself in bikinis to Instagram. But now that she's 18, she's proving that she's so much more than online jailbait by finally speaking out about her father Alec Baldwin's love of dropping homophobic slurs in more

Alec Baldwin Trots Out Gay Hairdresser to Prove He's Not a Homophobe

With the gay tide turning against him, Alec Baldwin quickly rushed to his gay hairdresser for an impromptu bona fide on being anything but a homophobe. Of all the hairdressers in the world, Alec Baldwin chooses the rare gay hairdresser because he doesn't see color or sexual orientation, he just sees a dude he can easily take out with just a metal comb if he fucks up his fabulous hair. Baldwin's gay-defense more

Alec Baldwin Banishes the Word 'Cocksucker' From His Vocabulary

There's no end to the manner in which Alec Baldwin is able to devour education and knowledge and translate it into evolved and progressive thought. For instance, one of his dear gay friends, Rich Ferraro, let Alec know that cocksucker can be seen as an anti-homosexual epithet when used to taunt a male adversary in a public kerfuffle. Especially when used in the clear context of a slur or putdown, as opposed to, say, more

Alec Baldwin Falls Victim to a Vast Right Wing Cocksucking Conspiracy

Alec Baldwin wants the world to know he's friend to gays and all woodland mammals. The fact that Alec sometimes lets loose a homophobic slur in no way impedes his ability to be an ardent LGBT supporter. He's so hardcore about LGBT rights that he named his child Carmen. Nobody can remember if it's a boy or a girl. Gender neutrality point, Alec Baldwin. The fact that Alec called an annoying paparazzi a 'cocksucking fag' more

Alec Baldwin's Stalker Makes Him Cry in Court

You or I should be so lucky to have a decent looking Canadian actress stalking us for crazy person sex. Not Alec Baldwin. He welled up some baby doll cheek squirts today in court when Genevieve Sabourin started heckling him for being a lying wussbag when he denied having sex with her. Baldwin went on to blubber about how frightened he was with all her emails and voicemails and even showing up at his Hamptons more

Alec Baldwin Looks Pissed Off Again

Alec Baldwin could be the greatest actor in the world – he's not, and far from it – and he could have an endless supply of money and adoration from his peers. He could put an end to every problem in the world and boast victories and successes for each and every charity he creates and works with. And yet, he would still never get the fuck over the fact that he's a celebrity and people want to take his picture. more