Alec Baldwin is handling things with his typical subtlety

One day after punching a paparazzi in the face, Alec Baldwin put a sheet over his head and walked around he streets if New York today. Because what better way to fly under the radar of the press than by making a complete spectacle of yourself. Nothing to see here guys, might as well just move on. (image source = splash news)read more

Alec Baldwin punched another photographer today

Alec Baldwin went and got a marriage license this morning in New York, then punched a photographer for the New York Daily News in the face. Because now someone might deduce that he's getting married, and otherwise that would have stayed a secret for a thousand years. Santos (the photographer) was standing innocently with two other photographers when Baldwin, 54, approached with an angry glare. ?"He was looking mad," more

'30 Rock' reminds us that blackface is always funny

For last nights live episode of '30 Rock', the cast performed the show twice (once for the east coast and once for the west) and one of the biggest differences (here's 25 more) was right at the beginning, when Jack McBrayer led a guest into Alec Baldwins office. For the east coast, the guest was Paul McCartney. For the west, it was Kim Kardashian. Which seems like an overly complicated way of telling the more

Alec Baldwin is marrying his yoga instructor

Eight months ago there was a report that Alec Baldwin (who is 54) was planning to propose to his girlfriend Hilaria Thomas (who is 28), and now it's finally happened, and she was even seen earlier today in New York with her engagement ring. Surprisingly, it's huge. Totally not what I expected in this story about a millionaire in his mid 50's who dates a yoga instructor half his age. (image source = getty, splash)read more

Billy Baldwin has to fly coach

I'm mean spirited and petty, so I squealed with delight to see Billy Baldwin flying coach on an Alaska Airlines flight to Idaho. It makes me feel better about myself when a famous person can't afford to fly first class. I bet Gwyneth Paltrow would be surprised to see that they even have seats back there. If you asked her to describe coach she would probably say people sit on old wooden benches, and there's goats more

Alec Baldwin was kicked off a plane

The reason you're not allowed to use electronic devices on a plane during take off and landing isn't because planes aren't iPad proof, but because that's when most accidents happen, and you may need to quickly focus on emergency instructions. If the air bag drops down, and you take your headphones out and yell, "what the hell is this thing", the flight attendant is probably just gonna flip you off, and rightfully more

Alec Baldwin fells bad for Joe Paterno

If you were wondering if anyone could look like more of an asshole than Ashton Kutcher on twitter in regards to Joe Paterno, the short answer is yes. The somewhat longer answer is yes and it's Alec Baldwin, who retweeted something earlier today with a #freepaterno hashtag (though he's since deleted it) and who wrote this sequence last night: - Add Paterno's name to the list of people who exit the stage embroiled in more

One Million Moms hate Alec Baldwins balls

A few weeks ago, Ben and Jerrys announced a new limited edition ice cream called 'Schweddy Balls" (described as, "vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and loaded with fudge covered rum and milk chocolate malt balls"), which of course takes it's name from the famous SNL sketch starring Alec Baldwin. Needless to say some joyless busy bodies have organized a delicious protest. The vulgar new flavor has turned more

Alec Baldwin has finally found love

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas must be Hollywoods most unlikely couple. He's 53 after all, so you would think he wouldn't be interested in a 27 year old yoga instructor. What could they have in common? What would they talk about? But he's overlooked all that and recent pictures show her wearing a promise ring, with sources saying he has plans to get engaged. What a touching story! True love conquers all! ( more

Friday headlines, with Dianna Agrons pink hair

COLDPLAY - announced today that their next record is called 'Mylo Xyloto'. Which I believe is Latin for "Homo Music". ( ALEC BALDWIN - will host SNL for the 16th time during the season premiere on September 24th. Radiohead will be the musical guest. SNL has now been on the air for 37 years, which is astounding because if I were to make a list of things to do on a Saturday night, watching that more

Alec Baldwin wants to be mayor of New York City

Alec Baldwin has been interested in politics for a long time, and today both the Hollywood Reporter and the Daily say the current political climate has him seriously considering a run for office, and what better place to get his feet wet than as mayor of the fourth largest city on earth. Alec Baldwin is considering a run for New York City mayor now that Rep. Anthony Weinermay pull out of the race due to more

Alec Baldwin might replace Keith Olberman on MSNBC

Keith Olberman is a prissy little dandy who divided his time on MSNBC between self indulgent temper tantrums and sniveling at the boot of those in power, and it was in this spirit that he left his cushy job on Friday, a job that was paying him 7 million dollars a year in exchange for getting his ass handed to him in the ratings. One reason he reportedly left was money. He felt underpaid, and probably thinks MSNBC more

the oscars were almost enjoyable

Steve Martin actually did a good job when he hosted the Oscars in 2001 and 2003, and although Alec Baldwin is a dirty god damn hippie, he's a tremendous actor and entertaining guy. So together they should be fine when they co-host the Academy Awards on March 7th. But the new producers of this years show told NPR this morning that their first choice for a host was Sacha Baron Cohen. But it was not to be. When they more

friday morning headlines

ANGELINA JOLIE - has no plans to adopt another child while in Haiti this week. They should get her drunk. Girls tend to be much more receptive to new ideas once they're good and drunk. (cnn) INGLORIOUS BASTERDS - is closing the gap on 'Hurt Locker' and 'Avatar' and is now a legit threat to win the Oscar for Best Picture. Who would have guessed that a movie depicting Jews as ferocious men of action would be so more

ireland baldwin has gotten her revenge

America first met Alec Baldwins daughter Ireland (who is 13 in these pictures from last year, btw) in 2008 when he left a message on her phone calling her a "rude, thoughtless little pig", among other things. And since women are black-hearted monsters, she's probably been plotting her revenge ever since. And now she's gotten it, and she used a phone as her weapon just to tack on an ironic twist. NBC says... more