Ireland Baldwin's Daddy Is Not Homophobic, Okay?

Ireland Baldwin is the rare Hollywood double threat these days, in that she's becoming more and more famous not only because she's the daughter of famous people, but also because she posts a lot of pictures of herself in bikinis to Instagram. But now that she's 18, she's... read more

Alec Baldwin Trots Out Gay Hairdresser to Prove He's Not a Homophobe

With the gay tide turning against him, Alec Baldwin quickly rushed to his gay hairdresser for an impromptu bona fide on being anything but a homophobe. Of all the hairdressers in the world, Alec Baldwin chooses the rare gay hairdresser because he doesn't see color or... read more

Alec Baldwin Banishes the Word 'Cocksucker' From His Vocabulary

There's no end to the manner in which Alec Baldwin is able to devour education and knowledge and translate it into evolved and progressive thought. For instance, one of his dear gay friends, Rich Ferraro, let Alec know that cocksucker can be seen as an anti-homosexual... read more

Alec Baldwin Falls Victim to a Vast Right Wing Cocksucking Conspiracy

Alec Baldwin wants the world to know he's friend to gays and all woodland mammals. The fact that Alec sometimes lets loose a homophobic slur in no way impedes his ability to be an ardent LGBT supporter. He's so hardcore about LGBT rights that he named his child Carmen.... read more

Alec Baldwin's Stalker Makes Him Cry in Court

You or I should be so lucky to have a decent looking Canadian actress stalking us for crazy person sex. Not Alec Baldwin. He welled up some baby doll cheek squirts today in court when Genevieve Sabourin started heckling him for being a lying wussbag when he denied having... read more

Alec Baldwin Looks Pissed Off Again

Alec Baldwin could be the greatest actor in the world – he's not, and far from it – and he could have an endless supply of money and adoration from his peers. He could put an end to every problem in the world and boast victories and successes for each and every charity... read more

Alec Baldwin Eats a Cheesesteak Off His Young Wife's Tits to Celebrate His Boring New Talk Show

Alec Baldwin launched his not really much awaited talk show on MSNBC on Friday night. The network made a big deal about the new show, putting out a press release reminding everybody that MSNBC was still on the air. Alec began his new enterprise with a 60-minute... read more

Alec Baldwin Writes Whiny Letter About Paparazzi

Alec Baldwin, everyone's favorite racist drunk uncle, wrote a letter to the local East Hampton paper bitching about the paparazzi. Apparently, the bloated walking whiskey bottle had some run ins with photographers and other celebrity paps in Amagansett and East Hampton.... read more

Alec Baldwin Ass Rapes Paparazzo So He'll Never Forget

Alec Baldwin and his fucked up Irish temper struck again when he allegedly attacked a photographer on the streets of New York. And, by 'allegedly' I mean he pinned the paparazzo against a car. Supposedly, the pap was taking pictures of Jack Donaghy and his yoga... read more

Hilaria Thomas Has Five Days to Give Birth or Watch Her Boobs Explode

I was staring so hard at the pregnant swollen boobs of Hilaria Thomas that I barely noticed old Russell Crowe kissing her on the head in the park as he fingered her toy poodle's ass. Odd, but it's Manhattan. More typically, you'd find Alec Baldwin on the park bench,... read more

Ireland Baldwin In A Bikini On A Boat With Her Family

I'm not usually one for checking out family vacation photos of attractive teen girls, although that would be one amazing fucking Tumblr site. But I guess Ireland Baldwin wants us all to see her in her bikini because she keeps putting her photos out on Instagram. It's... read more

Alec Baldwin Thinks He's A Journalist Now

America's paunchy drunk uncle Alec Baldwin wants to travel to Russia to interview Edward Snowden for his podcast. Baldwin has a podcast on WNYC and I guess that qualifies him to get the interview every journalist in the world would cut off their left nut/vulva lip to... read more